Kushikatsu Tanaka “Drive Through Greengrocer” and Tag “Mottainai Vegetable Set” are now on sale


Kushikatsu Tanaka Holdings Co., Ltd. will cooperate with food supplier Co., Ltd., which is a business partner, from April 21, 2020 (Tuesday), and the vegetables that were not used due to the request to refrain from going out will be set as a "mottainai vegetable set" in the Kanto area. We will start over-the-counter sales at stores that are open.

By utilizing the know-how of the food supply that handles "Drive through vegetable store" and selling surplus vegetables in the form of over-the-counter sales, we can contribute to stay home activities and also hope to help the contract farmers' production activities as much as possible. .

Kushikatsu Tanaka will continue to carry out activities to revitalize the restaurant industry through various measures, overcoming unprecedented difficulties by cooperating with business partners, producers, customers and all related parties. I will.

About the background of the sale of "Mottainai Vegetable Set"
In response to the government's and local government's declaration of an emergency to prevent the spread of new-type coronavirus infections, the number of delivery destinations for the producers on the supply side has declined as the number of restaurant closures and shortened working hours continue to grow. There was a situation where there was no place to go. Kushikatsu Tanaka also had 41 directly-operated stores, mainly in downtown areas, closed, and many foodstuff transactions were lost. Therefore, by cooperating with the food supply hosting the "Drive Through Greengrocers", the vegetables that were planned to be used in the store will be sold directly to the customers, and if it is an activity to help the producers as much as possible, this partnership will be formed. It was.
About the effect of selling "Mottainai Vegetable Set"
・ Protect producers
・ Prevents loss of food waste
・ Because we purchase directly from contract farmers, you can easily purchase fresh vegetables at the storefront.
・ Drive-through greengrocer products can be purchased at familiar stores without going by car
・ By selling over-the-counter, you can purchase without lining up at retail stores
・ Because it is sold as a set, it leads to reduction of product purchase time and contact time
・ You can brighten the city by selling well at the store.
・ It will be sales of the store and will also help protect the food service industry

Details of "Mottainai Vegetable Set"
From April 21, 2020 (Tue)
The period will be set in cooperation with the food supply, but will be held continuously during the self-restraint period.
[Target stores] 41 stores in Kanto
Setagaya store, metropolitan store, Musashikosugi store, Ogikubo store, Sangenjaya store, Machida store, Minami Nagareyama store, Yoga store, Shinkoiwa store, Ageo store, Oyama store, Omiya store, Uguisudani store, Honhachiman store, Urayasu store, Yoyogi Uehara store. Store, Oji store, Funabashi store, Ekoda store, Aomono Yokocho store, Ayase store, Tamaplaza store, Nakano Shimbashi store, Shinkawasaki Kashimada store, Soka store, Kanamemachi store, Nerima store, Higashi Gotanda store, Tanashi store, Tsutsujigaoka store Store, Minamisunamachi store, Tsukiji store, Oyamadai store, Shiki store, Kikugawa store, Naruse store, Kannai store, Narimasu store, Sagamihara store, Ikebukuro Sunshine store, Nishi Ikebukuro store
[Details of product contents]
Set sale of several kinds of vegetables directly sent from contract farmers
1,500 yen (excluding tax)
[Caution] ・ The type and number of vegetables sold may change depending on the stocking situation.

[About Food Supply Co., Ltd.]
Established: April 27, 2009 Capital: JPY 80.5 million Representative Director: Atsushi Takekawa
Head office: 1-3-6 Tokai, Ota-ku, Tokyo Prologis Park Tokyo Ota 6F Business description: Wholesale sales of commercial vegetables
URL: http://www.foodsupply.co.jp/
Using the keyword "YASAI LIFE LINE" in our philosophy, we have defined our company as "a company that creates a vegetable lifeline" rather than "vegetable distribution" and "greengrocers". With logistics centers in Tokyo and Chiba, we are continuing to build new models such as "Drive Through Greengrocers" as a "company that creates new distribution" rather than a "company that operates a distribution business."
Click here for "Drive Through Greengrocers" URL: http://www.foodsupply.co.jp/drivethrough/

[About Kushikatsu Tanaka Holdings Co., Ltd.]
Established: March 20, 2002 Capital stock: 300 million yen President and CEO: Keiji Nuki
Headquarters: 5th floor, Towa Higashi Gotanda Building, 1-7-6 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Business description: Restaurant management, FC development
URL: http://kushi-tanaka.co.jp/ Group companies: Kushikatsu Tanaka Co., Ltd., Second Arrow Co., Ltd.
The Kushikatsu Tanaka single brand operates a nationwide restaurant business centered on the Kanto area. "Kushikatsu Kushikatsu Tanaka's Kushikatsu will contribute to society by creating as many smiles as possible and pursue the physical and mental well-being of all employees." The goal is to build a nationwide 1,000 store system and make Kushikatsu from Tanaka a representative food culture of Japan. The first store opened in Setagaya in 2008. Received the Dining Out Award 2013. Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market in 2016. Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2019. Since June 2018, smoking bans have been implemented at all domestic stores. 277 stores in total (as of April 1, 2020, including 2 overseas stores).