Replenishing water with a water server Strolling around the sanctuary of manga “Tokiwaso-dori Odorokoro” is thriving ~ About 200 people on holidays and about 3250 people in July

Since the opening of the “Tokiwaso Manga Museum” in July of Reiwa, many people have visited the Tokiwaso Manga Station (2-3-3 Minami Nagasaki) and the Tokiwaso Street Rest Area (South). You can enjoy walking around the facilities around the area that is the sacred place of manga such as Nagasaki 2-3-2). A water server (*) installed at the Tokiwa-so-dori rest area is used by people walking around the town. The Tokiwaso Street Rest Area, which is about an 8-minute walk from the Tokiwaso Manga Museum, mainly sells original Tokiwaso goods at a museum shop. Many people visit it along with Tokiwaso Manga Museum, and it also plays a role of a resting place for walking around the town in hot weather every day. It was used by about 70 people on weekdays and about 200 people on holidays, and by 3251 people in July. Most of the users were those in their 40s and 60s who were the readers of the works of manga artists who used to live at Tokiwa-so. Also, people of all ages, such as children, students, and elderly people, should drop in. I am. About 100 years ago (built in the 1st year of Showa), the former rice grain shop has been renovated, and you can sit down and cool while enjoying the Showa atmosphere. According to a survey of visitors to this facility, “I was able to take a rest at the lounge and manga station and had a good time” and “I am glad that the atmosphere at that time was transmitted”. The person in charge of the holiday department said, “I would like people who have been less affected by the new coronavirus and who are less likely to go out in the hot sun to feel free to walk in safely and enjoy the town. It is a facility where you can sit and browse slowly, and deepen the excitement of the Manga Museum. I hope that you can bring it back as a souvenir and help revitalize the region.” * As a measure to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, the common part of the water server is regularly disinfected.

You can take a break while sitting. Visitor notes where you can write comments and pictures

You can take a break while sitting. Visitor notes for writing comments and drawings


Full of souvenirs that can only be purchased here

Full of souvenirs that can only be purchased here

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