[Cheese × Seafood × Hokkaido Bar] A wide variety of cheese dishes, fresh seafood, and Hokkaido ingredients “Kitabaru” opens in Ikebukuro on Saturday, September 21! Held half price event


Opened “Kitabaru Ikebukuro West Exit”

Oizumi Foods Co., Ltd. has three themes: “cheese dishes” such as raclette cheese, fondue, and stone oven pizza, “seafood” including raw oysters and raw urchin, and “Hokkaido”, which has a variety of ingredients. And Sankai no Megumi Kitabaru Ikebukuro West Store will open in Ikebukuro on Saturday, September 21, 2019.

■ Enjoy cheese dishes that won't stop the boom! We have prepared a wide variety of cheese dishes that are gaining popularity in various ways of eating. [Cheaply selected beef zabton x freshly-raised raclette cheese], [beef & chicken x selectable cheese fondue], [stone-grilled pizza], [cheese tacklebi (skillet)] and so on. In addition, there is a menu that uses “Burrata” with exquisite harmony of fresh cream and mozzarella when it is cut, and “Gorgonzola”, the world ’s three largest blue cheeses.

■ We are proud of the freshness! Reliable and safe Fresh seafood public inspection, carefully selected safe and safe [raw oysters] and enjoyed freshly caught by immersing in salt water similar to seawater immediately after taking out from the shell [raw sea urchin] Assorted [fresh fish] and carpaccio prepared in a bal style. In addition, you can enjoy a menu that is perfect for sea bream, such as “Seafood rice bowl”, which uses seafood in a luxurious manner, and “Gout Gourmet rice bowl” that combines raw sea urchin and fish eggs.

■ Hokkaido ingredients made in a bal style Hokkaido menus that use ingredients such as [Mozzarella Cheese], [Fukuka Bay Shin Hokke], [Colorful Potato], etc. are also available. You can also enjoy local food culture such as Hokkaido's Class B gourmet "Ikanapolitan" and "Tokachi Beef Toro".

■ Limited time! The first large open event 2 large billboard menu half price < period> September 21 (Sat)-26 (Thu) ・ Special sashimi platter ¥ 1,980 → ¥ 990 (tax excluded)・ Cheese fondue platter 1,790 yen → 895 yen (excluding tax) 2nd half price of all stone oven-baked pizzas < period> September 21 (Sat)-October 31 (Thu) ・ Royal road "Margherita" Regular 980 yen → 490 yen (excluding tax) )・ Plenty of corn “Bambino” Regular 980 yen → 490 yen (excluding tax)・ Four kinds of cheese “Quatro Formaggio” 1,380 yen → 690 yen (excluding tax) • Whimsical seafood “di mare” 1,580 yen → 790 yen (tax included) unplug) ※ open events used in conjunction with other service tickets and benefits is not allowed. For the second benefit only, please make a reservation in advance. ■ Outline of “Kitabaru Ikebukuro West Exit”

Venue: 13-1 Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Taglito Ikebukuro B1 Opening date: Saturday, September 21, 2019 Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, the day before holidays 16:00 to 3:00 (LO2: 30) Sundays and public holidays 15:00 to 11:00 (LO24: 00) Phone: 03-5953-2444 [Company Profile] Company name: Oizumi Foods Co., Ltd. Establishment: 1982 Location: 2-6-5 Nakamachi, Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture Atsugi Oizumi Foods Representative: Kenji Oizumi, Representative Director Capital: ¥ 30,470,000 URL: http://www.oizumifoods.co.jp