[Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store] “The 6th IKEBUKURO Bread Festival” will be held from November 19th (Thursday)! Compare eating bread from all over Japan & pay attention to baguettes made by French champions


Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store will hold the "6th IKEBUKURO Bread Festival" at the 8th floor exhibition hall from November 19th (Thursday) to 25th (Wednesday), 2020. Approximately 50 stores will be gathered, centered on popular bakery stores.

This time, as a proposal for a fun Jenaka time, we will prepare bread from a wide range of regions such as Kanto as well as Kanto so that you can compare various breads. In addition to bread , "Baguette demonstrated by the French champion", "Impact insta-worthy bread", "Bread that enjoys the taste of autumn", "Popular local bread", and even "Cute bread stationery" I will introduce you.

About 100 kinds of popular local bread are also available! !!

About 100 kinds of popular local bread are also available! !!

This time, we will hold a YouTube talk show as the first attempt . We will have a talk show by Ms. Chikako Katayama, a bread enthusiast and bread cooking researcher, and Ms. Misato Suga, a stationery sommelier, who will introduce attractive bread stationery.

In addition, we will also develop a "Limited quantity product online reservation service" that allows you to make reservations online in advance to avoid smuggling.

~ Attention point ~

Also pay attention to the person in charge of the event! Baguettes demonstrated by French champions and collaboration sandwiches from popular stores!

About 20 kinds of bread for the first time! Also pay attention to the bread in Kansai!

③ Black bread! Red bread! Flower bread! High-impact Instagram-worthy bread!

④ Pay attention to the taste bread of autumn !

⑤ Attention of Ms. Misato Suga of stationery sommelier! Introducing attractive stationery on Tobu Limited Bread Stationery & YouTube

Attention ① The person in charge of the event also pays attention! Baguettes and popular store collaboration sandwiches demonstrated by the French champion!

Chef Mei Narizawa, who is the first woman and the first foreigner to win the "French National Baguette Tradition Competition", will bake baguettes from wheat at the venue! In addition, we will introduce Tobu limited popular store collaboration sandwiches and recommended bread.

Les Genissier

Nezu [Dupin et de Gatoré Ginicier]
Baguette Tradition 330 yen (1 piece)

Chef Mei Narizawa, who won the French competition, will demonstrate. A French-made baguette with a crispy and firm texture.

★ First store opening ★ Demonstration sales

Honda bread

Himeji [Aged pure raw bread specialty store Honda]
Chestnut bread 2,160 yen (1 loaf)

The ultimate chestnut bread that impresses you by mixing Kanro-ni and astringent skin boiled chestnuts in twice the amount of wheat flour.

★ First exhibition

Maison Kaiser (folding) _1

Shibaura [Maison Kaiser x Ebihara Farm]
Vegetable sandwich 800 yen (1 piece)

A collaboration sandwich between Maison Kaiser and Ebihara Farm Dream in pursuit of deliciousness. It's healthy and voluminous.

★ Tobu Limited Edition ★ First store opening ★ Demonstration sale

Attention ② About 20 kinds of bread for the first time! Also pay attention to the bread in Kansai!

In addition to the popular Kansai bread, we have Mt. Fuji type bread. Sliced yokan and jam are also available so that you can enjoy the marriage with bread.

Bakery & Cafe Mon Atta

Osaka [Bakery & Café Mon Attasshi]
Sake bread 648 yen (1 loaf)

Additive-free natural yeast bread made by fermenting rice jiuqu. Uses domestic wheat and white sesame oil.
* Sales date: 11/19 (Thursday), 20 (Friday), 24 (Tuesday) from 14:00 each day

★ First exhibition


Yamanashi [Fujisan Shokupan]
FUJISAN SHOKUPAN 864 yen (1 piece)

Amazing Mt. Fuji type bread using natural water from Mt. Fuji and Kyoho juice from Yamanashi prefecture.
* Sales date: 11/19 (Thursday) to 21 (Saturday) from 14:00 each day

★ First exhibition

Bread studio Kakuya

Osaka [Bread Studio Kakuya]
Bread Beni Koji 1,386 yen (1 loaf)

Contains red yeast rice that is kind to the body. When you eat it with a high density of dough, it has a new texture.
* Sales date: 11/19 (Thursday), 20 (Friday), 22 (Sunday), 23 (Monday / holiday) from 11:00 each day

★ First exhibition

Attention ③ Black bread! Red bread! Flower bread! High-impact Instagram-worthy bread!

Black bread with bamboo charcoal and cacao dough, red bread with bright red chili buns, and donuts with edible flowers that look cute will be on sale.

Vine Me Sandwich

Suidobashi [Vine Me Sandwich]
Bamboo charcoal beef skirt steak 850 yen (1 piece)

Homemade French bread with bamboo charcoal that raises the tension, beef skirt steak and coriander,
It's sloppy.

★ First exhibition ★ Demonstration sale

Whale villa

Sangenjaya [Whale Villa]
Color koppe bread hot dog (tomato, black cacao) 930 yen each (1 piece)

A novel dog with homemade herb sausage on koppe bread such as cacao dough.

★ First exhibition ★ Demonstration sale


Takadanobaba [homeys]
Double cheeseburger (Chili buns) 1,650 yen (1 piece)

The bright red chili buns, plenty of cheese, and homemade patties are plump and juicy.

