Japan’s largest street festival will be held in Ikebukuro again this year! Over 30,000 people attended last year, creating a buzz


"TOSHIMA STREET FES 2024" will be held on November 2nd and 3rd, 2024 at the Global Ring in Ikebukuro West Park and Nakaikebukuro Park in Tokyo.

The street culture festival is coming back to Ikebukuro again this year! The TOSHIMA STREET FES, a festival that brought together street culture such as breakdancing, parkour, and hip-hop music art, which began in 2023, will be held on November 2nd and 3rd, 2024 at two locations: Ikebukuro West Exit Park Global Ring and Naka-Ikebukuro Park (both in Toshima Ward, Tokyo). Last year, 32,216 people attended the festival, but this year they are aiming to exceed that number by 50,000 people.

​ "TOSHIMA STREET FES 2024" official website URL: https://ts-fes.com/

"Making Toshima Ward a mecca for street culture"

Ikebukuro in Toshima Ward is home to a collection of anime and cosplay shops, and related events are often held there. It has become a popular area for foreign tourists who love Japanese anime and cosplay, and is a must-visit when they travel to Japan. Meanwhile, in recent years, a new culture has begun to take root in Ikebukuro. Toshima Ward has begun to focus on urban sports. By actively getting involved in urban sports such as breakdancing, which is popular among young people, Toshima Ward is supporting the creation of a new street culture. Various initiatives are being undertaken to ensure that Toshima Ward is recognized as the mecca of street culture. The biggest of these is the Toshima Street Festival.

In November 2023, we teamed up with Toshima Ward to hold the "TOSHIMA STREET FES 2023" in Ikebukuro. This new street culture festival, which combines urban sports and hip-hop music art, attracted more than 30,000 people despite being held for the first time.
There were a variety of features to enjoy, including dance battles between some of the country's best dancers, battles between famous MCs, a live urban sports experience area, a food area, live painting, and more, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the charm of street culture over the two days.

Toshima Ward is currently promoting itself as an international cultural city to the world in preparation for its 100th anniversary in 2032. The Toshima Street Festival is one such initiative. The Toshima Street Festival 2024 Executive Committee is the core of the Toshima Ward, the Hareza Ikebukuro Area Management Association, and Team Toshima, which are working together to promote this street festival. The Executive Committee is aiming to increase the number of visitors to 100,000 in 2026, three years from now.

Event summary

■Event name: TOSHIMA STREET FES 2024 (abbreviation: TSFes 2024)
■Dates: Saturday, November 2nd and Sunday, November 3rd, 2024
■ Venue: Ikebukuro West Exit Park Global Ring, Naka-Ikebukuro Park
■ Admission fee: Free *Some content requires payment
■Organizer: TOSHIMA STREET FES 2024 Executive Committee (Xcountry Co., Ltd., FNMD Co., Ltd., ISARIBI Co., Ltd.)
■Co-organized by: Toshima Ward, Hareza Ikebukuro Area Management General Incorporated Association, Team Toshima
■Sponsors: *To be announced in a future release
■Official website: https://ts-fes.com/

First content announcement

・Urban sports (tournaments)

A mixed battle of freestyle culture, an improvisational art that breaks down the boundaries of genres. Freestyle football / freestyle basketball / yo-yo / kendama / street dance… Enjoy an improvisational battle with a mix of all genres. An original sports event from Japan.


②BREAK ST (Breakdance)
Toshima Ward to the world! The world-famous breaking crew "FOUND NATION" based in Toshima Ward is hosting a BREAKIN 2VS2 BATTLE! Titled BREAK ST!!! Who will be the strongest tag team?


Create the ultimate one-flow in 10 seconds!
Super tricks! Big jumps! Anything goes in this 1-on-1 parkour tournament battle!


・Urban Sports (Workshop)

■ Cross Sports Park
Urban sports experience event. A popular workshop nationwide where you can experience several types of urban sports in one place and be taught directly by professional instructors. What's more, you can watch professional performances right in front of you!



■Lyricist Lounge (HIPHOP MC battle & LIVE)
Lyricist Lounge is a mix of live and MC battles, presented by rapper TKda Kurobuchi. The content that excited the audience last year will be brought to you by a luxurious lineup and a live band this time! Decide the best lyricist in Japan!



■Live painting
The highlight of the event will be the spectacular live painting by graffiti artists and painters. This year, a free wall will be set up, and a corner will be created where anyone can experience painting.


・Thoughts on holding the event

"Unifying Toshima through urban sports" is the philosophy that we have been working under in Toshima Ward, and we are creating a new icon for the 100th anniversary of Toshima Ward's establishment. This is the "TOSHIMA STREET FES", a celebration of street culture and an urban festival. We want to create a festival that is loved by adults and children, the government and private sector, and the residents of the ward, and create a space where the festival created by all the people involved connects Japan and the world, and becomes a stage from Japan to take flight to the world.

TOSHIMA STREET FES 2024 Executive Committee

・Sponsorship recruitment

TOSHIMA STREET FES is looking for companies and organizations to sponsor it.
It is also possible to display images and videos at the event venue, set up booths, and promote through tie-ups.
We have a variety of sponsorship options available, so please feel free to contact us.

・Contact information for inquiries regarding sponsorship, coverage, and event hosting

TOSHIMA STREET FES 2024 Executive Committee (Secretariat: Xcountry Co., Ltd.)
Phone: 03-6206-4373
Email address: info@xcountry-jp.com
URL: https://ts-fes.com/

[Xcountry Inc.] Press release

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