[Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store] Gourmet trips around Japan “New Year’s special dish”


■ Session: January 7th (Thursday) to 14th (Thursday), 2021 * Closed at 4:00 pm on the last day
■ Venue: Main Building 7F (South) = Exhibition Hall
■ Store openings: 62 stores (15 stores that first appeared)

From the new year, the Ikebukuro main store will hold a product exhibition with delicious gems from all over the country. Including local gourmet food, the taste of long-established stores that you want to eat at least once, the taste of queue shops, and the hottest exquisite sweets. You can experience the feeling of traveling by eating in and demonstrating freshly prepared food at the venue, or take out and enjoy delicious gourmet trips from all over Japan at home.

・ Latest trends! First appearance of freshly squeezed Montblanc


[ Kyoto] Waguri specialty store Saori / Kyotamba chestnut 1mm Montblanc soft (1 piece) 1,650 yen <First appearance, eat-in>
A popular store that opened in Kyoto last October. Carefully paste Kyotamba chestnuts and squeeze them onto soft serve ice cream to a fineness of about 1 mm. Enjoy the fluffy and flavorful Mont Blanc.


[Fukuoka] Tropical Fruit TOKIO / Amaou Parfait (1 serving) 1,650 yen [100 meals limited to each day] <Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store Limited Eat-in>
The parfait that uses the seasonal strawberry luxuriously is particular about the sauce and jelly.


[Daikanyama] Candy apple / candy apple (royal road premium plain, yogurt chocolate, Uji matcha, pure cocoa, 1 piece) from 648 yen <Demonstration>
A variety of flavors that make the compatibility of Fuji apples and crispy candy addictive.

・ Freshly made gem to enjoy at the venue <Eat-in>


■ Akafuku Chaya
[Mie] Akafuku / Akafuku Mochi "Bon" (2 pieces, with bancha) 220 yen <Eat-in>
Introducing a teahouse where you can enjoy freshly made Akafuku Mochi, a specialty of Ise, with bancha with a fragrant aroma.

Akafuku / Akafuku Mochi (2 pieces) 240 yen, (8 pieces) 760 yen, (12 pieces) 1,100 yen * It will end as soon as it runs out.


[Chiba] Chuka Soba Tomita / Rich Tsukemen (normal, 1 cup) 921 yen <Eat-in>
A popular procession store appears every year again this year. Homemade noodles with deep pork bone seafood soup.


[Fukushima] Restaurant Chigusaya / Japanese black beef beef stew (1 serving) 3,300 yen <Eat-in>
A5 rank Japanese black beef is repeatedly simmered in demiglace sauce.

・ From Local Donburi Championship ・ ・ ・ Compare the bowls of popular restaurants

Popular stores have appeared from the "National Local Donbun Championship" of the food and festival festival "Furusato Matsuri Tokyo" held at Tokyo Dome every year.


[Yamagata] Yonezawa Amber Hall / Yonezawa Beef Steak MIX Bowl (1 fold) 2,700 yen
This is the hall of fame, and the melting happiness of Yonezawa beef.


[Hokkaido] Tokachi Slow Food / Tokachi Grilled Beef Toro Don (1 fold) 1,296 yen <First appearance>
Puffy roasted beef burger with grated yam.


[Aichi] Eel Maya / Isshiki Fish Plaza Eel Mabushi Don (1 fold) 1,080 yen <First appearance>
Hitsumabushi style of branded eel from Isshiki Fish Plaza.


[Kyoto] Heart-burning / Kyo-sanmai! Wagyu Sukiyaki & Harami Don (1 fold) 1,281 yen * Harami is from Australia <First appearance>
Kujo green onions and black roasted shichimi that go well with Japanese beef.

・ Luxury meat gourmet ・ ・ ・ Enjoy Sendai beef, Tokyo beef, domestic pork, etc.!


[Ueno] Niku no Ohyama / Tokyo Beef Menchi-katsu Burger (1) 801 yen <Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store Limited / Demonstration>
A specialty of a meat wholesaler, where you can enjoy the sweetness of the fat of the rare Japanese black beef "Tokyo Beef".


[Kanagawa] Kiyoshi Edo of Butaman / Butaman (1 piece) 501 yen <First appearance / demonstration>
Domestic pork, red snow crab, and vegetables with condensed flavors are wrapped in a soft dough.


