Sanshain no Yu * February 23rd (Sun), 24th (Monday, holiday)


Healing foot bath limited to 2 days at Sunshine City Fountain Square There is also a lottery where you can win sento information and sento goods in Toshima Ward

Sunshine City (Tokyo, Ikebukuro) is an event where you can learn about a public bath in Toshima Ward while soaking in a footbath. It will be held at Sunshine City Fountain Square.

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Tokyo Bathhouse Association Official Character "Yuppo-kun"

In this event, with the cooperation of the Tokyo Bathhouse Association and the Toshima Ward Bathhouse Association, you can enjoy several types of footbath at a venue where you can feel the atmosphere of “ Sento '' which has been attracting attention to young women and foreign tourists in recent years, It is an event where you can learn about the public bath information and bean knowledge in Toshima Ward, and participate in lotteries where public bath goods are hit.

Please come to Sanshain no Yu where you can get in touch with the Japanese sento culture and sento information in Toshima Ward while soaking in the footbath.

  • Overview of Sanshain no Yu
  • Date and time of implementation: February 23 (Sun) and 24 (Monday, holiday) 10: 00-20: 00 each day
    Location: Sunshine City Fountain Square (Specialty Store Alpa B1)
    Price: Free
    Cooperation: Tokyo Bath Association, Toshima Ward Bath Association

    ① Footbath
    Utilizing the fountain open space of the four-story atrium, a giant curtain that resembles a public bath is hung, and the paintings such as Mt. You can enjoy several types of footbaths.

    ②Exhibition about sento
    There will be 18 maps of public baths in Toshima Ward, and a panel that shows the public baths and the public baths that can be used to learn about the public baths. In addition to the information on the Toshima Ward Bathhouse Association Stamp Rally 2020 that is being held, you can learn about bathing manners in public baths.

    ③ Lottery, sale of goods, character greeting
    For those who enjoyed the footbath, a lottery was held in which public bath goods and sunshine aquarium invitation tickets were awarded. We carry out greeting of bathhouse association official character "Yuppo-kun", sale of Yupo-kun and sento goods.

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    ■ Sunshine City Overview
    Location: 3-1 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
    Business hours: It varies according to each facility
    Contact: Sunshine City General Information 03-3989-3331
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