[Toshima Art Summer Festival 2021] will be held at 12 locations in Toshima Ward from the end of July to August!


An art festival that everyone from 0 to adults can easily participate in

The Toshima Art Summer Festival, where you can meet artists and works of all genres in Toshima Ward, will be held for about a month from July 27th (Tuesday) to August 21st (Saturday).
We provide opportunities for a wide range of generations, mainly children, to come into contact with art and enjoy it together, such as theater, music, short animation screenings, and various workshops. Please look forward to the "Toshima Art Summer Festival" from Toshima Ward, which both children and adults can enjoy together.

[Toshima Art Summer Festival 2021]
Period | July 27th (Tuesday) -August 21st (Saturday), 2021
Venue | Various places in Toshima Ward * Depends on the program
Fees | ※ Depends on the program
Target | From children to adults
Official site | https://toshima-saf.jp
Press Release | https://prtimes.jp/a/?f=d71721-20210702-6505.pdf

Program |

1 Story-telling of a picture book "It's a picture book!"

© Yuki Futashi

© Yuki Futashi

The illustrations are projected onto a large screen on the stage, and the expressive storytelling unfolds in front of them. It is a perfect performance for small children's "theater debut".
Cast: Kensaku Kobayashi
Schedule: July 27th (Tuesday), 28th (Wednesday) 4 times in total
Venue: Owlspot * Application required

2 "Let's make it together! Smile ☆ Animation!"


A program that allows you to participate in animation creation by drawing a picture. The completed work will be screened at the opening of "Animation Travel!".
Artist: Mirai Mizue (animation writer)
Schedule: July 29th (Thursday), 30th (Friday) 2 times in total
Venue: Young Center Jump Higashiikebukuro / Nagasaki * Application required
★ Create animations including the pictures recruited on the website. [Recruitment period: 7/15 (Thursday) -8/8 (Sunday and public holidays)]

3 Yomi Shibai "Storm"

2019 "Suzumushihime" © Masamasa Nishino

2019 "Suzumushihime" © Masamasa Nishino

The ease of reading ✕ The power of reading = reading! A program in which several actors play various roles by themselves, and in a short time it is easy to understand and you can experience the fun and richness of humanity.
Artist: Theater Ort
Schedule: August 7th (Sat) to 20th (Fri) 7 times in total
Venue: Inhabitant's open space / children skip * Application required

4 Let's play with the artist! "Let's play the sound with your feet!"

© Hiroyuki Takei

© Hiroyuki Takei

This is a workshop where you can enjoy the sound with your body by tap dancer Ippei Yonezawa, who studied under Kazunori Kumagai. Both children and adults can make their own tap shoes, create rhythms, and play their own sounds.
Artist: Ippei Yonezawa (tap dancer, choreographer, artist, director, producer)
Dates: August 9th (Monday), 13th (Friday)
Venue: Zoshigaya Children's Station * Application required

5 The stage you want to show to children vol.15 Dance drama "Marie's Dream"


The "Stages I Want to Show to Children" series that provides high-quality stages every year based on fairy tales and children's literature that are familiar to all generations. We will deliver it in a "dance drama" that speaks, sings, and dances in a fantastic world where dreams and reality are mixed.
Written, directed and choreographed by Takuaki Kumagai
Schedule: August 10th (Tuesday) to 15th (Sunday) 8 times in total * August 11th (Wednesday) will be closed
Venue: Owlspot * Application required

6 Petit live for parents and children to enjoy! "Irish music live!"


Live concerts that can be enjoyed together with the family. Play Celtic Irish music on a variety of instruments such as fiddles (violins), accordions, guitars and mandolins.
Artist: tricolor (Celtic Irish music band)
Date: Saturday, August 14th
Venue: Zoshigaya Children's Station * Application required

7 Let's play with the artist! "Mysterious world in PHOTO CABIN"





Principle of photography An application-free workshop where you can experience the camera obscura. You can experience the mysterious world by boarding the huge camera "PHOTO CABIN", and you can also make a small camera obscura and take it home.
Artist: NPO The Dark Room International
Date: Saturday, August 21st
Venue: Zoshigaya Park

8 Night Park Screening "Animation Travel!"

© Masamasa Nishino

© Masamasa Nishino

A short animation screening by a young contemporary artist, which you can watch while being blown by the night breeze in the park. There is language support such as English subtitles and Japanese-English notation of program contents, so anyone can come with confidence.
Date: Saturday, August 21st
Venue: Zoshigaya Park Ball Plaza * Application required

Organizer | Toshima Culture Creation Project Executive Committee (Toshima Ward, Toshima Ward Board of Education, NPO Art Network Japan, NPO Artists and Children, Toshima Future Culture Foundation)
Grant | Reiwa 3rd year Agency for Cultural Affairs Cultural Arts Creation Center Formation Project

Inquiries | NPO Art Network Japan Public Relations: Fujii
TEL: 03-5961-5200 FAX: 03-5961-5207
MAIL: info@toshima-saf.jp