WILLER Launches New Urban Traffic “IKEBUS” New Symbol for Ikebukuro, a Red and Cute Slowly moving vehicle is the only space for passengers


WILLER is an electric bus “IKEBUS” that connects the main spots of Ikebukuro, including stations, parks, “Hareza Ikebukuro” and other commercial facilities, as a chartered bus from Saturday, November 2 and in late November It will start operating as a route bus that operates regularly from Prior to the start of operation, a departure ceremony was held today at Friday, November 1 at Naka Ikebukuro Park.

The Ikebukuro area where the entire city is about to change as an international art and culture city toward 2020. Prior to the Grand Opening of “Hareza Ikebukuro” in 2020, the Brilia Hall, Naka Ikebukuro Park and Toshima Citizen Center opened today, and Ikebukuro West Exit Park will soon be renewed with the global theater global ring. The park is scheduled to open. In Toshima Ward, IKEBUS not only serves as a means of transportation, but also serves as a mobile device that seamlessly connects various attractive spots scattered throughout the city, and by expanding the range of activities and excursions, The purpose is to create more vitality and communication. Supporting the movement of people inside and outside Toshima Ward and connecting cultures will create even more liveliness. The vehicle is an electric bus with a maximum speed of 19 km based on the low-speed electric vehicle “eCOM-10”. The total design including bus stops and uniforms is the sightseeing train “Tango Kuromatsu” of the Kyoto Tango Railway and the limited express train “Tango no Tano” It is by Mr. Kenji Mitooka, who handles numerous works including railroad cars such as “Sea”. The concept is “Easy to use, easy to understand, beautiful, fun, and one-of-a-kind space for users”. In addition, since it is an electric bus, it emits no exhaust gas and is equipped with an electric lift at the rear of the vehicle to make it easier for wheelchair users to use. The main target is visitors who come to Toshima Ward including inbound tourists, and tourists who are unfamiliar with the geography of Ikebukuro, elderly people living in the vicinity, and those with weak transportation with disabilities can easily use it. The red and well-seen stylish body creates a sense of anticipation when riding, and the digital signage ceiling in the vehicle that transmits information on Toshima City's culture and seasonal events in the image of the city even while moving Can know.
In addition to regular boarding fares, IKEBUS offers a variety of ticket types such as 3-hour tickets, 1-day tickets, 2-day tickets, and operates every 20 minutes regardless of the day of the week. As a mobile device for excursions that can easily get on and off and enjoy the city of Ikebukuro, it supports the movement of the city. WILLER will continue to solve various social issues in Japan, Asia and ASEAN through open innovation together with startup companies in Japan and around the world. ■ Starting ceremony

At the departure ceremony, Mr. Takano Toshima, the mayor of the opening ceremony gave us the opening remarks, followed by Dawn Design Institute representative director Kenji Mitooka, WILLER Co., Ltd. representative director Shigetaka Murasaki, representative director of general art culture town development meeting Maeda Mr. Saburo and Mr. Yoshiaki Yonekura, chairman of Toshima Ward Silver Human Resources Center, entered the stage, and each commented on the start of operation. “I want to convey the charm of Ikebukuro as a representative symbol of the city of art culture that Toshima City aims for,” said Murata. After that, a tape cut commemorating the departure was performed in front of the exhibited vehicle, and the start of operation was celebrated. After the ceremony, test rides using actual vehicles were held, and many people who came to experience IKEBUS. ■ Overview of IKEBUS

[Ride capacity] 22 people [Maximum speed] 19km / h
[Size] Length 5,165mm, width 2,105mm, height 2,710mm
[Design] Dawn Design Institute / Meiji Okato
[Vehicle production] Think to gather
[Operating company] WILLER EXPESS Inc.
[Chartered service]
Reservation required for general corporate judicial person Toshima Art Culture Community Development Council (telephone: 03-3983-2366)
[Route service]
<Operating hours> First departure 10:00 to last 19:40
<Fare> 1-time ticket (a: 200 yen, b: 100 yen), 3-hour ticket (a: 300 yen, b: 100 yen), 1-day ticket (a: 500 yen, b: 250 yen)
, 2-day ticket (a: 800 yen, b: 400 yen) * a: Adult, b: Child, elderly, disabled
[Special website] https://travel.willer.co.jp/ikebus/ ■ Distributor information
[Company name] WILLER Co., Ltd.
[Headquarters location] 1-1-88-600 Umeda Sky Building Tower East 6th Floor, Kita-ku, Osaka 531-6006, Osaka
[Establishment] June 2005
[Representative] Shigetaka Murataki, Representative Director
[Business description] Mobile marketing business (mobile / tourist e-commerce development & operation / traffic network creation)