[Hotel Metropolitan] Enjoy the view from 100m above the ground and adult parfait “Ovest Afternoon Tea” start


Limited to 20 meals a day November 2nd (Monday) -December 31st (Thursday)

At Hotel Metropolitan (1-6-1 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku), Afternoon Tea, which had been held at the all-day dining "Crossdyne" on the 1st floor, will be held on weekdays at the dining & bar "Ovest" on the 25th floor from November. "Ovest Afternoon Tea" will be held for 20 meals a day.

With views of the hotel's top floor and a cozy restaurant, cute and elegant sweets decorate the table. A hotel taste that not only looks but also tastes authentic! Please enjoy the parfait using seasonal fruits and carefully selected ingredients with a view.


[Venue] Hotel Metropolitan 25F Dining & Bar "Ovest"

The stylish design of the store with the design concept of "ART & RICH". All tables offer panoramic views out of the window. Enjoy a relaxing meal at the spaciously laid out table.

[Holding period] Weekdays only from November 2nd (Monday) to December 31st (Thursday) * Reservation required 2 days in advance
(Exclusion date December 22, 23, 24, 25)
[Holding time] 2:30 p.m. ~ 5:00 p.m. (LO4: 30p.m.)
[Fee] 4,500 yen * A service fee (10%) will be charged separately from the tax-included fee shown on the left.
[Menu] ・ Main dessert: Parfait using seasonal fruits (changes every month)
・ 5 types of Dolce
・ 4 types of savory
・ 2 types of Petitful
・ 2 types of petit sandwiches
・ Approximately 30 types of drinks (coffee / tea / latte / cappuccino / 4 types of herbal tea / drinks such as non-alcoholic cocktails devised by bartenders are available in free flow)


November Parfait "La France and Caramel Chocolata Composition Parfait"

The toppings are La France baked to enhance the sweetness and fragrant caramel-flavored mousse. Served with gateau chocolate using French chocolate. The La France compote is an adult parfait that uses dry white wine to create a refreshing taste. Sprinkle crushed nuts in parfait if you like.


■ Discerning mini hamburger

A bite-sized mini hamburger made from the special Wagyu hamburger steak that is popular at Ovest lunch. Enjoy the taste of condensed meat


■ Seasonal fruit sandwich

A recommended fruit sandwich made by rolling seasonal fruits and elegant cream like a roll cake with bread. The wrapped cream goes great with thin, juicy fruits.