[Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store] “Ayumi of Modern Western Painting-Genealogy of Realistic Pictures” from Wednesday, June 26


■ Period: June 26 (Wed)-July 2 (Tue) ■ Venue: 6th floor (Central B8) = Seibu Art Forum * The final day of July 2 (Tuesday) is only 4pm at this venue Closed

In this exhibition, the way of thinking and method of "realism", which is the basis of paintings, has changed and developed between the birth of Japanese oil paintings and the present, the excellent works of each era You can browse while comparing to a single place.

Artists to be exhibited (in random order, nomenclature): * Exhibitors and works may be subject to change.
Sokasuke Okada, Ryohei Kojima, Saburo Miyamoto, Kiyonaga Ito, Tadahiko Nakayama and others
【Example of work】

Nakayama Tadahiko "Embroidered Statue" Size: 15 F oil painting
Nakayama Tadahiko Art Museum is widely known as a leading Western artist representing the current Western art world. As well as his teacher, Mr. Kiyonaga Ito, he plays an active part in the Nikkei and Shiratsukai events. Works pursuing feminine beauty full of dignity modeled on a wife have gained high popularity.
[Tadahiko Nakayama (1935-) profile]
1935 Born in Ogura City, Fukuoka Prefecture (now Kitakyushu City)
1953 Studied with Ito Kiyonaga
1954 The 10th Nitten First Prize Winner
1969 Reorganization 1st Nikkei Special ('81)
1970 Rebuilt a new picture room in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture
1980 White House Exhibition Prime Minister's Award
1990 Reorganized 22nd Nichido Nitten Member Award
1996 Reorganized the 28th Nikkei Prime Minister's Award
1998 Awarded the Japan Academy of Fine Arts Award for "Kurosen", became a member of the Nikkei Board, and became a member of the Japan Art Academy
Inaugurated as President of the White House in 2002
Appointed President of the Nikkei 2009 (~ '13)
Honored as an Ichikawa City Honorary Citizen in 2014
2018 "Planning Exhibition Tadahiko Nakayama-In Search of Eternal Beauty-" held at Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art

Ito Kiyonaga "Bara" Size: 8 oil
Ito Kiyoshinaga is a Western painter representing Japan from Showa to Heisei. Receives the glaze of Soka Okada, and plays an active part in the day-to-day event and the Nikkei. In 1989, a memorial was opened in Izushi-cho, Toyooka city, Hyogo Prefecture, where I was born.
[Kiyonaga Ito (1911-2001) profile]
1911 Born as the third son of Zen temple in Shizaya, Izushi Town, Hyogo Prefecture
1925 Starts painting oil paintings
1928 Studied with Soroka Okada at Hongo Research Institute
1933 14th Reich Exhibition
1935 Graduated from Tokyo Art School oil painting department
1936 Bunka Art Exhibition Selection (Selection)
1947 Third Exhibition, Selected ('48)
1953 Established the Ito Institute of Painting and started to give guidance on the future (~ '72)
1962 travel to Europe
In 1977 "Jin Hui" won the Japan Academy of Fine Arts Award and becomes the Nitto Director
Became president of the White House in 1986
Became a Nikkei adviser, honored by a cultural serviceman in 1991
1996 Medal of Culture

【Overview of held】
■ Dates: June 26, 2019 (Wed) – July 2 (Tuesday)
Venue: 6th floor (center B8) = Seibu Art Forum
* The last day, July 2 (Tuesday), we will Heijo at our venue only 4 pm

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