[Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store] “Anko Matcha and Fruits” will be held from February 10th !! Hot and cold sweets and cute fruit sweets are also available!


Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store will hold "Anko Matcha and Fruits" for 7 days from February 10th (Wednesday) to 16th (Tuesday).

27 stores including demonstrations of sweets using red bean paste, matcha, and fruits from all over Japan. By providing an eat-in space with safety measures, you can enjoy warm sweets and cold sweets as they are. Also, pay attention to the cute fruit sweets that look good on SNS.


■ Demonstration sale of hot bean paste sweets and cold matcha sweets!

Meet Fresh.

Kita-ku, Tokyo [MeetFresh Fresh potato sen] Imoen 990 yen (1 piece / eat-in)

"Imoen" is a colorful and chewy potato dumpling. Yellow is sweet potato and white is traditional Taiwanese dumpling made from taro. Tapioca is also topping.

★ Warm sweets ★ Demonstration sale

Sakanoue Cafe

Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo [Sakanoue Cafe] Machatachigo 1,540 yen (1 cup / eat-in)
* Eat-in exclusively for Sakanoue Cafe

A popular shop in Yushima where you can enjoy shaved ice all year round. The combination of matcha, pistachio and strawberry makes the thick, thick cream cute and delicious.

★ Demonstration sale ★ Tobu limited edition

Umeno Tea Garden

Yame City, Fukuoka [Umeno Tea Garden] Mini Yame Matcha Parfait 651 yen (1 piece / eat-in)

A fragrant adult taste with the bittersweet taste of matcha. The rich scented matcha soft serve ice cream made with Yamecha is also exquisitely smooth.

★ Demonstration sales

■ Tobu's first exhibition of cute "fruit sweets" to see! !!

Champagne ☆ Bakery

Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture [Champagne ☆ Bakery] Flower berry sand 701 yen (1 piece)

Express adorable fruit flowers with raspberries and blueberries. Two kinds of berries and kiwifruit match with whipped cream with plenty of milk!

★ First exhibition

Miho bread pop cake ☆ 1

Taito-ku, Tokyo [Mihopan Pop Cake ☆]
<Left photo> Strawberry bouquet 4,536 yen (set of 6)
<Photo right> Strawberry lollipop 1,296 yen (set of 3)

Fresh strawberries and gateau chocolate are cutely coated with chocolate.

★ First store opening

Date Strawberry Garden

Shimotsuke City, Tochigi Prefecture [Izawa Strawberry Garden] Gelato Eat-in 501-601 yen (1 piece)

We use the brand strawberry "Tochiotome" cultivated in our own farm and pasteurized milk that is rich and rich. Ripe acacia honey and beet sugar from Hokkaido make a mellow sweet gelato.

★ First store opening ★ Demonstration sales

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* For corona measures, please see the Tobu Department Store website.

Title: "Anko, Matcha and Fruit"
Location: Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store 8th Floor Exhibition Hall
Period: February 10th (Wednesday) to 16th (Tuesday), 2021
Business hours: 10:30 am to 7:00 pm

* Business hours and event details are subject to change due to various reasons.