[Tokyo Music Evening Yube] Tomomi Nishimoto & Illuminate Philharmonic Orchestra held on Sunday, November 1st

西本智実氏 ©豊嶋希沙

"Tokyo Music Evening Yube" is an outdoor concert where you can enjoy authentic classical music, which is regularly held at the Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park outdoor theater "GLOBAL RING THEATER" as part of after-the-theatre and nightlife sightseeing.

On Sunday, November 1st, Tomomi Nishimoto and the Illuminate Philharmonic Orchestra, who performed on Saturday, September 26th, will return with even more power.

In the program, actress Yoshiko Sakuma will also read poetry. At the previous performance while the new coronavirus was rampant, there were voices such as "I was impressed" and "I was keenly aware of the necessity and importance of art", and of course those who came to see it passed by. It was an opportunity for people to improve their feelings.

The following comments were received from the performers during this performance.

* Tomomi Nishimoto (conductor) *

Tomomi Nishimoto © Kisa Toyoshima

Tomomi Nishimoto © Kisa Toyoshima

[Concert set in the entire town]

"During the last performance at Global Ring, there was something like this.

In one song, there was a place where the whole orchestra suddenly became a rest, and when no one was making a sound, I heard a lot of sounds of the city's activities. The "time" was like slow motion, and even though I turned my back to the audience, I fell into a mysterious feeling as if I was looking over the source of the sounds of life.

During the performance, I completely lose the perception of "where I am now", but at that time, I heard the sound of the city in the music and said, "Now, I live with you in the global ring. I was able to realize that.

The clapping of the people who gathered at the Global Ring, the people who come and go in the city, waving from the bus and the windows of the building, it made me excited to see everyone enjoying together. I did. Thank you very much.

Next time on November 1st, we will play a program composed of the songs requested by everyone. I hope to work with you again to create a "concert set in the entire town". "

* Yoshiko Sakuma (narrative) *

Yoshiko Sakuma

Yoshiko Sakuma

"Ikebukuro was the passing point to the girls' school in Mejiro. At that time, there were many popular shops, and on the way back from the flower arrangement lessons, I was looking forward to stopping by a small sweets shop. City Ikebukuro! It's a dreamlike development when you think about those days. "

From the viewpoint of measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, this performance will have a limit on the number of visitors, and will be a lottery ceremony for pre-application, and live distribution will be held at the same time. Even those who have missed the lottery or who are far away can enjoy the performance.

■ Schedule November 1st (Sun)

〇 Public rehearsal from 14:00 to 15:30
〇Actual performance 17: 00-18: 00

* After the performance, the archive will be distributed on the official YouTube.
* Lottery application period: October 9th (Friday) 2:00 pm to October 23rd (Friday) 2:00 pm / Winning announcement: October 24th (Saturday)

■ Location GLOBAL RING THEATER (1-8-26 Nishiikebukuro, Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park)

■ Performers Tomomi Nishimoto (conductor), Yoshiko Sakuma (narrative), Illuminate Philharmonic Orchestra

■ Official homepage https://yubemusic.jp/ * Please check here for the archive distribution URL.

* This project is being implemented by utilizing the "Nightlife Tourism Promotion Subsidy" of the Tokyo Tourism Foundation.


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