From the standard to the new work with the largest sales floor space in the past! “MARVEL POP UP STORE” Opened in Ikebukuro and Sunshine City on Thursday, December 13!


Small · Planet Co., Ltd., which carries out planning, manufacturing, wholesale etc. of famous character goods of domestic and overseas, etc. and handles a lot of MARVEL merchandise, “MARVEL POP UP STORE” under development in various places on Thursday, December 13, 2018 We will open in Ikebukuro and Sunshine City for a limited time period from December 29 (Sat).

“MARVEL POP UP STORE” which stocks a variety of design products that can fully enjoy MARVEL’s view of the world comes to a lot of customers regardless of sex and age such as marvel fans and women and teen layers sensitive to fashion and trends We have obtained.

The Ikebukuro / Sunshine City venue that will be open this time will be the widest sales floor space among the venues that have opened so far.
Starting with the items on sale, stylish items of Marvel logo design, and a wide range of lineups from popular Marvel character items such as “Iron Man” “Captain America” ​​etc. to the classic lineup.

During the period, new products will be in stock as well as products already on sale.
Come to the store where you can enjoy Marvel fans, as well as those who do not!

■ Store overview
Venue: Sunshine City Alpa B1 (Tokyo Town, Toshima-ku Higashi Ikebukuro 3-1 Sunshine City Alpa B1)
Duration: December 13, 2018 (Thursday) – December 29 (Sat)
Opening hours: 10 – 20
※ Friday, December 14 (Friday) – December 25 (Tuesday) open until 21 o’clock

Operation: Small Planet Corporation

“MARVEL POP UP STORE” special page:
Twitter account: @ MARVEL_popup

◇ Ikebukuro / Sunshine City precedent release item

img - 172991 _ 2

Silicone iPhone case (5 types in total)
Each 2,800 yen + tax * iPhone 8/7/6 / 6s compatible

img - 172991 _ 3

Silicon IC card case (5 types in total)
Each 1,800 yen + tax


Gashapon korechara! Marvel Avengers 02 (8 kinds in all)
One time 300 yen (tax included) <Release from December 21 (Fri)>


Coonut MARVEL (8 kinds in all) ¥ 200 + tax * 1 Ramune confectionery
<Release from December 24 (Monday · Holiday)>

◇ Shopper & Not for sale Original postcards available Get purchase benefits!

· Shopper present
During the period, on March 15 (Friday) 2019, those who purchased Marvel products at the Sunshine City Alpa B1 fairground “MARVEL POP UP STORE” will be shoppers of the movie “Captain Marvel” released in quantity only I will present.
* It will end as soon as it is lost.


· Novelty gifts
During each of the following periods, one who purchased over 1,080 yen in marbell merchandise at the Sunshine City Alpa B1 fairground “MARVEL POP UP STORE”, one cover art cover design by the popular illustrator was posted one per account I will present.
※ Each period will end as soon as it is gone.


◇ Three body-sized life-size figures are displayed, which can enjoy Marvel’s world view!
SNS Surely a life-sized figure of “Iron Man”, “Captain America”, “Mighty So” will definitely appear.
It is a spot where you can take a commemorative photo together with enjoying Marvel’s view of the world by looking at not only shopping but also nearby.

(C) 2018 MARVEL