[Miyagi] Niku no Ito / A5 rank Sendai beef yokozuna bento (1 fold) 3,240 yen <Demonstration>
Sendai beef dice steak, marbled rib meat, and sukiyaki simmered in 3 luxurious dishes.


[Miyagi] Tanya Zenjiro / Manakatan Bento (heating type) (1 fold) 2,481 yen [30 folds limited to each day] <Demonstration>
Hot Sendai specialty beef tongue with full volume. * Beef tongue is from Australia

・ Takumi taste of Edomae sushi


[Tokyo] Tsukiji Sushi Kiyoshi / Seafood Rose Chirashizushi (1 fold) 2,592 yen <Demonstration>
Chirashizushi, where you can enjoy colorful ingredients from the Edomae sushi restaurant, which was founded in 1887.

・ At home time, enjoy unique bread


Upper right of the photo [Aichi] Neko Neko Bread / Neko Neko Bread (1 bottle, red bean paste) 810 yen
Bottom right of the photo [Marunouchi] Pointe Eligne / (Top) Nouvelle (1 piece) 411 yen (Bottom) Ambiza (1 piece) 292 yen
Photo left [Nakameguro] # Hashtag bread / Rich premium bread (1 loaf) 681 yen

・ Daily limited edition items that cannot be overlooked


■ Sales: From noon on Thursday, January 7 * Numbered tickets will be distributed in front of the entrance of the exhibition hall from 11:00 am
[Ningyocho] Tamahide / Chicken Dashi Oyakodon (1 fold) 1,301 yen
* Limited to 100 pieces, 2 pieces per person


■ Sale: January 9th (Friday) to 10th (Sunday) from 10am each day
[Tochigi] Fruit Dining 8010 / Skyberry Strawberry Sandwich (1) 1,180 yen
* Limited to 100 pieces each day


■ Sales: January 11th (Monday) to 14th (Thursday) from 10:00 am each day
[Sangenjaya] Cafe The Sun Lives Here / CHILK (Plane, 1 piece) 551 yen <First appearance>
* Limited to 120 pieces each day, limited to 5 pieces per person

・ Michinoku Iimon Umaimon in New Year's Gem


"Michinoku Iimon Umaimon" is a sales channel development support project aimed at supporting the development of sales channels for small and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Sweets, side dishes, specialties, crafts, etc. unique to each region of Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures will appear in the basement of the department store, including the venue of the "New Year's Gem Party".

Date: January 7th (Thursday) to 14th (Thursday), 2021
Venue: Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store 7th floor (south) = Exhibition hall, special interior venue (* Closed at 4 pm on the last day)
1st basement floor Seibu Food Museum = each special venue

・ Outline of "New Year's Gem Party"

■ Date: January 7th (Thursday) to 14th (Thursday), 2021 * Closed at 4:00 pm on the final day, January 14th (Thursday)
■ Venue: Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store 7th Floor = Exhibition Hall
* In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, the event (event) may be canceled or postponed, and some contents may be changed.

"New Year's Gem Association" About measures for prevention of new coronavirus infection

In holding the "New Year's Gem Party", we ask customers to wear masks, disinfect their hands, and secure social distance, as well as thoroughly prevent the spread of infections at facilities and employees. We kindly ask for your cooperation in refraining from visiting the venue.

-Request for cooperation from customers-
1) Please wear a mask when you come to the venue.
2) Please refrain from visiting the store if you are not feeling well or if you have a fever (37.5 ° C or higher).
3) From the viewpoint of preventing congestion in the venue, "entrance" and "exit" are provided to optimize the number of visitors. When entering or leaving the store, please use the designated entrance / exit. * If the number falls below the appropriate number, the "entrance" and "exit" will be opened depending on the situation.
4) Admission may be restricted when the venue is crowded.
5) Alcohol-based disinfectants that can be used by customers are installed in the venue, such as at the entrance of the venue, so please use them.
6) Please cooperate in securing social distance when it is crowded such as waiting for payment.
7) Please refrain from talking in the venue from the viewpoint of preventing droplet infection.
8) From the viewpoint of infection prevention, please refrain from eating and drinking in the venue. * Excluding exclusive eat-in

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