[Sunshine City Prince Hotel] Sale of special plans to enjoy hotels and events such as special hospitality services for princes and butler cosplayers


(C) Ikebukuro Halloween Cosplay Festival Executive Committee

For the first time, the local hotel will bring the area together.

Sunshine City Prince Hotel is the 6th year of this year, and Ikebukuro Halloween Cosplay Festival 2019 powered by dwango (hereinafter referred to as “Ike Haro”), which will show excitement every year as a major event in the area. Halo “Sweet Princess Plan” and “Ike Halo” Princess Plan will be sold for two days on October 25th (Friday) and 26th (Saturday).
Reservations for both accommodation plans will be accepted on the hotel website from Saturday, September 28, 2019.

During this plan sale period, some of the hotel's interior decorations and the cafe & dining on the first floor are also halloween specifications for the sweets fair and interior decorations. You can enjoy it.

Halloween decoration in hotel lobby

≪We will revitalize the first “Ike Haro” in Ikebukuro, a city full of topics.

Toshima-ku has been designated as an East Asian Cultural City in 2019 since its international art culture city concept in 2015, and undertakes various activities and events while also undertaking redevelopment of the city in July this year. Many people continue to be a topical area, aiming to become a theater city where everyone can play a leading role, such as the opening of the cinema complex “Q-Plaza” and the opening of “Hareza Ikebukuro” with eight theaters in November. We are showing the bustle.

Over 10 thousand cosplay fans gathered to sell the special event plan linked to the event to enjoy the big event “Ike Haro” in the area that will be the 6th time this year. Together as one company in the area.

≪Enjoy hotels and events as a princess! “Ike Haro” Sweet Princess Plan ”≫
■ Sale Date Saturday, October 26, 2019
The rooms are the highest-class suites, welcomed by welcome champagne.
On the day of the event, in addition to detailed hospitality services such as the special attendance of the prince and butler cosplayers, you can change into the hotel and take it to the venue as a cosplay costume.
Customers who book this plan will receive “Exclusive Photographer (3 hours)” and “Ike Halo 1Day Premium Passport” as benefits from “Ike Haro”. This special plan is limited to one room, and is packed with various points that allow you to enjoy the feeling of a princess at a hotel or event.

When using up to 1 person 131,500 yen When using 2 people (1 person) 72,500 yen
* The price includes the following six points, as well as one night's room charge for one person, exclusive changing room usage fee, consumption tax, service charge, and accommodation tax.
[Points to enjoy princess feeling]
Point ❶ On the next day of your stay, a prince or butler cosplayer will specially attend you, such as seeing you off to the venue.
Point ❷ You can use the “Relaxing Space” where the prince and butler can help you fine-tune your costume preparation.
Point エ ス テ With beauty treatment ticket of relaxation facilities “Times Spa RESTA” near the hotel.
Point ウ ェ ル Welcome in the room with welcome champagne.
Point ❺ For a limited time, a “Halloween Sweets Fair” will be prepared at the Cafe & Dining.
Point ❻ Room service is available for breakfast. Please enjoy an elegant time with the view.

Panorama Floor Suite Room

Pumpkin ghosts meet at the Sweets Fair store entrance

Dinner is a Halloween sweets buffet

Room service is available for breakfast

Please spend a relaxing time in the beauty treatment salon

[Glad benefits from “Ike Haro” for guests of this plan]
Special ❶ We will arrange a dedicated photographer (3 hours).
Special Bonus “Ike Haro 1Day Premium Passport” will be available at the event venue.
≪Enjoy the event comfortably! "" Ike Haro "Princess Plan" >>
■ Sale Dates Friday, October 25, 2019, Saturday, 26th
It is a plan with benefits that allow you to enjoy “Ike Haro” once a year more comfortably.
For customers using this tie-up plan, there will be a “ Ike Haro 1Day Premium Passport '' and a “ Relaxing Space '' where you can relax with a full body check and drinks before the departure of the event. There is a special “changing room” available on the floor. Please ask the prince or butler cosplayer when you need help. This is a special accommodation plan for a limited time that emphasizes comfort and ease of use before and after the event.
● October 25th (Friday) Accommodation Twin room B for up to 2 people 1 person 17,500 yen
* The price includes one night's room charge for one person, exclusive changing room usage fee, breakfast, consumption tax, service charge and accommodation tax.
● October 26 (Saturday) Stay 2 people using Twin Room B 22,000 yen
* The price includes one night's room charge for one person, exclusive changing room charge, dinner, breakfast, consumption tax, service charge and accommodation tax.
[Room type]
22nd floor / city floor guest rooms
Semi Double Room / Twin Room B / Twin Room A
* Prices other than Twin Room B are also available.

semi double room

Twin Room B

Twin room A

[Reservation of plan] https://www.princehotels.co.jp/sunshine/plan/ikehallo
[Inquiries from customers regarding plans]
Sunshine City Prince Hotel Reservation TEL : 03-5954-2238 (Weekdays 9:30 A.M.~6:00P.M.)