Vietnam Cafe Cafe Bamboo opens in Ikebukuro. Using beans directly imported from Vietnam, we offer authentic Vietnamese coffee and vine me.


Opened a take-out Vietnamese cafe in IKE-SUN PARK, which opened in July behind Ikebukuro Sunshine.

Bamboo Japan Co., Ltd. will open Cafe Bamboo, a stand-type cafe that serves Vietnamese coffee and vine mee, in IKE-SUN PARK behind Ikebukuro Sunshine on September 12, 2020. We offer Vietnamese coffee using beans procured directly from Vietnam affiliated farms and Vine Me that reproduces the crispy taste of the local area.


History of Vietnamese coffee

Vietnam was once ruled by France. At that time, a bean variety called Robusta was popular in some parts of Europe, and the cultivation of Robusta began because the climate of Vietnam was suitable for growing Robusta. Most of the beans grown are exported to Europe, and the Robusta variety was too bitter to drink for the originally sweet Vietnamese.

Therefore, it is said that the prototype of Vietnamese coffee today was inspired by Shinto (a smoothie-like drink that mixes fruit and condensed milk), which is widely drunk in Vietnam, and drank with condensed milk. I have.

Evaluation as original Vietnamese coffee, not raw material

At the same time that coffee is gradually being drunk in Vietnam, the consumption of coffee is increasing worldwide, and the Vietnamese Robusta coffee, which was traded at a low price, is used as a raw material for all-you-can-drink coffee such as canned coffee and lunch. The situation has been going on for a long time, with the entire farm being bought up by developed countries and major trading companies.

Meanwhile, we meet a farmer of a Vietnamese coffee plantation. He talked about his passion for Vietnamese coffee, not as a canned coffee or an all-you-can-drink ingredient, but as an idea of how to drink it, and to protect and develop Vietnamese coffee farmers.

We sympathized with that idea and decided to open Cafe Bamboo because we wanted to open a cafe and let people know how to drink Vietnamese coffee and how delicious it is.

iced coffee

iced coffee

Vine Me and Coffee

In recent years, Bánh Mì has been gradually gaining recognition, such as the opening of a Bánh Mì specialty store in Japan, but Bánh Mì was also greatly influenced by the time when it was ruled by France. During the French rule, French people try to make bread in Vietnam.

Since Vietnam is a country of rice, rice flour was easier to obtain than wheat flour, and the prototype of vine mee was made by mixing bread crumbs with wheat flour. The Therefore are somewhat similar to French bread is because the.

Originally, vine me was a word meaning bread, but I started to eat bread with liver paste sandwiched between meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, etc., and that was introduced to Japan as vine me. Vine Me can be eaten as a fast food in various places in Vietnam, and the combination of Vine Me and Vietnamese coffee is a very popular way to eat.

Therefore, Cafe Bamboo decided to offer Vietnamese coffee and vine me as a set, and developed vine me with the cooperation of a chef from Vietnam.

Vine Me

Vine Me

Fusion with Japanese culture

Vietnamese culture is strongly influenced by France. In that process, we have created a unique culture, such as adding condensed milk to coffee and rice flour to bread.

At Cafe Bamboo, we would like to not only reproduce traditional Vietnamese food, but also try to integrate it with Japanese culture. For example, we are making prototypes of pho, which is eaten with Japanese dashi stock, and vine me, which sandwiches red bean paste. We will continue to develop and provide new dishes.

Eating and drinking in the park

It will open in the form of a stand-type cafe inside IKE-SUN PARK. You cannot eat in because it is a stand type, but you can enjoy eating and drinking in the park, such as purchasing products, laying rugs and goza on the lawn of the park, and sitting on the bench in the park. I would like to have you.

After opening, we plan to rent Goza, so if you don't have a bench, we hope you can use Goza to enjoy a picnic on the lawn that spreads out in the blue sky.

The appearance of the shop

The appearance of the shop