Implementation training on persons who are difficult to return home around Ikebukuro station on November 15


~ Bus delivery training in cooperation with Saitama prefecture and implementation and verification of social experiments ~

From Tuesday, November 15 (Thursday), Toshima-ku will conduct training on difficult-to-return home for Ikebukuro station and around the station, assuming the occurrence of a major earthquake. At the Ikebukuro station, which has one of the most passengers in the country, it is assumed that 55,000 people will be unable to return home in the event of an earthquake immediately under the capital, and measures for people who are unable to return home are positioned as a major issue to be addressed as Toshima Ward ing. The purpose of this training is to examine how to respond to this situation, organized by Toshima-ku and railway operators, attracting facilities operators, disaster prevention related organizations, town councils, etc. “Ikebukuro station Confusion countermeasure council “in cooperation, develop around 1,000 people around Ikebukuro station and surrounding facilities. Training is conducted on the assumption that an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 and a maximum seismic intensity of 6 is occurred at 8:00 am on training day on the northern part of Tokyo Bay. As the first effort of this fiscal year, we will conduct training to transport necessary persons who are difficult to return home by bus, in cooperation with Saitama Prefecture. It becomes practical training unique to Ikebukuro which is the gateway to the city center of Saitama prefecture. Main training contents are as follows. (1) Establishment of disaster countermeasures headquarters and each activity base and collaboration districts between each business establishment immediately establish disaster headquarters, and establish local contact adjustment and information provision stations in Ikebukuro station and surrounding areas. We also carry out information transmission by radio communication with stations and peripheral projects. (2) Guidance for evacuation guidance to necessary persons and safety confirmation of facilities Facilities for temporary stay accommodating evacuees are instructed as well as guidance evacuation guidance is given to persons with disabilities and persons with consideration to foreigners, etc. Also, Aiming at thoroughness. (3) Transportation / collection of goods to the stockpiling material distribution area. Verification of allocation guidelines Transport stockpile supplies for people who are difficult to return home from private warehouses to the stockpiling material allocation allocation place installed in Minami-Ikebukuro Park and verify the collection and allocation guidelines. (4) Collaboration with necessary conscious person transportation training conducted by Saitama Prefecture Three days after the accident, supposing Saitama citizens who came home difficult in Toshima Ward and Toshima citizens who had become difficult to return home in Saitama Prefecture, Implement training to carry people (wheelchairs, pregnant women, those with obstacles in the arms and legs) by a bus. After 7:30 am on the morning, the route bus arranged by Saitama Prefecture headed to Ikebukuro from Koshigaya station with 10 persons who took Toshima citizens assuming important consideration and about 5 healthy people. After that, we transfer necessary conscientious persons who were in Saitama prefecture who are participating in the training of the ward to Saitama prefecture from the hotel metropolitan (Nishi Ikebukuro 1-6-1) which is a temporary residence facility. (5) Implementation and verification of social demonstration experiments From last year, we will continue verification of national verification tests on multilingual speech translation for foreigners and the effectiveness of Twitter etc during disasters.

Date and time November 15 (Thursday) 10 am to noon
place Ikebukuro Station and station area and more
inquiry Disaster Crisis Management Division Phone 03-4566-2574 FAX 03-3981-5018