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~ Opened "Komwari Kitchen" in Minami Nagasaki, town of Tokiwaso – Tuesday January 22 (Tuesday), a shared kitchen type entrepreneurship support facility "Komwari Kitchen" opens on Tokiwasou Street in Minami Nagasaki 2-chome Toshima-ku. "Komwari Kitchen" is a facility for entrepreneurship on the hard side by civic cooperation which is the first attempt as Toshima Ward. Because this facility is equipped with full-fledged cooking equipment and has acquired confectionery manufacturing business and food and drink business license, "those who manufacture and sell at home are high in facilities, licenses, approval, finance" are also responsible for food hygiene If you are a qualified acquirer, you can manufacture and sell at your own shop name by using this facility. In addition, support for those who aim to establish business related to "food" such as professional entrance cram school is held and founder support support system is also substantial, those who want to challenge business that makes use of hobbies and special skill as a place of skill of entrepreneurial work . "Ject One Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku)" which is good at "free vacation rental" is responsible for the operation. Utilizing the vacant shops in the shopping street to open the facility, it is also close to the "Tokiwasou" which is currently being restored, so it is expected to play a role as a base for creation of the bustle of the area. From 10 o'clock on the 22nd, we will hold an "opening event" under the members of the Toshima ward office, the local shopping street and the communities involved in community planning. In addition to the exhibition, introduction of the establishment of the facility, introduction of town development by reclaimed house reclamation, success stories of the rental kitchen, talk session by key people in Toshima-ku "share business utilizing vacant houses and the future of the region" and photo sessions I will. From Tuesday 22nd (Tuesday) to 29th (Tuesday) as an open week, popular shops active in Toshima Ward will sell bread, confectionery, coffee etc. on a daily basis. (From 11 o'clock to 18 o'clock * There is a change in time depending on the store openers) 【Opening the first two days on January 22 open the following 2 stores! ! 】 Screenshot 2019-01-20 0.26.34 <Nozomin food cloth> Cooking classes for children and adult bakery classes and special lectures (town) Main contents: Confectionery Screenshot 2019-01-20 0.26.36 <OKINA 和 dining Branchu> Okinawa cuisine Izakaya (Tokyo Ikebukuro), the first store in Okinawa to serve from the main content Details: Okinawa cuisine sales

place Komwari Kitchen (2-3-3 Minami Nagasaki 1st floor of Equus Minami Nagasaki)
Operator JECT one (Shibuya-ku Shibuya 1 – chome 7 – 7 Sumitomo Real Estate Aoyama Tower Building 13 th floor)
Facility equipment 3-port gas stove for commercial use & Convection oven, freezer refrigerator, face-to-face showcase
Price Initial registration fee 10,000 yen (including 1 year renewal, sanitation management fee etc)
Usage fee Drop in member / month 5 hours 15,000 yen / month Silver member / month 15 hours 21,000 yen / month Gold member / month 30 hours 35,000 yen / month Platinum member / month 50 hours 55,000 yen / monthly entrance cram school (1 course all 5 times) 15,000 yen / course (including tax)
Facility HP https // /
Supplementary matter FY2003 "Project subsidy for establishing Toshima Ward Challenge Support Facility" adopted project
inquiry Ject One Regional Community Division Ishii / Nogawa Tel. 03-6427-9832 Toshima-ku Livestock Industry Division Director Yamano Sobayama (Yamaambe) Telephone 080-9864-0602

Facility appearance Floor plan inside the facility