[Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store] Chocolate Paradise 2021 held


Introducing about 100 chocolate stores under the theme of "connecting"

■ Session: January 16th (Sat) -February 14th (Sun), 2021 * Last day until 6:00 pm
■ Venue: Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store Main Building 7F = Exhibition Hall
* E. Department store sales: December 1, 2020 (Tuesday) -February 6, 2021 (Saturday) <January 8 (Friday) to this session>

The Ikebukuro Main Store will open "Chocolate Paradise 2021" from Saturday, January 16, 2021. We will develop about 100 chocolate stores under the theme of "connecting", such as chocolates that "connect" with developing countries and chocolates that "connect" with loved ones. Expanded the venue in addition to the exhibition hall to avoid crowding. It will be held while taking measures against infection.

<Product example>

◇ Connected chocolate that supports hand support and someone who is socially good

We propose a socially good Valentine that leads to efforts to support and promote social contribution activities by purchasing. Ai Taguchi's chocolate "Maha Chocolate" aiming for sustainable fair trade of cacao with the people of Ghana, heart chocolate of "Fujiya Confectionery" where part of the sales will lead to forest development activities, women in Zambia We will develop "Umaso Chocolate" by Tatsuya Miyanishi, which will be useful for support.


■ "Maha Chocolate" aiming for a sustainable society
Mr. Ai Taguchi, an active university student, goes to Ghana alone to support the production of high-quality cacao and build a distribution that shows the producers because he loves chocolate. Gato Chocolat, where you can enjoy the deep richness of cacao harvested from a Ghanaian farm, has a moist texture when cooled and a holly texture when warmed.


[First appearance] Maha chocolate / raw gateau chocolate (1 piece, length about 18 cm) 2,700 yen

■ Chocolate that protects the forest
A part of the chocolate sales will be donated to an organization that maintains and protects "Peko-chan no Mori" in Kurohime, Nagano Prefecture. Crunch and Amaou strawberry flavor are also available. Nostalgic heart chocolate.


[First appearance] Fujiya Confectionery / Heart chocolate (peanuts, 1 piece) 87 yen, Peko-chan heart chocolate (crunch, Amaou strawberry, 1 piece) 101 yen each, Heart chocolate can (peanuts, 5 pieces) 501 Circle

■ To support women in Zambia
Chocolate in an illustration box written by picture book writer Tatsuya Miyanishi. Part of the sales will be used to support women in Zambia through the public interest incorporated foundation Joysef. A chocolate assortment where you can enjoy 5 types of ganache.


[First appearance] Tatsuya Miyanishi Umaso chocolate / Umaso chocolate (10 pieces) 3,024 yen

Remotely connected chocolate that looks like a limo

We have a selection of chocolates that will make you feel connected even if you are far away, and that will shine through the screen.


[First appearance] Malene Coochance / Tucan (12 pieces) 5,400 yen


[First appearance] Palace Hotel Tokyo / Montor (watch type, belt type, 1 each) 4,320 yen


Jean-Charles Rochoux / Fruit Tablet Strawberry (1 piece) 3,564 yen * Sold from 11:00 am each day * 15 pieces limited to each day until 1/31, 40 pieces limited to each day from 2/1


Audrey / Strawberry Chocolat (150g) 1,404 yen


BEL AMER Kyoto Villa / Stick Chocolat Assort L (8 pieces) 2,808 yen

◇ Cafe feeling with cakes and tarts Jenaka sweets that connect with your family

High-quality sweets presented by chocolate tree. Tart and cookies baked at the venue are also available.


[Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store / Sogo Yokohama Store Limited] Mont St. Clair / Tart Fondant Chocolat Pistache (1 piece, diameter about 7 cm) 601 yen


[Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store Limited] Benoit Nian / Cookies Omor Sword Chocolat (1 piece) 648 yen


Debailleul / Amur Eclairation Chocolat (6 pieces) 2,592 yen

◇ Dare to make an impression with cheese! Cheese flavored chocolate

A surprising combination of cheese and chocolate. You can enjoy an impressive flavor that is different from the usual chocolate.


