Odashimon opens third store at Ikebukuro Sunshine City Alpa!


~ Enjoy a little luxury in your daily life with "dashi pasta and sweets" ~

Kamakura Pasta Co., Ltd. opened its third Odashimon store nationwide on Thursday, March 14, 2024, on the B1F of Ikebukuro Sunshine City Alpa, a popular spot in Toshima Ward, Tokyo.


[Kamakura Pasta official website/account]
Official website : https://www.saint-marc-hd.com/kamakura/
X https://twitter.com/kamakurapasta_

At Odashimon, we welcome customers with pasta and Japanese sweets made with authentic dashi stock prepared in-house.
There are a variety of ways to enjoy pasta on the menu, including "pour pasta" and "dipping pasta."
Pasta made with dashi stock, a staple in Japanese cuisine, has a mellow, deep flavor that will make you want to eat it every day. Please enjoy the umami. You can also eat as much homemade tofu as you like.


"Limited time only Odashi Pasta"
There are over 20 types of pasta dishes made with the restaurant's original golden broth, which is made by mixing eight ingredients, such as bonito, mackerel, horse mackerel, and round herring, in a unique combination, as well as fragrant, flavorful bonito broth.
One of the most popular limited-time pasta dishes is "Odashi Geno," which uses the rich flavor of basil and Parmesan cheese to bring out the flavor of the ingredients.


"Brown rice bowl with dashi"
Brown rice bowl with fluffy and chewy brown rice topped with plenty of hot soup stock.
You can choose from two types of broth: "Sea bream and bonito broth" and "Bonito and dried sardine broth." Please try combining it with your ingredients.


※Click here for the Odashimon menu: https://www.saint-marc-hd.com/kamakura/menu/odashimon/

At Odashimon, we also offer a wide variety of carefully selected Japanese sweets.
You can enjoy a wide variety of sweet treats, including those made with matcha, roasted green tea, chocolate, and black tea.
With a perfect blend of traditional Japanese ingredients and the delicacy of Western sweets, these beautifully presented sweets will have you spoilt for choice on which one to try.
We also offer limited-edition sweets and a wide range of drinks, so please feel free to come just for the sweets menu.


Matcha and Houjicha Sweets


Limited time only "Amaou Strawberry Mont Blanc"

【Company Profile】
Company name: Kamakura Pasta Co., Ltd.
Address: 173-104 Hirata, Kita-ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture
Representative: Kensaku Saiki
Established: March 1, 2006
URL: https://www.saint-marc-hd.com/kamakura/
Business description: Kamakura pasta business specializing in fresh noodles

[Customer Inquiries]
Customer Service Center
TEL: 086-250-5919 (Weekdays 10:00-18:00)
Inquiry form
URL: https://saint-marc-hd.com/mailform/opinion.html?gyotai=kp

From Kamakura Pasta's press release :

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