[Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store] Opened a limited-time shop for a long-established sake maker “White Crane”


Favorable Men's Cosmetics for Father's Day Gift

■ Period: June 5 (Wed)-16 (Sun) ■ Venue: 5th floor (Central B6) = Men's General Store

An increasing number of men are interested in their appearance and beauty, and sales of men's cosmetics (March to May 19) have grown by 120% over the previous year. At the Ikebukuro Main Store, in response to the men's cosmetic boom, the lineup of cosmetic items has been enhanced by 1.2 times. We will open a limited-time shop of cosmetics and sake for the long-established sake brewing "White Crane" as gifts for Father's Day.

  • Cosmetics that can be used by the whole family who used ingredients such as sake and sake lees

" Hakutoru Shuzo " Founded in 1743, with over 270 years of sake brewing history and cutting-edge research and development, we are developing skin-friendly and high-quality cosmetics. Using raw materials unique to white cranes such as sake and sake lees, "It's only because you use it every day, you can use body care and skin care products born from such feelings in your family.

[Product example]
■ Blessing of rice
In addition to pure rice liquor (rice fermented solution) with moist ingredients rich in amino acids, rice ceramide (rice bran glycosphingolipid) that protects skin and moisturizes rice germ oil that prepares skin and gives firmness and luster Contains skin moisturizing extract of Japanese and Chinese plants (shakuyaku, peony, lily).

Blessing of rice

(From the left)
・ Medicinal cleanser (150 ml) 2,058 yen
・ Medicinal whitening lotion (150 ml) 2,058 yen
・ Medicinal lotion (150 ml) 2,058 yen
-Medicinal moisturizing cream (48 g) 2,264 yen

■ Crane ball box
Series for bare skin that can be used by the whole family. Natural materials are used with sake, sake lees and rice bran, which have long been said to be good for the skin.

Crane's ball box

A liquid-type bathing agent blended with the white crane "Shoun".
Sake bath with white crane Daiginjo combination (500 ml: for 20 times) 2,881 yen / (25 ml: for 1 time) 259 yen

Sake coffee

Washed with a blend of natural clay and moist, moist and moist.
・ Sake soap (100 g) 803 yen

  • Sake

Super Specialized Hakutsuru Junmai Daiginjo Shoun Yamada Aoi

・ Super Specialized Tenku Bag Hanging Pure Rice Daiginjo Hakutsuru Hagi (720 ml) 10,800 yen
・ Super Special Selection Hakutsuru Junmai Daiginjo Hakutsuru Hashi (720 ml) 3,240 yen
・ Super Special Selection Hakutsuru Junmai Daiginjo Shoun Yamada Aoi (720 ml) 2,700 yen

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