[Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store] 38 stores of “Nagano local gourmet and crafts” are gathered! “Taste and Technique of Shinshu Nagano Exhibition” will be held!

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"Taste and Technique of Shinshu Nagano Exhibition" will be held for 7 days from December 16th (Thursday) to 22nd (Wednesday) at the 8th floor exhibition hall of Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store.

A total of 38 stores (18 stores for the first time / 10 stores for demonstration) , 30 stores for "food" and 8 stores for "crafts", are gathered. Through Nagano's food and crafts, we hope that our customers will enjoy their time at home toward the end of the year. In addition to specialties and local dishes made by long-established stores in Nagano prefecture, local gourmet foods unique to Nagano prefecture, we will develop crafts that make your time at home fun.

◆ "Specialties" and "local cuisine" made by long-established stores in Nagano Prefecture!

Mampei Hotel

Karuizawa Town [Mampei Hotel]
Apple pie (390g) 2,100 yen
Fruit cake (middle size / 360g) 1,801 yen
An exquisite dessert created by a prestigious hotel pastry chef founded in 1897. An old-fashioned fruit cake with brandy and apple pie baked using two whole Fuji from Shinshu.
★ First store opening

Togakushi Honsei Soba

Nagano City [Okubo Nishi Chaya]
Togakushi Honsei Soba (300g) 864 yen * The photo is an example of cooking.
Soba Mae 3 Kinds (2 slices of omelet rolls, 5 slices of duck roast, 80 g of stir-fried Nozawana) 945 yen <30 items scheduled to be sold each day>
Togakushi soba launched only with new soba flour and wheat flour grown on our own farm in Nagano prefecture.


Ogawa Village [Ogawa no Sho Oyaki Village]
Jomon Oyaki (Azuki, Nozawana, Pumpkin and 1 other) 191 yen each
Shinshu's local food oyaki, which is made by cooking seasonal vegetables and wild plants, wrapping them in skin, and grilling them fragrantly. It has a simple and homely taste.
★ Demonstration sales

◆ Healed by sweet sweets using "chestnuts"!

Shinshu-ri no Ka Kobo

Iijima Town [Shinshu-ri no Ka Kobo]
Chestnuts only (1 box / approx. 12 x 15 cm) 1,620 yen <40 items scheduled to be sold each day>
A boxed Mont Blanc with fresh cream containing chestnuts and chestnut mousse on a fluffy sponge dough, and a generous amount of "Shinshu Ina chestnut" paste squeezed on top. You can enjoy it by cutting it to your favorite size.
★ First store opening

Kurian Flavor Hall

Obuse Town [Kurian Flavor Hall]
Roasted chestnuts (270g) 1,080 yen
Chestnut Kanoko (260g) 1,458 yen
A long-established store with a history of more than 150 years in Obuse, a famous chestnut producing area. A selection of sweet chestnut sweets. Chestnut Kanoko is also ideal for New Year dishes.
★ First store opening ★ Demonstration sales

Mikado Coffee Shop

Karuizawa Town [Mikado Coffee Shop]
Chestnut and apricot mocha pafe (eat-in) 880 yen (1 piece)
A coffee parfait with mocha soft, coffee jelly, marron cream, marron glacé and apricot.

◆ Genghis Khan, chicken, game! Local gourmet of "meat" is also fulfilling!

Genghis Khan bento

Nagano City [Shinshu Fudo Onsen Sagirisou]
Genghis Khan lunch 800 yen (1 fold)
A bento box full of wildness, created by a hot spring inn that is popular with Genghis Khan. Delicious lamb cut by craftsmen is entwined with traditional Genghis Kandare.
★ First store opening ★ Demonstration sales


Matsumoto City [Bun]
Sanzoku-yaki 864 yen (1 sheet)
Matsumoto's specialty is a chicken piece pickled in plenty of garlic and soy sauce, sprinkled with potato starch and fried. It is a soul food in the Matsumoto area.
★ First store opening ★ Demonstration sales


Nagano City [GBA NAGANO]
<Upper left> Ahijo of duck gizzard 1,621 yen (120g)
<Upper right> Penne of wheat from Shinshu 736 yen (100g) / Pickled Nozawana Genovese sauce 1,325 yen (70g)
<Bottom> Stewed French-style tomato with venison 1,718 yen (250g)
It is a gem that uses "mushroom, wheat, venison" from Shinshu and "Nozawana pickles", a special product of Shinshu.
★ First store opening

◆ Pay attention to "crafts" that make your home time fun!

Craft 1

Karuizawa Town [Glass with creative painting Kuno]
<Left> Christmas candle (diameter 8 x height 9 cm) 7,700 yen <Limited 2 points>
<Right> Owl vase (diameter 5.5 x height 11 cm) 5,500 yen each <Limited 1 point each>
Using a technique called hand-painted stained glass, the glass and accessories are depicted in original colors.
★ First store opening

Craft 3

Matsumoto City [Matsumoto Folk Art Furniture]
# 85 Reach type armchair (1 leg / W52.5 x D53 x H90 / SH42 cm) 103,400 yen each
C type round table (W83 x D83 x H66 cm) 159,500 yen
Following the traditional technique of woodworking that has been handed down in Matsumoto, all of them are made by craftsmen using domestic timber. A chair that is durable and has the robustness and ease of sitting that can be used for a long time.

_DSC0031 (002)

Nagano City [Takei Crafts Store]
Pigeon sugar pot (birch wood) 7,590 yen
Nagano Prefecture traditional crafts. Using the birch wood of the prefecture wood, it was ground with a potter's wheel, processed by hand carving, and colored. The tail is a spoon in the image of many pigeons flocking to Zenkoji.
★ First store opening

[Overview] * Please see the website for corona countermeasures. https://www.tobu-dept.jp/ikebukuro/event/detail/4360/?s=iweb-starv
Title: "Taste and Technique of Shinshu Nagano Exhibition"
Location: Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store 8th Floor Exhibition Hall (approx. 300 tsubo)
Period: December 16th (Thursday) to 22nd (Wednesday), 2021
Business hours: 10:30 am to 7:00 pm * Eat-in is the last order 30 minutes before closing.
Number of stores: 38 stores (18 stores for the first time / 10 stores for demonstration)
Organizer: Nagano Prefecture

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