Tokyo Art Festival 2018 September 1 opening! Performed all 36 performing arts festivals to color Toshima Ward · Ikebukuro


'Outdoor play Sanshin opera' and other programs directly under the Tokyo Art Festival begin accepting reservations at 10 o'clock on Saturday, September 8.

Tokyo Arts Festival Organizing Committee will hold "Tokyo Art Festival 2018" from Saturday, September 1, 2018. During the 100th day of September 1st to December 9th, the 36th program was held. Festival / Tokyo 18, Arts Theater Selection, Toshima International Arts and Culture Cities Dissemination Program, APAF – A variety of performing arts programs in the Asian Performing Arts Human Resource Development Division, Ikebukuro area I will color.

■ Please see all 36 programs from the following.
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Programs to start participating projects are as follows.

■ Theater Autumn Selection [Saturday, September 1st – November 25th (Sunday)]
◎ September 1 (Sat) – 12 (Wednesday) / November 3 (Sat · Holiday) – 25 (Sunday)
NODA · MAP 22nd performance "Under the full bloom of counterfeit cherry blossom forest"
Work / direction / cast: Hideki Noda
Venue: Tokyo Art Theater Playhouse
… In addition, all 4 programs (Tokyo Art Theater: )

■ Toshima International Art · Culture Urban Transmission Program [Saturday, September 1 – Sunday, December 9]
◎ September 1 (Sat) – 30 (Sun)
The 30th Ikebukuro Theater Festival
Venue: Theater Green et al. 17 venues
◎ September 23 (Sun · Holiday)
Traditional entertainment @ Minami-Ikebukuro Park project "Japanese entertainment Sannobo ~ From the Middle Ages to Edo ~"
Composition / direction: Mr. Nomura
Venue: Minami-Ikebukuro Park
… In addition, all seven programs (Auru Supotto: Future Cultural Foundation: https: //

■ Festival / Tokyo 18 [Saturday, October 13th – November 18th (Sunday)]
◎ October 13 (Sat) – 14 (Sun)
Asia Series vol.5 Trans / Field "MI (X) G" (Mix)
Concept · Directing: Piche · Kranjen
Venue: Minami-Ikebukuro Park
… and all 16 programs (Festival / Tokyo 18: )

■ APAF – Asian Performing Arts Human Resources Development Division [Start of Monday, October 15 – Monday, November 12]
◎ October 15 (Monday)
International co-creation training begins (general closed)
◎ November 9th (Fri) to 10th (Saturday)
International co-creation performance "Beautiful Trauma – Behind the Scenes"
Directed by: Justiansha Rusmanna
Venue: Tokyo Arts Theater Theater West
… In addition, all three programs (APAF: )

■ Program directly under the Tokyo Art Festival [Starting on October 18 (Thursday) – November 4 (Sun)]
◎ October 18 (Thu) – 28 (Sun)
"Outdoor play Sanshin opera"
Venue: Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park
… and all 6 programs.


'Outdoor play Sanshin opera' and other programs directly under the Tokyo Art Festival begin accepting reservations at 10 o'clock on Saturday, September 8.
Details are as follows.

* * *

◎ October 18th (Thursday) – 28th (Sunday) every night at 19:00 Launch ※ 23th (Sundays and holidays) Day off ※ Weekly rain

"Outdoor play Sanshin opera"

A painful satire music drama that blew out in the times of the financial crisis and the rise of the Nazi appeared in Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park!
This work, which will be a flagship of the Tokyo Art Festival 2018, is a new work that creates with Japanese actors who have chosen with their own eyes after an audition by Giorgio Barberio Corsetti representing Italy. It is a high-quality work by world directors, but the ticket fee is as low as 500 yen for one coin. Also, there is also an area that can be watched free of charge.

