Zokuzoku Deep Sea Life 2020-To an Unknown World-Friday, January 10, 2020-Sunday, March 8


debut! Adventure in the deep sea world projected by "underwater drone"! “Deep Sea Shark Touch” and the popular “Zoku Zoku Touch” are also available.

Sunshine Aquarium (Tokyo, Ikebukuro, Director: Katsushi Maruyama) is watching the creatures that live in the deep sea entrance about 200m deep

A popular winter-limited event “Zokuzoku Deep Sea Life 2020-To the Unknown World” will be held from January 10th (Friday) to March 8th (Sunday), 2020. This time, various deep sea contents will appear with the theme of “adventure” and “exploration”.

Large beetle

Deep-sea creatures can only be collected in the winter when the temperature of the seawater is low and the impact on the deep-sea creatures is minimal because the inhabitant water temperature is low. In addition, there are many creatures that can only be seen for a short period of time because there are many creatures that are difficult to keep and long-term breeding due to the effects of water pressure. Sunshine Aquarium challenges the collection of deep-sea creatures every winter and carefully transports and cares after the collection. Exhibit next to the Sea

Underwater drone (DIVE unit 300)

From this time, Sunshine Aquarium introduces the first “Underwater Drone” to broadcast the deep sea footage taken and to explain the deep sea while watching the actual “Underwater Drone”. In addition to the popular event “Zokuzoku Touch” that allows you to touch deep sea creatures while being thrilled, the “Deep Sea Shark Touch” will be held for the first time, allowing you to touch frozen specimens of several types of deep sea sharks such as sharks and sharks.

In addition, in cooperation with JAMSTEC, “water pressure experiments” using water pressure reproduction equipment, photo points where you can enjoy shooting while looking for deep sea creatures (illustrations) lurking in the hall, and a talk event that invites guests, “Deep Sea Talk” Etc. are held. Shop Aqua Pocket will also sell the original “Shinkai Curry” made of large beetle powder, as well as deep-sea creature goods centering on love turtles.

* Contents / schedule may be changed depending on the collection status and the condition of the organism.

Red shrimp


Sea cucumber sea cucumber

Elephant shark


Large beetle

  • Event summary
  • Period: January 10th (Friday)-March 8th (Sunday), 2020

    Venue: Sunshine Aquarium Main Building

    Fees: Enjoy the entrance fee only for the Sunshine Aquarium. * “Zoku Zoku Touch” is charged.

    ① Deep-sea creature display

    Most ever! ? “Super Zokuzoku Aquarium”, which displays a large number of longhorn beetles, and an aquarium inspired by the deep sea world.

    In addition to several types of crabs and shrimps collected from bottom net fishing, a rare Mandako will be exhibited depending on the conditions of deep sea collection.

    [Location] Special water tank at the entrance of the hall, “Cold sea” tank on the first floor of the hall, “Sea of anemone fish and sea anemone” on the second floor of the hall * Exhibition contents and event contents will change depending on the collection status and the state of the organism.

    ② Underwater drone (NEW)

    To introduce the underwater drone for the first time and to make the deep sea world feel more realistic, we will broadcast the deep sea video taken by the breeding staff.

    In addition to a panel display explaining the water pressure and underwater drone, an event will be held by the breeding staff in front of the large water tank “Sunshine Lagoon” with a deep sea video.

    You can also see a real underwater drone.

    [Date / time] Every Sunday 13: 30 ~ (about 10 minutes) during the period

    [Location] In front of the large water tank "Sunshine Lagoon"

    Underwater drone (DIVE unit 300)

    ③ Deep Sea Shark Touch (NEW)

    You can touch several kinds of deep-sea shark frozen specimens (Rabbitfish, Shark Shark, etc.).

    ③ Deep sea shark touch image

    ④ Water pressure experiment

    A water pressure experiment using a water pressure reproduction device and a cup noodle container (demonstration of pressure equivalent to a water depth of 100 to 1000 m) will be conducted.

    [Date and time] During the period Every Saturday / Holidays (1/13, 2/11, 2/24) 13:30-(about 10 minutes)

    [Location] In front of the large water tank "Sunshine Lagoon"

    [Cooperation] Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)

    Water pressure experiment

    ⑤ Touching touch

    This is an event where you can touch deep-sea creatures that can only be experienced during this period. I'm thrilled by the strange shape of deep-sea creatures I don't have much opportunity to see, and I'm thrilled by the cold seawater at about 10 ℃.

    [Time] Each day 12: 15 ~ / 15: 15 ~ (about 30 minutes each time)

    [Reception] Annual passport issuance counter

    [Price] 300 yen (capacity 20 people each time)

    [Target organisms] Warbler's beetle, Okinawa sea cucumber, Okosioriebi, etc.

    * Please present your main building admission ticket or aquarium annual passport at the reception.

    ⑤ Twitching touch image

    ⑥ Deep Sea Talk

    A talk event will be held inviting guests. * Details will be announced on the Sunshine Aquarium official website at a later date.

    ⑦Photo point

    Depending on the hints of the map, photo points that can be used to search for deep sea creatures (illustrations) lurking in the hall will appear at various locations in the building.

    ⑧ Shop Aqua Pocket

    In addition to the curry "Ougokumushi Sinkai Curry" (594 yen) <dry / retort products> that uses powder of the longhorn beetle, original products centered on love mosquitoes will be on sale.

    Warbler spicy sea curry

    ⑨Sunshine Aquarium breeding staff supervision Deep Sea Omikuji [pay / 100 yen once]

    A fortune-loving fortune that combines proverbs and idioms with deep-sea creatures.

    Omikuji content is produced by breeding staff. The illustration is Hiroshi Kakuno, an illustrator of a lively writer.

    Deep sea fortune image

    ⑩ Ikimono AZ project "Ikimonogatari"

    We will deliver the secret story of deep sea photography in the first underwater drone of Sunshine Aquarium.

    * The release date will be announced later at “Ikimono AZ” ( https://ikimonoaz.ikimonopal.jp/ ).

    ⑪Online shop “Ikimo-ru” ( http://ikimall.ikimonopal.jp/ )

    During the event, a special feature on deep-sea creatures will be held and various deep-sea creature goods will be sold.

    Number of products: Approximately 150 (19 artists)

    Online shop "Ikimo-ru"

    * Contents and schedule may change depending on the situation.

    * All prices include tax * All images are images

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    ■ Sunshine Aquarium Overview

    Location: 3-1 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Sunshine City World Import Mart Building / Rooftop

    Hours: 10: 00-18: 00 (up to 19 March 2020) * Last admission 1 hour before the end * Subject to change

    Admission: Adults (high school and older) 2,200 yen, children (elementary and junior high school students) 1,200 yen, infants (4 years and older) 700 yen

    Contact: Sunshine Aquarium 03-3989-3466

    URL: https://sunshinecity.jp

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