★ First store opening ★ Demonstration sales

gmgm flower-grilled donuts

Koenji [gmgm]
Grilled flower donut 501 yen (1 piece)

Healthy grilled donuts with edible flowers and sticking to the ingredients.

★ First store opening

Attention ④ Pay attention to the taste bread of autumn !

We offer seasonal bread made from chestnuts, potatoes, mushrooms, etc. In addition to the products listed below, "Azuki Marron" from Fukuoka [Ospitale] will also be available as a Tobu limited edition product.

Kawagoe Bakery Raku

Kawagoe [Kawagoe Bakery Raku]
Chocolat Mont Blanc boiled in chestnut astringent skin 582 yen (1 piece)

Belgian chocolate cream with mascarpone cream. There is plenty of chestnut simmered in astringent skin.
* Sold from 11:00 am each day

★ First exhibition

Overflow University Potato Bread Ilmatone Arles

Hokkaido [Ilmattone Arles]
Golden university potato bread 389 yen (1 piece)

I wrapped a lot of Hokuhoku Daigakuimo with sweet sauce in a spill.

★ First exhibition ★ Demonstration sale

Bo Shon de Bure

Yamagata [Bo Shon Dobure]
Yamabushi mushroom and mushroom tartine 540 yen (1 piece)

The mellow mascarpone sauce is accented with refreshing rosemary.
Lots of tartine.

★ Tobu Limited Edition ★ First exhibition ★ Demonstration sale

Attention ⑤ Attention of Ms. Misato Suga of the stationery sommelier! Tobu limited bread stationery


Introducing Tobu limited bread stationery that can only be obtained at venues that Mr. Suga of the stationery sommelier is also paying attention to.


Tote bag IKEBUKURO Bread Festival 1,100 yen (approx. W36 x H37 x D11 cm)

A tote bag with unique illustrations that you can only get here.

★ Tobu Limited Edition


[Furukawa Paper Works]
Soebumi Paper IKEBUKURO Bread Festival 363 yen (30 stationery sheets, 5 envelopes)

The original design of Soebumi Paper is a must-see for stationery enthusiasts!

★ Tobu Limited Edition

◆ Stationery Sommelier Introducing the charm of bread stationery by Ms. Misato Suga on YouTube!

180725 kanprofile_s

Stationery Sommelier Misato Suga
After working in charge of stationery sales and purchasing, became independent as an expert. Planning products and appearing in the media at home and abroad.

Bread Festival Video QR Code
Scheduled to be delivered from Thursday, November 12th. You can see it from the QR code.

Limited quantity products Online reservation service

For details, please contact Tobu Online Shopping ⇒ https://www.tobu-online.jp
We have prepared 7 types of products that can be reserved online in advance. In addition, the products you have reserved will be sold at the special counter during the exhibition period.
You can pick it up.
* The delivery date and time will vary depending on the product.

■ Reservation acceptance period: November 17th (Tuesday) to 23rd (Monday / holiday)
■ Handing over place: Reserved product handing over counter in the exhibition hall on the 8th floor
■ Delivery time: The time varies depending on the product. Please see the homepage for details.

Bakery Penny Lane

Tochigi [Bakery Penny Lane]
Blueberry bread 681 yen (1 bottle)

Scheduled to reserve 120 points each day * Limited to 1 point per person
■ Delivery date: November 19th (Thursday) to 21st (Saturday)
■ Delivery time: 12:30 and 13:00

Train Bleu

Hida Takayama [Train Bleu]
Stollen 4,501 yen (1 piece)

Scheduled reservation 60 points * Limited to 1 per person
■ Delivery date: November 23 (Monday / holiday)
■ Delivery time: 12:30

Pain stock

Fukuoka [Pain Stock]
19th century baguette / mentai paste set 648 yen (1 piece)

Scheduled reservations for each day 50 points * Limited to 1 point per person
Delivery date: November 20th (Friday) to 24th (Tuesday)
■ Delivery time: 13:30

★ First exhibition

Ms. Chikako Katayama A talk show will be held on YouTube!
Scheduled to be delivered at noon on Wednesday, November 18th!

Ms. Chikako Katayama, a bread enthusiast and bread cooking researcher, will hold a talk show on YouTube with the following people. Please see the video from the QR code.

Bread Festival Video QR Code


(From the left of the photo)

Bread enthusiast and bread cooking researcher Chikako Katayama
A bread enthusiast who ate more than 10,000 pieces of bread. Appeared in many media.

Chef Mei Narizawa, General Manager of Du Pan et de Gatoré Ginissier
Winner of the French Traditional Baguette Tradition Competition. Boulanger, which is now a hot topic, has been recognized by France.

VANER Head Baker Tsukasa Miyawaki Chef
A craftsman based on sourdough bread, which is rare in Japan, with manufacturing technology that has been refined by walking across eight countries by making full use of SNS.

Maison Kaiser CEO Shuichiro Kimura
Researched baking science at the American Bread Research Institute. After training in France, he established a company. Contribute to the development of the bread industry.

gmgm (Gum Gum) Owner Nana Yui
Dried flower artist. In addition to gmgm, Ikebukuro HANABAR of "Flower x Sake" is produced.

Outline of "6th IKEBUKURO Bread Festival"
Period: November 19th (Thursday) to 25th (Wednesday), 2020, 7 days in total
Business hours: 10 am-7pm
Location: Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store 8th Floor Exhibition Hall
Number of stores opened: Approximately 50 stores (including 15 stores for the first time)
* Business hours and event details are subject to change due to various reasons.