Self-sold “Hanatsumi” is now available in Ikebukuro for the first time! Enjoy SDGs through non-standard flowers!

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Ikebukuro Station West Exit Underground Shopping Center Tobu Hope Center "Nikodeli Plus" will start on October 1st (Friday)!

Tobu Department Store Co., Ltd. sells non-standard flowers "Chance Flower *" at a low price in the underground shopping district "Tobu Hope Center" at the west exit of Ikebukuro Station. We will start handling. From October 1st, it will be on sale twice a week at the daily select shop "nicodeli plus".

Many of the non-standard flowers are discarded without being put on the market, even if the growers grow them by hand. Now that more and more people are enjoying their time in Jenaka, the Tobu Hope Center, which is directly connected to Ikebukuro Station, will provide a place to meet chance flowers and create opportunities for people to enjoy participating in the SDGs. I decided to introduce the idea "Hanatsumi". We would like to contribute to the reduction of flower waste and support for producers by handling chance flowers.

"Flower Tsumi" development image

"Flower Tsumi" development image

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* What is Chance Flower (registered trademark)
Hanane Co., Ltd. has named the flowers that are not on the market outside the standard as "chance flowers". Just as human beings have their own personality, we would like you to decorate your home with beautiful and unique flowers, even if the length and thickness of the stems and the size of the flowers are sparse, to make them shine and make you smile. We provide opportunities (potential, chance) for such encounters.

■ Overview of nicodeli plus
□ Location: Tobu Hope Center South Zone (1-1-30 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku)
□ Store area: Approximately 35 tsubo
□ Business hours: 10: 00-21: 00
(According to Tobu Hope Center business hours)

■ Outline of "Hanatsumi"
□ Sales start: October 1, 2021 (Friday)
□ Scheduled to be sold: Twice a week (Friday and Saturday)
□ Selling price: 100 yen per bottle (tax included)
□ Sales method: Self-service
□ URL:

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