[Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store] Let’s support Hokkaido! The popular “HTB Goods Shop” opens for the first time in about 5 years !! * January 7th (Thursday) to 20th (Wednesday)

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Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store will open an "HTB Goods Shop" that sells popular Hokkaido TV goods at the exhibition hall on the 4th floor from January 7th (Thursday) to 20th (Wednesday), 2021.

It will be the second time in about 5 years since the opening of the Hokkaido exhibition in April 2016. This time, the area will be quadrupled and the period will be doubled to 14 days at the new exhibition hall on the 4th floor, and about 240 kinds of items such as original program goods, popular character "on-chan" and Team NACS goods will be sold. Align. In addition, even if you are not an HTB fan, you can enjoy "buying" and "seeing" such as the location accessory exhibition of the popular program " How Do You Like Wednesday " on Hokkaido Television.

This time as well, it will be held for a limited time during the Tobu Department Store "Guru Meguri Winter Great Hokkaido Exhibition", and it will be an event where you can experience the feeling of traveling to Hokkaido at the venue in Tokyo and support Hokkaido through shopping.

■ A lot of fun! Also pay attention to the Garapon lottery and Tobu limited gifts!

Ikefukuro Returns Contents Image Image

[Ikefukuro Returns] ★ First appearance!
13,200 yen (size S-XL)
A pond bag that is not a lucky bag. Try your luck to see what's in it. * The photo is an example of the contents.

on mug

[Various popular goods]
We have everything from clothing to DVDs, gifts, and disaster prevention goods!

[Galapon lottery]
600 yen each time
On-chan and "How about Wednesday" goods can only be obtained by lottery! (No empty lottery)

[New Year on Chan on Mikuji]
100 yen each time
Fortune of 2021 is foreseen at the HTB goods shop!

Tobu Ikebukuro sticker 1

HTB goods purchase gift
[Special pennant-style local sticker]
Ikebukuro Tobu version (first 500 people every day)

[Event Summary]
Title: Guru Meguri Winter Great Hokkaido Exhibition "HTB Goods Shop"
Period: January 7th (Thursday) to 20th (Wednesday), 2021
Location: Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store 4th Floor 2nd Exhibition Hall
Business hours: 10 am-7pm
□ Guru Meguri Winter Great Hokkaido Exhibition: January 7th (Thursday) -January 28th (Thursday) (Place: 8th floor exhibition hall, etc.)

* Business hours and contents are subject to change due to various reasons.
* Admission may be restricted depending on the congestion situation.
* The displayed price is the price including consumption tax.