[Sunshine City Prince Hotel] “Keigo Atobe Birthday Commemorative Limited Accommodation Plan” is on sale to celebrate the birthday of “New Prince of Tennis” ‛‛Atobe-sama.


A special project to celebrate the character's birthday together at the hotel

At Sunshine City Prince Hotel, the popular character of the anime "New Tennis Prince" is a target product of the "GO TO Travel Campaign", which is scheduled to be canceled from travel to and from Tokyo from October 1, 2020. "Keigo Atobe Birthday Commemorative Limited Accommodation Plan" to celebrate Keigo Atobe's birthday (October 4th) will be on sale for 3 days from October 2nd (Friday) to 4th (Sunday), 2020.


This tie-up project original logo

This tie-up project original logo

© Takeshi Konomi / Shueisha / NAS / New Prince of Tennis Project

The "Keigo Atobe Birthday Commemorative Limited Accommodation Plan" was held for the first time last year and has been used by many customers, and will be held for the second consecutive year.

Sunshine City Prince Hotel is developing a birthday festival project for popular characters with the concept of "celebrating together" at the hotel, and this year, with the theme of "Atobe-sama's day", five original illustrations are used. We have goods for take-out and photo spots that can only be found here.

Photo spots and original goods to liven up this year's "Keigo Atobe Birthday Memorial Limited Accommodation Plan"

◆ We have prepared an "exhibition room" where you will be greeted by a life-sized panel (5 bodies) drawn by Keigo Atobe.

◆ Original goods for guests to take home with newly drawn illustrations are available.

In this tie-up project, which will be sold for a limited period and number of rooms, we will prepare a dedicated mail-order site where you can directly purchase original goods limited to this plan so that customers who can not use it can enjoy the atmosphere as much as possible. ..

[Click here for mail-order site for original goods]

Originally drawn illustrations for this project with the theme of [Atobe-sama's day]


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About the "LOOK & TASTE TOKYO" campaign * From October 1, 2020 (Thursday)


We will develop a campaign with the hope that you will be aware of the new charm of Tokyo by spending a special time in Tokyo and tasting it, and we will stimulate travel demand.

At 10 Prince Hotels in Tokyo, we offer 20% discount on restaurant use by guests staying at the hotel, and accommodation plans that offer 1 night free for 3 nights.

At our hotel, we have prepared an anime tie-up plan to express the charm of "Tokyo / Ikebukuro", and we are offering it as a GO TO travel campaign discount product.

"New Prince of Tennis" Keigo Atobe Birthday Memorial Special Accommodation Plan Overview

【Sales period】
Limited to 3 days from October 2nd (Friday) to 4th (Sunday), 2020

【Room type】
Twin room A / B, semi-double room 3 types

From ¥ 15,000 per person when using Twin Room B for 2 people

* Prices include room charge per person per night, service charge, consumption tax, exhibition room usage fee, and original goods (welcome card, acrylic board, handkerchief with embroidery).

* Two exhibition rooms are available. The contents will be the same.

* We offer price settings according to the date of stay, room type, and number of guests.

For details, please check the official hotel website https://www.princehotels.co.jp/sunshine/plan/contents/tenipuri/ .

[Original goods]

Welcome card

Welcome card

Acrylic stand (with 5 types of character plates)

Acrylic stand (with 5 types of character plates)

Handkerchief with embroidery

Handkerchief with embroidery

[Inquiries from customers regarding plan contents, detailed information such as fees]

■ Accommodation Reservation Section TEL: 03-3988-1111 (10:30 A.M. ~ 3: 30P.M.)

■ Hotel official website https://www.princehotels.co.jp/sunshine/plan/contents/tenipuri/

At Prince Hotels, we have established and introduced a new hygiene and disinfection standard, "Prince Safety Commitment," so that our customers can stay in a safe and clean space comfortably.
At the same time, the hotel has acquired the "Infection Prevention Thorough Declaration Sticker" promoted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and is also working on "Infection Prevention Measures" in line with the seven "Nanamaru" declarations promoted by Toshima Ward. ..
We are waiting for you to create a safe and clean environment so that our customers can have a comfortable time.

[Click here for details] https://www.princehotels.co.jp/sunshine/informations/anshinannzennmatome/