[April 1st (Monday) Ikebukuro NEW OPEN!] New deliciousness! A bagel and sweets shop run by bakery LA VIGNE AKIKO has opened in Sunshine City Alpa B1!


The chewy, soft texture is appealing! A new bagel never seen before

On Monday, April 1, 2024, LA VIGNE AKIKO, a bakery located in Nishi-Waseda, will open a new bagel and sweets shop in Ikebukuro Sunshine City Alpa B1.

◆It all started when the owner, who didn't like bagels, wanted to create a unique flavor.

Lavigne Premium Bagel was born as a result of repeated trial production by the owner, who was originally not fond of bagels and wanted to create his own delicious bagel.
Since its release, it has become extremely popular, and the bagel events held every month in Roppongi are sold out. We want as many people as possible to enjoy our bagels, which we are proud of, so we have decided to open a store in Ikebukuro Sunshine City Alpa B1, a very popular commercial facility.

◆A new premium bagel with a focus on the deliciousness of the dough

The biggest feature of premium bagels is their dough. Using more than 10 types of original dough, you can enjoy a variety of tastes and textures. The soft, chewy texture is not too heavy, yet satisfying. Perfect for snacks as well as lunch!
In addition, bagels are generally eaten after being frozen and then reheated in a toaster or oven, but premium bagels can also be enjoyed deliciously without the need for heating, just by thawing them naturally.
So, for example, if you take it out of the freezer before going out in the morning, it will be ready for lunch at the office! Oh my god. You can also enjoy it in a variety of other situations, such as on the go or as a snack at a picnic. It has become a bagel that fits in with today's diverse lifestyles.

At our store, we offer a wide variety of bagel sandwiches, from simple yet delicious bagel sandwiches to ones with fillings made with carefully selected ingredients, and even meal-style bagel sandwiches made with luxurious seasonal ingredients. Please enjoy the new bagel that you have never seen before♪

◆Product information

〇Premium bagel series


・Left image: Whole grain & rye (vegan)
Lavigne's original bagel is made using whole wheat flour and rye, and is aged for a long time with cherry yeast.

・Central image: Cranberry & cream cheese
Popular flavor! This premium bagel is filled with high-quality Hokkaido cream cheese and sweet and sour dried cranberries, making it a highly recommended luxury bagel.

・Right image: Dark chocolate (vegan)
A whole wheat and rye bagel filled with dairy-free extra dark chocolate. The dough and chocolate are both delicious.

〇Very popular apple pie (original/vegan)


・Right image: Original apple pie
We are particular about the combination of dough, custard, and apples.
By combining the rich buttery dough, rich custard, and tart baked apples, you can enjoy an apple pie that is unique to Lavigne.

・Left image: Vegan custard apple pie
An apple pie that aims to be so delicious that you can't believe it's vegan.
Since its release, it has been very popular and the number of users, not only vegans but also those who are concerned about their health, has increased significantly.
The filling is double-layered with baked apples and homemade vegan custard cream, and the happy sweet-sour and sweet-creamy flavors will fill your mouth.

◆In-store image


The store has a bright interior with yellow and white as its main colors. With the motif of La Vigne Akiko's symbol, "LA Vigne (grape tree)," we aimed to create a store that will make you want to come inside!
There are no steps at the entrance, so strollers and wheelchairs are welcome. We also have 6 eat-in seats, which are not available at the main store.
Make it for lunch, a snack, or as a souvenir.
I would be happy if many people had a wonderful and enjoyable time!

"store information"
•Store name: LA VIGNE AKIKO Sunshine City store
•Address Sunshine City Specialty Shopping Street Alpa B1, 3-1-2 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
•Opening date: April 1, 2024 (Monday) 10:00~
•Business hours 10:00-20:00
•Instagram https://www.instagram.com/la_vigne_akiko_?igsh=MTZxdGhvaHhzOTZjNQ==

◆Aiming for a barrier-free workplace


The restaurant not only offers vegan products and other meals, but also aims to be barrier-free as a workplace. It is a store where people with various daily circumstances, such as foreign nationals and people with disabilities, can enjoy working just as much as people who don't.
We have installed an alter-ego robot, OriHime, at our stores so that even those who are unable to go out can work. We are gradually creating an environment where a variety of people can work universally.
We are very honored to be able to carry out this initiative at Ikebukuro Sunshine City Alpa B1, which is particularly advanced in its barrier-free design.



◆About the operating company (Lavigne Co., Ltd.)

Since its founding, Lavigne has aimed to deliver "universal" deliciousness and fun that everyone can enjoy to as many people as possible through the development of original bread and sweets recipes and manufacturing technology.
What we think of as universal is “everyone can enjoy meals and various other occasions together.'' We aim to be a universal experience that everyone can enjoy together, from adults to children, and those with dietary restrictions as well as those without. In terms of products, we have been developing our own products from traditional rich products to vegan products that use only plant-based ingredients. Our vegan bread and sweets, including the industry's first vegan raw bread, are loved by many people.

[LA VIGNE AKIKO] From the press release

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