A strong ally when you go out! “Choose! Sugar-Off Bento,” which uses ingredients with low fat, is available for take-out sale of 1,200 yen (tax excluded) at “Ikebukuro Prisoner” in Ikebukuro, Tokyo from April 28 (Tuesday)!


What is a sugar-off lunch? A low-sugar bento that uses plenty of low-sugar ingredients and is conscious of beauty, health, and diet.

Ikebukuro prisoner operated by TORICO Co., Ltd. will start a take-out service of "Choose! Carbohydrate Off Bento", which uses ingredients with low fat content and is conscious of beauty, health and diet, from April 28 (Tue).

We will start the take-out & delivery business of "Choose! Carbohydrate Off Bento" that is conscious of beauty, health and diet at Ikebukuro Prisoner (B1F, Buri Building, 3-29-9 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo).
* Delivery business is scheduled to start

A menu based on Western food developed by a chef from a French restaurant.
Please enjoy it at the same time as home health management, beauty and diet management.

[Outline of Ikebukuro Takeshi's "Choose! Carbohydrate Off Bento" Takeout Sales]
Sale period: From April 28, 2020 (Tuesday)
Reception opening hours: 11: 00 ~ 19: 00
It will be accepted at the store / inside the store.
We accept orders by phone within the reception opening hours. Please pick up at the store.
TEL: 03-5962-0477
Map: https://www.ikebukurotorico.com/access/

Reasons for launching bento takeout delivery service
We started selling "Choose! Carbohydrate Off Bento" that you want to support your lack of exercise and nutritional deficiency in the form of food by refraining from going out at home due to the effects of the current new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. It was.
This is a Western food-based "Choose! Sugar-Off Bento" menu developed by a chef from a French restaurant.

Type of lunch

  • You can choose all! Rice and sugar off main 1 type sugar off side dish 3 types bento
  • No carbs! Carbohydrate off main 2 kinds Carbohydrate off side dish 3 kinds Bento
  • Bento with 6 kinds of sugar-off side dishes
  • Bento with 9 kinds of sugar-off side dishes
  • Curry lunch full of seasonal vegetables
  • Seasonal vegetable curry and thick hamburger curry lunch
  • You can choose rice for the bento that you can choose rice.

  • White rice
  • Fifteen grain rice
  • You can choose from three types of main dishes that are sugar-free.

  • Braised chicken and seasonal vegetables
  • Salt malt roast pork
  • Beef stew stewed carefully
  • You can choose from 9 types of side dishes that are sugar-free.

  • Sashimi konjac and vinegar miso
  • Salad of four kinds of beans
  • Shrimp and broccoli with miso mayo
  • Fresh marinated octopus and cucumber
  • Marinated ham and cottage cheese
  • Mushroom peperoncino
  • garlic shrimp
  • Dashi roll egg cheese
  • Buffara cheese and cherry tomato caprese
  • Prepare a waiting seat considering social distance
    In order to make a delicious freshly made lunch, we have prepared a waiting seat that is conscious of 2m distance, and you can sit and wait for about 5 to 10 minutes from ordering to handing over.

    ■ For farmers
    For farmers who cannot sell vegetables due to the current self-restraint of restaurants, we want to use fresh vegetables for lunch boxes, support farmers and support their health by supporting vegetable nutrition.

    About the future
    The range of delivery services will be expanded after the takeout sales on April 28.
    Please use it when you visit us near you.

    ■ Company profile
    Company Name: TORICO Co., Ltd.
    Representative: Takuro Ando, President and Representative Director
    Location: 2-3-6 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0072, Japan
    Company URL: https://www.torico-corp.com/
    Business Activities: Entertainment x Technology
    Established: July 29, 2005
    Capital: 50 million yen