Left-handed tool store “Outing Store” @ Loft. It started on October 9th (Friday).


We will hold a limited-time pop-up "Outing Store" in the loft where you can see, touch, and purchase various tools from the online store "Left-handed Tool Store".

The online store "Left-handed tool store" will open the Internet and hold a limited-time pop-up "Outing store" in the loft to visit real stores. With stationery and kitchen utensils as the center, there are plenty of tools to help you live a life that suits your dominant hand.

First, start from the astringent loft on October 9th (Monday). Next, we will visit Chiba Loft and Ikebukuro Loft.

There are about 50 items that are good for left-handed people, such as the popular "Left-handed handbook" and original products that can only be purchased at our shop (Chiba Loft has about 20 items centered on stationery).

Please experience the left-handed tools carefully selected by the left-handed tool shop.

▼ Left-handed tool store "Outing Store" in Loft Overview

[event date]
Astringent Loft (1st basement floor): October 9th (Monday) ~
Chiba Loft (8th floor of Sogo Chiba store): October 18th (Sun) ~
Ikebukuro Loft (12th floor of Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store): October 26th (Monday) ~

* The holding time is the same as the business hours of each store. For details, please check the website of each store.
Loft HP https://www.loft.co.jp/

It will be available at the stationery corner of each store.


At the booth, a polar bear, the character of a left-handed tool store, will welcome you.


The logo of "Left-handed tool shop" is a landmark.



A variety of left-handed utensils such as stationery and kitchen utensils are lined up.

▼ About "Left-handed tool shop"

The left-handed tool store is an online store that opened on August 13, 2018, "Left-handed Day".
Focusing on products for left-handed people, we have a selection of daily necessities such as stationery and kitchen utensils and items that make you happy every day.

A tool that blends into your life.
A tool that tastes better the more you use it.
A tool that makes you feel the four seasons.
A tool that does not require a dominant hand.

Through such tools that make the user comfortable, we will help each person to "live in their hands".

Online store https://hidari-kiki.jp/