Even though it’s winter, [Ice] photo contest “Too serious about soft serve” Internet cafe “DiCE” Winter Ice Day November 15th to December 20th Held on Instagram and Twitter



“DiCE” Holds Ice Photo Contest


The Internet cafe “DiCE Ikebukuro” operated by City Communications Co., Ltd. is open from November 15th (Sun) to December 20th (Sun), which is “Winter Ice Day”. ] Will be held. The contest will be held on official Instagram and Twitter, and as an award for excellence, we will present a “heat conduction ice spoon” that allows you to eat delicious ice cream.

“DiCE” is a business that is particular about “soft serve” among the contents. In fact, there are many inquiries about soft serve ice cream, and soft serve ice cream enthusiasts are also looking at it.


[Photo Contest Special HP] https://dice.diskcity.co.jp/photocon/

Anyway, “Too serious for soft serve” “DiCE”

“DiCE Ikebukuro store” popular with female customers and sweets enthusiasts

The usage rate of women in Internet cafes is low at about 10%, but at “DiCE Ikebukuro” it is about 30%, and for VIP rooms, which are completely soundproof private rooms, it is quite high at 50%. (Our research)
There are many inquiries about soft serve ice cream, and on SNS, we are interested in accounts that mainly tweet about soft serve ice cream. In the past, most of the motives for coming to Internet cafes were “killing time” and “rushing in”, but recently, many customers come to the store for “soft serve”.



Increased users for soft serve ice cream and cafes

The majority of Internet cafe users are used as “places to spend alone”, “places to enjoy hobbies”, and “resting places”, but in recent years the demographics of those users have changed. I can see it. At “DiCE Ikebukuro”, the number of cases where it is used as a pure private room cafe is increasing. It is used as a spot where you want to avoid crowds and spend your time at your own pace in Tokyo. For soft serve enthusiasts, it seems that they can easily eat all kinds of soft serve ice cream at a low price without having to go far.


Commitment to “DiCE” soft serve ice cream

We have installed a soft serve ice cream server mixing machine (all 3 flavors can be provided), and we offer soft serve ice cream with different flavors according to the season and event. We also have various toppings that go well with soft serve ice cream, and we have a permanent high quality coffee server to provide delicious coffee that goes well with soft serve ice cream.


Held “soft serve ice cream elections” on SNS, regularly conducted questionnaires on soft serve ice cream, collaborated with various companies (irregularly), developed original soft serve ice cream * every summer, etc. We offer DiCE’s unique soft serve ice cream that you can’t taste at the store.



Outline of “Pushing Soft Ice Cream Photo Contest”




Ask them to post images and information of soft serve ice cream with the hashtag “# Dice Softcon 2020”, select 3 people from the posted photos, and the selected person can eat ice cream deliciously. The image below) will be presented.




[Theme] I want to eat in winter, I want to teach DiCE, my favorite soft serve ice cream [Period] November 15, 2020 (Sun) -December 20, 2020 (Sun)

【Application method】
(1) Follow the account of “DiCE Ikebukuro” on Instagram (2) Post your favorite soft serve ice cream * with “#Dice Softcon 2020” on Instagram or Twitter.
* Other than DiCE is OK

[Special HP]


Instagram is also soft serve ice cream


1. 1. Soft serve ice cream rather than indoors and content introduction

Despite being one of the largest internet cafes in the world, it does not appeal to the full content, but rather posts soft serve ice cream that looks great on Instagram, taken inside and outside the store.

Actual "DiCE" Instagram

Actual “DiCE” Instagram


2. Follower is sweets mania

This Instagram drawer is mainly for soft serve ice cream users rather than internet cafe users. Even sweets lovers are paying attention to the soft serve ice cream of “DiCE Ikebukuro” and are interested in its trends.


◆ Instagram management background

When starting branding on Instagram, I thought that “it is not interesting to see the indoor scenery and contents that are common in Internet cafes”, so there is high demand on Instagram and “DiCE” is also being emphasized as “soft serve ice cream” I started to post off to “.
Although it is an official account of an Internet cafe, it rarely appeals products (booths), posts “soft serve” with the impressions of the Instagram operator, and tells other Instagram users about “DiCE” soft serve ice cream. I am posting for the purpose of communicating my seriousness.
Going forward, we will continue to aim for posts that will attract fans through SNS rather than directly attracting customers. The Instagram account started posting in July 2020, and although the number of posts is not large, it is steadily gaining the number of FW and “likes”.




【account information】
Account operation start date: July 14, 2020 Username: @ softcream.dice.ikebukuro





■ DiCE Ikebukuro store overview


Location: 1-11-11 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo White City Building 2F-10F
2 minutes walk from the east exit of JR Ikebukuro Station Phone number: 03-5944-9202
Business hours: 24 hours (open all year round)
Official HP: https://www.diskcity.co.jp/shop/ikebukuro/



■ Internet cafe “DiCE”


“DiCE” is an internet cafe that has been operating mainly in the Kanto region since 2000. It has been well received by many female customers because of its high quality and cleanliness. In addition to abundant magazines / comics and free drinks, there are also plenty of seasonal soft serve ice cream and authentic coffee servers. In addition to the VIP room, which is a completely private room ideal for group use, you can also enjoy amusement content such as darts, karaoke, and VR. The latest store, “Sapporo Tanukikoji Main Store,” is an internet cafe that evolves daily to meet the needs of the times, such as setting up an e-sports corner.

▼ DiCE official website https://www.diskcity.co.jp/


■ List of affiliated stores ★ ・ ・ ・ Meal service stores





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■ Company Profile Company Name: City Communications Co., Ltd. Location: Asahi Building 3F, 3-33-8 Tsuruya-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Representative: Daiaki Mita, President of the Company Established: December 20, 1995
URL: https://www.city-s.co.jp/
Business: A comprehensive entertainment company that provides play, healing, and relaxation.