[Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store] “Toy Story / Smile! Carnival” is held for the first time in Japan from July 18 (Thu)


To commemorate the release of Disney / Pixar's latest work "Toy Story 4", a special shop was opened.

■ Period: July 18 (Thu)-31 (Wed) ■ Opening hours: 10 am-9 pm * 21st (Sun) · 28th (Sun) until 8 pm * Last day 31st ( We will close at 6:00 pm at the venue only ■ Venue: Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store 2nd floor Seibu Gallery ■ Admission free

"Toy Story" is a work that changed the film's history as the world's first full-length full CG animation in 1995. "Toy world" drawn from the perspective of toys and characters full of unique ideas and individuality. An interesting, inspiring, true-to-life story has long been favored by a wide audience. In Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store, "Toy Story / Smile! Carnival" is held for the first time nationwide. Expand in four perspectives on the theme of "big smile". We also offer exciting plans to make you smile like a quiz corner or photo spot, including event limited items. It is two weeks that children and adults can enjoy with family in summer vacation.

  • Smile! 1 Nationwide first appearance! We offer goods of 800 items or more including event-limited products

[Product Example] * Product design is an image.

[First appearance] [event limited edition] event limited shopper (all two, about vertical 76 × 45cm horizontal) 1,296 yen each

[First appearance] [event limited item] W pocket clear file (for A4 size) 486 yen * with two inside pockets

  • Smile! 2 Only one original in the world! "Coloring Tapestry Shop"

By painting with a special pen, you can make only one original tapestry in the world.

■ Tapestry (size · vertical 34 × side 26 cm bar · string not included): 1,080 yen ■ required time: about 30 minutes
■ 100 pieces of each day limited ■ Reception hours: From 10:00 am to 30 minutes before closing time each day
* After completion, ironed and handed over. * Tapestry design is an image. * Held daily during the session.

  • Smile! Enjoy in the venue "Let's find out! Mistaken search quiz corner"

Challenge the quiz by comparing the panels in the hall. During the show, one "original can badge" (diameter 32 mm) will be presented to the first 300 people who arrived correctly each day.

* If you answer the paper provided and give it to the clerk, we will exchange it for a can badge.
* One person only once a day. * The design of the can badge is an image.

  • Smile! 4 Experience the world of the movie "Toy Story 4 Photo Spot"

We will prepare a photo spot where a large number of popular characters appearing in "Toy Story 4" gather. You can shoot with toys in front of a powerful photo spot where you can experience the world of the movie.

* Please bring your shooting equipment. * The design of the exhibition panel is an image.

Fan must-see "purchase present"
During the show, it will be presented on a first-come-first-served basis to those who purchased at the venue.

1) Receive an original paper shopper (1 sheet) for the first 10,000 customers with a purchase of 1,000 yen or more.
2) Receive an original sticker "7 kinds of daily change, all 7 kinds" (1 sheet) to the first 300 people each day for purchase of 3,000 yen or more including tax.
"Original cans badge key chain" diameter 57mm "(1 point) is presented to 100 first arrival each day by purchase more than 10,000 yen including 3 tax.
* Design is an image. * One point per person per day. * Can not combine receipts.

【Overview of held】
■ Period: July 18 (Thu)-31 (Wed)
■ Open hours: 10 am to 9 pm
* 21st (Sun) · 28th (Sun) until 8:00 pm * Last day 31st (Wed) is our venue only closed at 6 pm
Venue: Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store 2nd floor Seibu Gallery Admission free
■ Supervision: Walt Disney Japan ■ Cooperation: Marimo Craft
■ Planning: Brannege
© Disney / Pixar
MR. POTATO HEAD & MRS. POTATO HEAD are trademarks of Hasbro used with permission.
© Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

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Disney / Pixar movie latest work "Toy Story 4" released on Friday, July 12, 2019

All "toy stories" are for this story.
This summer comes the greatest surprise and excitement ever. “The most important thing for toys is to be with children”
デ ィ Woody watching over his new owner Bonny, Buzz and others came up with her first favorite, the handmade toy Forky. He thinks he is trash and runs away …. The wait for Woody to save Forkey for Bonnie is a fateful encounter with a never-loved toy, a former companion Bo, and a spectacular adventure in a thrilling amusement park The In a new world that I have never seen, what is Woody's last choice of “surprising decisions”? "Toy Story" is the biggest moving adventure ever in history, beyond the previous work that the world has weeped. The end is beyond your imagination.
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