~ Onomichi (Hiroshima Prefecture)’s popular ramen shop “Onomichi Ramen Kukai” will open for a limited time on the 1st floor of Paradise Town Ikebukuro! ~


Opened twice at the Tokyo Ramen Show, one of the largest ramen festivals in Japan, and is sought after at ramen events and department store events nationwide. "Onomichi Ramen Kukai", which spread the popularity and ability of "Onomichi Ramen" all over the country, will open on June 4th (Friday) on the 1st floor of Paradise Town Ikebukuro. A limited-time store will open for about a year! !!

Under the supervision of the "Tokyo Ramen Show Executive Committee", we will open "local ramen" and "personal ramen" that were active in the "Tokyo Ramen Show" on the 1st floor of "Paradise Town Ikebukuro" to offer local ramen nationwide. I will introduce you. The first is "Katsuryu" (Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture), the second is "Ramen Kurume Honda Shoten" (Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture), the third is "Shin Takuro Shoten" (Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture), and the first. The fourth bullet will be the opening of the popular Onomichi Ramen Kukai store in Onomichi (Hiroshima Prefecture)!

Opened twice at the Tokyo Ramen Show. Very popular every time with the owner's humorous personality!
The owner, who was born in Onomichi and raised in Onomichi, boasted that he would do a ramen shop in the future when he was a high school student, and after training at a popular local shop, he realized that dream in 2003. With a store along the scenic coast of Onomichi, it has a good reputation in the local area and is lined up with tourists during the tourist season.
We are particular about safe and secure ingredients, and the soup is W soup, which is a combination of animal-based soup taken from tonkotsu chicken bones, vegetables, and seafood soup boiled from small fish in Setouchi, and minced backfat. The soup is light but rich. Welsh onions are Kujo green onions that are also popular in the ramen industry.

"Onomichi ramen is the best, so come on! (Interview with the owner of the Hiroshima dialect)
If you couldn't eat at the Tokyo Ramen Show venue, or if you ate at the venue but want to eat again, we hope that more people will be able to eat it.


▲ "Onomichi ramen" in the basic menu

Minced backfat in W soup, which is a combination of animal-based soup taken from tonkotsu chicken bones and vegetables and seafood soup boiled from small fish in Setouchi. A light but rich soup.


▲ Original menu "Shio ramen"

Setouchi salt ramen is a new type of ramen that has the richness of pork, although it is a simple encounter between coarse salt from Setouchi and Onomichi ramen.


▲ Onomichi Ramen Luxury

A luxurious and luxurious serving with plenty of char siu, menma, and green onions, and added flavored balls.

[Outline of store opening]
■ Name: Tokyo Ramen Show Selection Extreme noodles "Onomichi Ramen Kukai"
* The first roadside store in Tokyo
■ Opening schedule: June 4, 2021 (Friday) -May 31, 2022 (Tuesday)
■ Business hours: 11: 00-23: 00 Open daily
* The time reduction request may be canceled until 20:00, and the time may change depending on the situation.
■ Menu:
Onomichi ramen 780 yen
Onomichi ramen boiled egg top 900 yen
Onomichi ramen luxury 1200 yen

Setouchi salt ramen 880 yen
Setouchi salt ramen boiled egg top 1000 yen
Setouchi Shio Ramen Luxury 1300 yen

Other toppings

■ Location: 1-24-5 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Paradise Town Ikebukuro 1st floor
■ Store homepage: http://www.kuukaira-men.com/