[Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store] “Okagoshima Exhibition” will be held from February 25th (Thursday)! I want to enjoy the feeling of Kagoshima! Eat and compare “black & brown” bento, “potato” which is about to be eaten now!


Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store will hold the 40th "Okagoshima Exhibition" at the 8th floor exhibition hall from February 25th (Thursday) to March 2nd (Tuesday) .

This event will be held for those who cannot travel due to the corona virus, with the desire to enjoy the mood of Kagoshima as much as possible and to support the producers . This time, it will be deployed at more than 70 stores, including 7 stores that opened for the first time. Including lunch boxes using "black pork and black beef" and "tea buri" from Kagoshima prefecture, "potato" sweets and "yakiimo" that are now eaten, side dishes and shochu using ingredients from Kagoshima prefecture, etc. Crafts etc. gather.

In addition, you can enjoy the local taste at the venue by setting up a restaurant and eat-in space with safety measures.

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Kagoshima gourmet to enjoy at home! !!

■ Pay attention to the "black & brown" Tobu limited lunch box! !!
Introducing Tobu limited lunch boxes using " Kurobuta / Kurogyu" and "Tea yellowtail" from Kagoshima prefecture, which represent the local area.


Kagoshima City [TAGIRUBA]
Luxury seafood bowl with tea yellowtail 2,160 yen (1 fold)

A seafood bowl containing tea bream, silver-stripe round herring, bonito, tuna, and octopus, including the branded yellowtail "Chaburi," which has an exquisitely balanced taste that is neither too persistent nor too light.

★ Tobu Limited Edition ★ Demonstration sale

Dining Manrai

Shibushi City [Dining Manrai]
Eat and compare Spring colored lunch box 1,944 yen (1 fold)

A gorgeous lunch box of pork, beef, and chicken, including Japanese black beef sirloin steak with soft black pork steak and delicious sashimi, and charcoal-grilled chicken.

★ Tobu Limited Edition ★ Demonstration sale


Izumi City [Shoeiken]
Kagoshima Japanese Black Beef Sirloin Steak Bento 1,981 yen (1 fold)

An irresistible bento for meat lovers with authentic Kagoshima Japanese black beef sirloin steak. We will provide the original taste of the ingredients freshly made.

★ Tobu Limited Edition ★ Demonstration sale

Sweets that you can enjoy the local taste even at the eat-in venue! !!

■ Sweets using "potato" and fruits from Kagoshima prefecture are also available! !!
You can enjoy freshly made sweets that look cute in the eat-in space with safety measures.

Taneshima Annoya

Kagoshima City [Taneshima Annoya]
Tanegashima Anno potato roasted sweet potato ice boat 770 yen (eat-in)

Turn on chilled vanilla ice cream on freshly baked sweet potatoes with a sugar content of nearly 40 degrees. Topped with either kinako or black honey.

★ Tobu Limited Edition ★ Demonstration sale

Imozo Parfait

Shibushi City [Imozo]
Imozo Parfait 901 yen (1 piece / eat-in)

A parfait that is irresistible for potato lovers, with sweet potatoes with a rich and warm taste, soft serve ice cream topped with sweet potato sticks, sweet potatoes, and purple potato daifuku.

★ Tobu Limited Edition ★ Demonstration sale

Tenmonkan Mujaki

Kagoshima City [Astronomical Museum Mujaki]
《Left》 Spring polar bear-Sakura flavor-825 yen (eat-in)・ ・ ・ ★ Tobu limited edition ★ Demonstration sale
《Right》 <Take out> Ice bar 357 yen (white / 1 bottle)

A spring-like dish with whipped cream and cherry powder and crunch added to the shaved ice "white bear" with plenty of toppings. The ice bar will be taken out.

In addition, we develop gourmet foods using ingredients from Kagoshima prefecture!

■ Eat and compare the "potatoes" that are about to be eaten now!
We will demonstrate and sell freshly made "Anno potato", "Purple potato", and "Red Haruka". We also sell raw potatoes so you can enjoy them at home.

Sweet potato main office <Anno potato>

[Taneshima Annoya]
Tanegashima Anno potato 476 yen (100g)

It has a lot of water and has a sweet taste like sweets.

★ Demonstration sales

Sweet potato main office <purple potato>

[Taneshima Annoya]
Tanegashima Gold Purple Potato from Tanegashima 476 yen (100g)

Sweet potatoes are characterized by their bright colors and rich flavor.

★ Demonstration sales

Sweet potato main office [Red Haruka]

[Taneshima Annoya]
Kagoshima Prefecture Beni Haruka 476 yen (100g)

Creamy and elegant taste as if honey was added.

★ Demonstration sales

■ Enjoy the local taste! Restaurant

Ramen Treasure Island

Satsumasendai City [Ramen Treasure Island]
Special Kagoshima seafood tonkotsu ramen 1,210 yen (1 cup / eat-in)

Kagoshima ramen based on pork bones. Homemade medium-thick noodles entwined in a delicious soup such as tonkotsu, seafood tonkotsu, and silver-stripe round herring. Plenty of char siu topping.

★ Tobu Limited Edition ★ First store opening

■ To accompany your meal and drink! Side dish using ingredients from Kagoshima prefecture!


Kagoshima City [Arimuraya]
Spring promenade 1,296 yen (1 pack)

An assortment of 10 items of 9 kinds, limited to spring, finished in fried sweet potatoes with rich flavor such as mentaiko, bamboo shoots, Amami mozuku, wood ear, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

Ground Meat Cutlet

Satsumasendai City [Koubou Mikakutei]
Black pork toro-ri menchi-katsu 378 yen (1 piece)

Menchi-katsu made from Kagoshima black pork. It contains a whole soft-boiled egg, and the thick texture of the yolk is attractive.



About 30 items of online shopping will be available at the "Okagoshima Exhibition". You can easily order while you are at home. → https://www.tobu-online.jp/

* The displayed price is the price including consumption tax. In the case of eating in the eating and drinking space inside the store (restaurant / eat-in), the price will be "consumption tax rate 10%".

<Overview of "Okagoshima Exhibition">

Location: Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store 8th floor exhibition hall, 1st basement floor 3rd special venue
Period: February 25th (Thursday) -March 2nd (Tuesday), 2021
Business hours: 10:30 am to 7:00 pm (8th floor exhibition hall), 10 am to 7:00 pm (1st basement floor, 3rd special venue)
* The last order for restaurants and eat-ins is 30 minutes before closing.
Number of stores: Approximately 70 stores (7 stores opened for the first time)
Organizer: Kagoshima Prefecture, (Public corporation) Kagoshima Prefecture Specialty Products Association
Sponsorship / Cooperation: Tourism Kagoshima Large Campaign Promotion Council, (public corporation) Kagoshima Prefecture Tourism Federation, Kagoshima Prefecture Tokyo Tourism Liaison Council, (one company) Amami Islands Tourism and Products Association

* Please see the website for corona countermeasures. → http://www.tobu-dept.jp/ikebukuro/
* Business hours, event details, and stores may change due to various reasons.