If you’re going out to eat in the second half of 2020, why don’t you enjoy “Osoto-gohan” on the terrace with a sense of openness? Recommended dining out = Terrace rice is summarized!


-Introducing a covered terrace that you can enjoy without worrying about the weather-

At DD Holdings Co., Ltd.'s group-operated stores, we have launched various plans to enjoy the spacious terrace seats.

We will open each store with social distance protection and thorough measures to prevent new coronavirus infection.

It is said that going out to eat out and eating outside the store is called "outside eating out."
Since the use of terrace seats avoids three tightly closed spaces, popularity is rapidly increasing these days.
Various terrace seats such as in front of the store and on the rooftop are available within the group.
Among them, I picked up the stores that are implementing the special plan for terrace seats this time.
It is safe even in the rooftop beer garden or in the rain! We have a variety of variations such as the all-weather terrace BBQ and the terrace cafe where you can enjoy the spectacular view.
Under the open sky, enjoy delicious and enjoyable dining out with your family and friends.

<8 restaurants where you can enjoy eating out and eating at the terrace>

  • Directly connected to Ikebukuro station! Korean BBQ in an open roof beer garden
  • Toasting with a cold beer while feeling the summer breeze in the middle of the city!
    You can choose your favorite course from Samgyeopsal, Takgalbi, Korean BBQ

    We especially recommend Korean BBQ where you can enjoy three kinds of meat, including ribs with ribs, pork ribs, chicken thighs and cucumbers.
    All-you-can-drink only in the beer garden is enriched with beer, highball, makgeolli cocktail
    It is recommended for lunch beer garden because there is no time limit for lunch use until 15:30.

    "Korean BBQ course (2 hours all-you-can-drink included) 4,500 yen"
    *Tax not included, 2 people or more, free for elementary school students

    ① Ikebukuro “Ikebukuro Parco BBQ Beer Garden”
    ◆Address: 1-28-2 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Ikebukuro PARCO Main Building Rooftop
    ◆ Telephone: 03-6775-9124

  • Open your appetite on the open terrace! All-you-can-eat BBQ at Meat Bar
  • This store is located in the center of Mita, a business district and a student district.
    Popular because you can enjoy BBQ easily and reasonably

    The popular plan is the proud meat plate with beef, pork and chicken.
    Popular curry & that you can only eat on the course
    BBQ is the best in Cospa, where you can eat all-you-can-eat fluffy shaved ice with 29 kinds of syrup

    " [3時間樽生スパークリングワイン付] Triple all-you-can-drink! Terrace BBQ course 6 items 3,980 yen"
    *Tax included, service charge included, and 2,5 hours on Fridays and days before public holidays

    Ⅱ ② Tamachi “Pig Tamachi of Versailles”
    ◆Address: 5-26-20 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo Architectural Building 2F
    ◆ Telephone: 03-5439-6497

  • Luxury roof terrace BBQ limited to one group surrounded by urban buildings
  • Please relax and enjoy the feeling of being a garden resort while being blown by a pleasant night breeze.

    Popular plans include seafood such as roasted squid and fish & chips,
    A well-balanced BBQ course with meat-based products such as beef halami, chicken thighs, and pork ribs

    " [2時間飲み放題] BBQ course 6 items 6,500 yen"
    *Tax not included, service charge included

    ③ Ebisu “FURACHI”
    ◆Address: 1-4-16 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Mizuoka Building 5F/RF
    ◆ Telephone: 03-6854-5699

  • Peace of mind even in the rain! BBQ where all-weather terrace is popular
  • You can enjoy the seasonal feeling with each roof, so you can use it without worrying about the weather
    This is the only place with VIP terrace seats where you can use the karaoke and darts private room together.

    Plans are prepared with a large volume of contents such as fresh seafood, beef, pork, bird meat, and vegetable platter.
    You can add all-you-can-eat soft ice cream for +500 yen this year.

