“Yuki Aoi” Karaoke Collaboration Room Appears! Opened at JOYSOUND Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Koen-mae (Tokyo) from 1/15 (Wed.)! In addition, collaborative drinks with original coasters will be developed at 8 stores nationwide!


◆ Campaign site: https://shop.joysound.com/campaign/yukiaoi/

Standard Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Xing Co., Ltd., which operates karaoke stores nationwide, will open a “ Yuki Aoi x JOYSOUND directly-managed store collaboration from Wednesday, January 15, 2020 to Tuesday, April 14, 2020. Campaign ”and open a karaoke collaboration room at JOYSOUND Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Koen-mae (Tokyo)! In addition, collaborative drinks with original coasters will be developed at all eight directly managed stores of JOYSOUND, including stores that carry out collaboration rooms.

The karaoke collaboration room at JOYSOUND Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Koen-mae (Tokyo) has a space that is unbearable to fans, with the color of Yuki Aoi, including the walls, tables and doors in the room. In addition, a karaoke collaboration room user will receive one mini-menu (postcard size) as a special bonus.

There are five kinds of collaboration drinks based on the image of Yuki Aoi's song "There is a place to return," "Eternal Labyrinth," "Unbreakable," "Logicania distance," and "Banana Chomoranma no Ran (uncensored version)" [680 yen each. Tax-excluded) non-alcoholic]. As an order privilege, you will receive one original coaster randomly from all seven types (all types also have hologram specification rare ver!) For each collaboration drink order.

Please do not miss this opportunity and enjoy a collaboration campaign between JOYSOUND's directly managed store and “Yuki Aoi”!

  • “Yuki Aoi” × JOYSOUND Retail Store Collaboration Campaign Overview
  • ◆ Implementation period: Wednesday, January 15, 2020-Tuesday, April 14, 2020
    * The campaign start time and end time are based on the business hours of each store

    ◆ Campaign site: https://shop.joysound.com/campaign/yukiaoi/

    ◆ "Yuki Aoi" Karaoke Collaboration Room
    Walls, doors and tables are colored with the visual of "Yuki Aoi".

    ※ Collaboration room will start accepting tomorrow at 19:00 on Thursday, January 9
    * Please make a reservation in advance because congestion is expected. Reservations are only for WEB reservations
    * The use is “ 2 people or more '', “ 2 hours in principle '', but it may be extended depending on the reservation situation on the day
    * In case of single use, room charge for 2 people will be charged
    * Smoking is not allowed in the collaboration room
    ※The image is an image

    ◆ Karaoke collaboration room use privilege (all 1 type)
    As a karaoke collaboration room privilege, one mini menu will be presented on a first come first served basis.

    ※ It will end as soon as it is gone

    ◆ Collaborative drinks (5 types)
    We have prepared 5 kinds of images which are based on the image of "there is a place to return", "Eternal Labyrinth", "Unbreakable", "Logicania distance", "Bananacho Moranma Ran (Unmodified Version)". ※ Each 680 yen (excluding tax)

    * All are non-alcoholic
    ※ You can order from outside the collaboration room
    ※The photograph is an image. The arrangement and container may be different from the photo

    ◆ Collaborative drink bonus coasters (7 types)
    As a collaborative drink order privilege, you will receive one random gift from all seven types of original coasters. Rare version of hologram specification for all coasters!

    * Coaster designs and specifications are not available
    ※The image is an image

    ◆ "Yuki Aoi" Collaboration Campaign Stores (8 stores in total)
    [Karaoke collaboration room / Collaborative drink store (1 store)]
    ・ Tokyo: JOYSOUND Ikebukuro West Exit Park-mae
    Address 1-10-8 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Sun Glow Building (Reception 6F)
    Phone 03-5956-9686
    Business hours all day from 11:00 to the next 6:00
    WEB https://shop.joysound.com/shop/joysound-ikebukuronishiguchi/

    [Collaborative drink stores (7 stores)]
    ・ Miyagi: JOYSOUND Sendai Ichibancho
    ・ Tokyo: JOYSOUND Shinagawa Konan Exit
    ・ Aichi: JOYSOUND Kanayama store
    ・ Osaka: JOYSOUND Dotonbori 2-chome
    ・ Hiroshima: JOYSOUND Hiroshima Ebisu-dori
    ・ Tokushima: JOYSOUND Tokushima store
    ・ Fukuoka: JOYSOUND Hakataguchi station square store
    <Store search> https://shop.joysound.com/area/

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