Take a break and recharge your power! Expanded “Staycation Discount Plan”. Save up to 50% from regular / regular rates! With a hotel ticket for 5,000 yen


At nearby hotels, "Enjoy safely and securely" at "The Tokyo Station Hotel", "Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection", and "Metropolitan Hotels (6 target hotels)"

Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd., which operates hotels mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, will start from Thursday, October 1st at Tokyo Station Hotel / Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection / Metropolitan Hotels, 6 facilities [Ikebukuro / Edmont (Iidabashi) / Marunouchi / Kawasaki / Kamakura / Saitama Shintoshin] will sell the "Stage Tokuwari Plan".


The Staycation Tokuwari Plan is Be Strong, Tokyo! Good luck Tokyo, following the exclusion of the Go To travel business from Tokyo! The "Tokyo Citizens Limited Tokuwari Plan" was sold only to Tokyo residents,

Following the lifting of the Tokyo exclusion of the Go To Travel business, we decided to expand the target area so that more customers can enjoy "staycation" where they can spend a relaxing time away from everyday life at a nearby hotel. did.

We will continue to offer accommodation rates that are up to 50% less than regular / regular rates, as well as free breakfast benefits and benefits with a hotel voucher worth 5,000 yen.

Take a break and recharge your power! Outline of "Staycation Discount Plan"

* This plan is not applicable to the Go To Travel business.

■ Contents


1) Up to 50% discount from regular / regular rates
2) Free breakfast
3) With hotel ticket for 5,000 yen (5,000 yen per room per stay)

The hotel voucher can be used as a food and drink charge for restaurants directly managed by the following target hotels or as an accommodation charge for the next and subsequent times.

■ Target hotels

〇 The Tokyo Station Hotel
〇 Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection
〇 Metropolitan Hotels 6 target hotels [Ikebukuro, Edmont (Iidabashi), Marunouchi, Kawasaki, Kamakura, Saitama Shintoshin]

Tokyo Station Hotel

Tokyo Station Hotel

Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection

Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection

Metropolitan Hotels (6 target hotels)

Metropolitan Hotels (6 target hotels)

■ Implementation period

October 1, 2020 (Thursday) -March 31, 2021 (Wednesday)

〇 Vacation in the vicinity Take a break and recharge your power! "Staycation Tokuwari Plan" dedicated page
(You can make a reservation from the official website of each hotel.)

* This plan is not applicable to the Go To Travel business.

Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd. Safety and security initiatives

1. 1. Disinfection and splash prevention measures

・ We strengthen ventilation inside the hotel and regularly disinfect public spaces (corridors, lobbies, elevators, etc.) and places with frequent contact.

・ We disinfect equipment such as writing utensils and card keys each time.

・ In public spaces, we secure social distance such as setting the capacity in the elevator.

・ At the restaurant, the number of seats is reduced to ensure sufficient space between seats.

・ To prevent splashes, the staff will wear masks and install splash prevention panels on the front counter.

・ We use cash trays for cash, credit cards, and passports.

2. 2. About employee hygiene management

・ Employees manage their health by washing their hands, gargling, wearing masks, disinfecting their fingers, and measuring the temperature.

* For details, please check the website of each hotel.

3. 3. Request to customers

・ Customers are requested to use the alcohol disinfectant solution installed in the building, and if they are not feeling well due to fever, please notify the employee immediately.

We will continue to incorporate new initiatives to provide our customers with safety and security.

JR-East Hotels Safety and Security Initiatives | Movie

At JR-East Hotels, we are strengthening disinfection / ventilation and splash prevention measures so that our customers can spend their time at the hotel with peace of mind.

We are waiting for all of our employees to use our services, preparing to provide our customers with a safe and heartfelt hospitality and a comfortable space.