    "Terrace BBQ plan (8 dishes, 2 hours all-you-can-drink) 4,800 yen"
    *Tax excluded, 2 people ~

    ④Akasaka “Bane Bagus Akasaka Mitsuke”
    ◆Address: 3-10-4 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo April World Building 4F
    ◆ Telephone: 03-5561-6006

  • THE Odaiba superb terrace restaurant where you can enjoy the view of Tokyo
  • In a restaurant with a motif of a pirate ship that crosses the seven seas
    Why don't you spend the best time while enjoying sake with the beautiful scenery?

    We recommend the luxurious BBQ plates and smoked chicken for terrace seating only,
    The finest party plan with 10 luxuriously prepared Caribbean seafood jambalayas

    "[All you can drink for 2 hours] Luxury BBQ 10 items 5,000 yen"
    *Tax not included, service charge included

    ⑤ Odaiba “KING OF THE PIRATES”
    ◆Address: 1-7-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo Aqua City Odaiba 5F
    ◆ Telephone: 03-3599-1225

  • Premium BBQ that you can enjoy in the beautiful scenery of the park such as the sea and lawn
  • It has a roof so it can be raining! Recommended for garden parties
    It is a barbecue spot that dogs can also accompany!

    All-you-can-drink soft drinks are recommended for lunch
    BBQ course using carefully selected ingredients such as beef rib loin steak and Iwanaka pork loin herb marinade
    The meat and seafood cooked on the authentic grill is juicy, and the vegetables are full of sweetness.

    "SEASIDE VIEW course (2.5 hours all-you-can-drink soft drinks) 4,500 yen"
    *Tax not included, all-you-can-drink for 1,500 yen

    ⑥ Kasai "SORAMIDO BBQ"
    ◆Address: 6-2-1 Rinkai-cho, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo Crystal View B1F & Observation Plaza in the center of the park
    ◆ Telephone: 03-6854-8754

  • A relaxing cafe terrace of a red brick warehouse that you want to visit for Yokohama date and sightseeing
  • An open terrace plan with a view of Minato Mirai is now available!
    Since it is a seat with a roof, it is a safe terrace without worrying about the weather

    The terrace plan that first appeared this year is a dinner plan with 2 hours all-you-can-drink
    5 dishes with taco, roast chicken plate, pasta, etc.
    Enjoy beer and highball, as well as a wide range of drinks including sparkling wine and homemade sangria.

    "All-you-can-drink for 2 hours including sparkling x colorful tacos made by yourself, all 5 dishes 3,500 yen"
    *Excluding tax, limited to 2-4 people, 16:00-19:00

    ⑦ Yokohama “chano-ma Yokohama”
    ◆ Address: Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No. 2 3F, 1-1-2 Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
    ◆ Telephone: 045-650-8228

  • Charcoal fire BBQ that you can enjoy while watching the beach of Liza
  • Charcoal fire BBQ that you can enjoy while watching the beach of Liza
    Easy barbecue is popular on the open terrace overlooking the sea of ​​Kamakura
    Enjoy charcoal-grilled meat and seafood, and fresh vegetables from Kamakura

    Especially noteworthy is a super luxurious plan that can be used by two people such as a couple
    There is no doubt that the trout with domestically produced sirloin, lobster, abalone, etc. will look great on SNS!
    How about a terrace BBQ date with a luxurious ocean view?

    "Loose 3 hours! Domestic sirloin, lobster, abalone with ultimate BBQ course 9,000 yen"
    *Tax not included, Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, the day before public holidays and summer vacation period (23rd July to 31st August) +500 yen

    ⑧ Kamakura “Kikori Shokudo along the sea”
    ◆Address: 6-4-7 Saikiza, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture Yamanoue Building
    ◆ Telephone: 0467-81-4723

    *Period and business hours are different for each store. For details, refer to the WEB page or contact each store directly.

    <8 restaurants where you can enjoy eating out and eating at the terrace>

    <[DD Group] List of restaurants where you can enjoy eating out and eating at the terrace>


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