Work | Bertolt Brecht
Music | Kurt Veil
Atsushi Ooka
Director | Giorgio Barberio Corsetti
Music Director | Keiko Harada
Costume Design | Sawada Ishiba

Venue: Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park
Tickets: (All seats free seat) 500 yen ※ Free viewing area available

● 15 performers selected through a fully publicly invited audition are as follows (in order of appearance).
Jonathan Jeremiah · Peachum | Hirokawa Sannen (Nylon 100 ℃)
Filchi / Eid | Yoji Izumi
Celia · Peachium | Fuyuko Moriyama
Jala Qian's Masaias | Yasuko Miyashita
Mac Heath | Hideki Goto
Polly · Peachum | Banquet Man Ya (Person who eats persimmons)
Jacob of bending finger | Katsuhiko Konagaya
Sawto's Robert / Cops | Masayasu Ayado
Jimmy / Smith | Numata Shoumu (Amayadori)
None of us Walter / Cops | Masanori Kikuzawa
Brown | Yusuke Yanagi
Jenny at the bar / Prostitute | Yumi Sakakibara
Jenny at a bar / a whore | Katsukadaka Kiyo
Jenny of a bar-bar / whore | Kazumi Shinohara
Lucy | Hayaka Mizukuchi (CRG)

● Once listened to, play the live performance of Kurt Veil's name number not leaving the head.
Piano | Yumiko Kubi
Accordion | Stefan Hurthong
Electronic piano | Daiki ABE

[Directing: Giorgio · Barberio · Corsetti Comment]
"Sanshin opera" is a work that Brecht made 100 years ago, but it is also a very useful story to modern times. I would like to see this work not only for those who buy tickets and theaters to watch, but also for those passing by. And we recommend that you bring a chair to everyone like that. If you step into Nishiguchi Park during the performance, you probably will not be able to leave the place.

* * *

◎ October 27 (Sat) 15: 30/28 (Sun) 15: 30

"Zoo of glass"

Seven years from the premiere at the Japanese cast, Japan re-landed as a new French version.
A world of "memories" that inevitably delicate light and art.

Work | Tennessee Williams
Director · Performing Arts | Daniel Jeanne Toe

Venue: Tokyo Art Theater Playhouse
Ticket (all seats reserved seat): general 3,500 yen
U29 (* 29 years and under) ¥ 2000
※ Each 500 yen increase on the day
Target age: 7 years old and over
※ French language presentation, Japanese subtitles

* * *

◎ October 27 (Saturday) 13: 30/28 (Sunday) 13: 30 · 18: 30/29 (Monday) 16: 00

"Dark circus"

Live art performance with numerous images and sounds, created by two artists in front of the audience. Sell ​​the audience to the world of circus full of black humor.

Original | Pepe
Work / Cast | Stereoptic (Romain · Belmont, Jean-Baptiste Meier)

Venue: Tokyo Arts Theater Theater West
※ It was changed from the venue that we initially announced
Tickets: (All seats free seat): General 3,500 yen
U29 (* 29 years and under) ¥ 2000
※ Each 500 yen increase on the day
Target age: 7 years old and over

* * *

◎ November 3 (Saturday) 15: 00/4 (Sunday) 13: 00

"The sky is measured by wings"

Dance by choreographer Niyakam and junior high and high school students!
Shizuoka junior high and high school students challenge world-class dance performance!

Choreography / Directing | Merlin Nyacam

Venue: Auru supotto
Admission free · Required reservation ※ Toshima ticket center handled as well

* * *

◎ November 2 (Friday) 19: 30/3 (Sat) 18: 30/4 (Sunday) 16: 30

"Adult version Yumemiru Chikara"

A contemporary dance of hope, sponsored by Niyakum with female dancers of over 55 chosen in the audition

Choreography · Directing · Casting | Merlin · Nyacam

Venue: Tokyo Art Theater Theater East
Admission free · reservation required

* * *

◎ Wednesday, October 24, 19: 00/25 (Thursday) 15: 00

The 7th Theater × Shakespeare's Wild Sisters Group
Japan International Cooperative Project Notes Exchange vol.3
"Coffee hour light"

Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao director Hayato Yujiro tribute to Ozuma "Coffee Hikari", inspired and draws encounters between Japanese and Taiwanese who live in the present generation.

Original | Hou Hsiao "Coffee Time" (Movie)
Adaptation | Wang Jia Ming
Director | Wang Jia Ming, Narumi Kohei

Venue: Tokyo Arts Theater Theater West
Admission free · reservation required
※ Japanese / Chinese performance, Japanese, English and English subtitles


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