《Lunch-only “ram cutlet specialty store” specializing in sheep dishes is NEW OPEN in the back alley in front of Kanamecho station!


"Lunch-only" lamb cutlet specialty store "specializing in sheep dishes opens in the back alley in front of Kanamecho Station" March 16 "
~ << We will prepare a drink service ticket for customers who come to the store as an OPEN commemoration until the end of April >> ~

"TERMINAL Co., Ltd." has opened a new "ram cutlet specialty store" that specializes in sheep dishes and is limited to lunchtime. The grand opening of "March 16" was held in the back alley in front of Kanamecho Station.

[URL] https://kanamecho.qlamb.jp/



《“ BISTRO QLAMB KANAMECHO ”》 Three features , commitment
1. 1. Serving fried lamb cutlet with fresh lamb meat in full volume
2. 2. Uses clothes that are said to be the most delicious in Japan
3. 3. Providing a casual and relaxing space that takes advantage of the location behind the alley

● Popular menu
1. Lamb 3 kinds mixed cutlet set meal ¥ 1,600
2. Rum Milfyu cutlet set meal ¥ 1,200
3. Lamb cutlet curry ¥ 1,150


Background of the birth of " Lamb cutlet"
A specialty store specializing in lamb dishes that started to like lamb dishes!
2020 Opened the first Genghis Khan Yakiniku specialty store "Kuramu"!
BISTRO QLAMB KANAMECHO will open this spring as the second sister store!
Starting from April 1st, the dinner time will be open, including the new sensation "Lamb cutlet" that is only available at lunch time.
The concept is to propose products that specialize in lamb dishes such as "ram shabu".




Unlikely Ram Cutlet Specialty Store Open Campaign

"Lamb cutlet specialty store" that was unlikely until now
It is open only at lunch time and is sold in limited quantities.
We also take out lunch boxes, and we accept large orders with advance reservations.
To commemorate the OPEN until the end of April, a drink service ticket will be given to customers visiting the store.
I prepared it.


[Store overview]
Location: 1st floor of Sadashin Nishiikebukuro, 5-26-14 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0021
10 minutes walk from Exit C2 of Ikebukuro Station
1 minute walk from Exit 6 of Kanamecho Station
TEL: 03-5926-7990
Business hours: [LUNCH] 11: 30-14: 30
Regular holiday: Every Thursday
URL: https://kanamecho.qlamb.jp/

About " TERMINAL Co., Ltd."
In addition to selling the company's directly managed "Imoou", which handles the finest roasted sweet potatoes, and the new sensation sweets "THE BAUM", it also develops a Genghis Khan yakiniku specialty store "Kuramu" that specializes in lamb.
We are developing events and special events with the concept of selling new products that are delicious and differentiated.

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【Company Profile】
Company name: TERMINAL Co., Ltd.
Location: PARU2F, 1-18-12 Kaname-cho, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
URL: https://terminal-itn.com/
Business content: Retail business (merchandise sales, food and drink), manufacturing wholesale business (miscellaneous goods, bicycles, food and drink, etc.)
Event planning and management, store management agency business (product sales, food and drink), import trade business, etc.

[Contact for inquiries from customers]
TEL: 03-5926-7990
e-mail: kanamecho@qlamb.jp