Make 3 kinds of cheese such as Manchego cheese that goes well with dark chocolate into ganache.
● Cacao Sampaka / Cheese Ganache Bonbon 3 pieces (3 pieces) 1,620 yen


Basque cheese arrangement with pistachio and white chocolate.
[Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store Limited] Mont St. Clair / Basque Fromage Pistache (1 piece, diameter approx. 12 cm) 3,240 yen

◇ Special material, ethical chocolate


"Zotter" chocolate with a cute package. When you break it by hand, the chocolate is filled with fillings of various organic ingredients such as nuts, fruits, spices and fruit wine.
[First appearance] <EU "AT-BIO402" certified product> Zotter / hand scoop bar (port wine & fig raspberry pistachio gingerbread, 1 piece, 70g each) 1,350 yen each


Chocolate that has acquired the French organic certification "AB mark".
[Seibu / Sogo Limited] <French "AB Mark" certified product> Jean-Michel Maltrow / Bonnur et Sainteble Turquoise- (6 pieces) 2,214 yen

◇ Chocolate from a prestigious maison and famous brand to give to loved ones

We also have a selection of chocolates that you want to eat at least once. The brand lineup unique to this period is also recommended as a reward for yourself.


[First appearance, limited to Seibu Ikebukuro main store] Pascal Le Gac / Bonbon Chocolat (6 pieces) 2,700 yen


Bulgari Il Chocolat / San Valentino 2021 (4 pieces) 4,801 yen


Ivan Valentin / Ivan Truffle (12 pieces) 6,687 yen

● Jean-Paul Evan / Bonbon Chocolat Anepop (9 pieces) 4,985 yen
● Pierre Marcolini / Valentine Selection 5 pieces (5 pieces) 2,160 yen
● La Maison du Chocolat / Attention Blue (6 pieces) 2,808 yen [Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store / Sogo Yokohama Store Limited]
● Pierre Herme Paris / Henrutimand Chocolat Fruite (6 pieces) 2,592 yen [Seibu / Sogo Limited]
● Vincent Gerle / Joyeux (6 pieces) 2,592 yen [Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store]
● Email / Praline Dark & ​​Milk (6 pieces) 3,240 yen [First appearance]
● Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki Paris / AOKI 2021 (6 pieces) 3,078 yen
● Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse / Decwert (6 pieces) 2,808 yen
● Michelle Blanc / Petit Bonnur (15 pieces) 1,404 yen
● Sebastian Buyer / Tartlet Chocolat (8 pieces) 2,700 yen
● Del Rey / Diamond fondant chocolate (6 pieces) 3,240 yen
● Pierre Redon / Sanc Etoile Pru School (10 pieces) 3,627 yen
● Musée du Chocolat Theobroma / Terrine au Chocolat (1 piece, length approx. 12 cm) 3,240 yen
● Nakamura Chocolate / Nakamura Selection (6 pieces) 2,376 yen
● Mesage de Rose / Mesage de Rose Rosle Parfait (9 pieces) 1,944 yen
● Dandelion chocolate / almond & raisin chocolate assortment (2 pieces, 80g each) 4,104 yen [First appearance]

"Chocolate Paradise 2021" About measures for prevention of new coronavirus infection

In holding "Chocolate Paradise 2021", we ask customers to wear masks, disinfect their hands, and secure social distance, as well as thoroughly prevent the spread of infections in facilities and employees. If you are not feeling well or have a fever We kindly ask for your cooperation in refraining from visiting the venue.

-Request for cooperation from customers-

1) Please wear a mask when you come to the venue.
2) Please refrain from visiting the store if you are not feeling well or if you have a fever (37.5 ° C or higher).
3) From the viewpoint of preventing congestion in the venue, "entrance" and "exit" are provided to optimize the number of visitors. When entering or leaving the store, please use the designated entrance / exit. * If the number falls below the appropriate number, the "entrance" and "exit" will be opened depending on the situation.
4) Admission may be restricted when the venue is crowded.
5) Alcohol-based disinfectants that can be used by customers are installed in the venue, such as at the entrance of the venue, so please use them.
6) Please cooperate in securing social distance when it is crowded such as waiting for payment.
7) Please refrain from talking in the venue from the viewpoint of preventing droplet infection.
8) From the viewpoint of infection prevention, please refrain from eating and drinking in the venue. * Excluding exclusive eat-in

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