Animate Cafe Ikebukuro No. 2 is the official cafe “Ikebukuro Tsukinotei” for “Tsukino Entertainment Production”! Limited menus and original goods are also on sale!


December 1, 2019-/ Animate Cafe Ikebukuro No. 2

Movic Co., Ltd. and Animate Cafe Co., Ltd. will open “Tsukino Performing Productions” official cafe “Ikebukuro Kanno Tei” from December 1st, 2019 at Animate Cafe Ikebukuro 2nd Store for a limited period of one year. TSUKIPRO SHOP in HARAJUKU, a concept shop that handles goods for the talents of “Tsukino Performing Productions” that is held for a limited time, and an official cafe that sells tea and sweets on the theme of a modern coffee shop ]. We will open “Ikebukuro Tsukino-tei” at both stores at Animate Cafe Ikebukuro No. 2 from December 1st. “Ikebukuro Tsukinatei” is based on the theme that “the talents of each birth month share ideas and create a store”, changing the concept from month to month. It is a shop that colors. In addition to the special collaboration menu in the store, various souvenirs with deformed illustrations drawn at the top, and snacks that can be taken out, such as “Souvenirs of the Month” (Tsukino-tei) have been upgraded. We are planning an initiative.

Monthly concept list

The concept of 12 km that will be lost is “Mr. Nabe Honpo”.


The menu will be developed mainly by three people who will be celebrating their birthday in December: Shiseido Ryoku, St. Chris, and Eri Horimiya. It is a perfect theme for the cold season, where you can enjoy delicious oden and hot pot.

Best manager recommended Golden Oden set

We will announce the concept from January onwards, so please look forward to future information.

  • Ikebukuro Tsukino-tei “Shiran Nabe Honpo” Outline

[Date] December 1, 2019 to January 4, 2020 [Hosted store] ・ Animate Cafe Ikebukuro No.2 [Admission] Cafe use … All-day lottery reservation system Product sales … All day free In the case of free admission, there is a possibility of distribution of admission ticket when it is crowded [Related page] Animate Cafe: [Rights] (C) TSUKIUTA. (C) TSUKIPRO * Please check the Animate Cafe website for details on how to enter. * Dates and admission methods are subject to change.

  • What is “Tsukino Entertainment Production”?

“Tsukino Performing Arts Production” is a 2.5-dimensional fictional performing arts office developed by Movic Co., Ltd. Beginning with the CD series of “Tsukiuta.” Released in December 2012, it was converted into a TV animation as “Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION” in 2016. A wide range of media mixes will be implemented, such as “Theatrical version SOARA“ LET IT BE-Like You ”” on October 10th. I’m an enthusiastic fan with an addictive fan.