Grand opening on July 19 (Fri) “AWESOME STORE & CAFE IKEBUKURO” Q Plaza Ikebukuro 1F!


Represent, Inc. is a new cafe-affiliated store of general store “AWESOME STORE (Autsum store)” operated by the company, “AWESOME STORE & CAFE IKEBUKURO (Autsum Store & Cafe Ikebukuro)” on July 19 (Fri) Open

We designed a 460 square meter store with two buildings on the left and right, creating a photogenic space as if it were in NY.

As a food menu limited to Ikebukuro, the original French fries "AWESOME FLY! PO !!! (Aotham fly! Po !!!)", which can be selected from three tastes, and bagel "Torotama bacon Homme" . In addition, in goods, we develop the art collection "Neopop Art" series, which will be pre-sale. Limited planning has become exciting.

The store "AWESOME STORE & CAFE IKEBUKURO" where you can experience everything from food, things, things, with amazing "quality" and "price" in a photogenic space that looks like SNS, as it is coming to NY.
I can not wait until the store opens.

コ ン セ プ ト In-store concept
■ We reproduce cityscape of NY in the building! ?
Inside the photogenic store with all the details

It is designed with the image that there are two buildings on the left and right inside the store of about 460 square meters. The center of the store is the main street, and a cafe on the right and a general store on the left create a photogenic space that looks like you've arrived in New York.

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"AWESOME STORE & CAFE IKEBUKURO" store image & limited food


店舗 Store summary
(Aysum Store & Cafe Ikebukuro)

The second cafe with additional cafes (the first shop in Harajuku), presented by Harajuku's low-cost miscellaneous goods brand "AWESOME STORE".
In a photogenic shop (area: about 460 square meters) that reflects the image of the city and garage of New York City, the area is about 460 square meters, and it develops items of about 5,000 different genres, all of which are produced in-house. You can enjoy shopping and cafe time as if you were coming to New York in a calm atmosphere.

■ Open date: July 19th, 2019 (Fri)
■ Opening hours: 10:00 to 21:00 (only 10:30 on July 19)
■ Phone number: 03-5944-9754
Address: 1-30-3 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Cue Plaza Ikebukuro 1F