“Ethical consumption” makes sustainability more accessible! “Ethical convenience store” open for a limited time at Seibu Ikebukuro main store


The Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store will open a pop-up store "Ethical Convenience Store" that collects environmentally friendly products from July 21st (Wednesday) to August 3rd (Tuesday).

"Ethical Convenience Store" is a collection of miscellaneous goods, food, fashion, cosmetics, etc. with the theme of "ethical" and "sustainable", which is handled by Ash P. France Co., Ltd. and creates an opportunity to face environmental and social issues. A new type of pop-up store.

In recent years, awareness of sustainability has increased, and attention has been focused on "ethical consumption," which allows people to shop in consideration of the environment and society. Sogo & Seibu will create an opportunity for customers to feel more familiar and sustainable by developing a pop-up store that collects ethical products. In addition, we will open a virtual store of ethical convenience stores so that even those who cannot visit the store can know about ethical products. You can purchase what you like on the spot at Seibu / Sogo's official shopping site "e. Department Store".


[Outline of deployment]
■ Session: July 21st (Wednesday) -August 3rd (Tuesday)
■ Location: Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store 2nd floor (Central A7) = Western accessories section special venue, 2nd floor (Central A6) = Handbag section special venue
■ Assortment: 38 brands such as food, cosmetics, and miscellaneous goods
■ URL: https://www.sogo-seibu.jp/sustainability/ethicalconveni.html

[Product example]

・ Plastic-free container that can be used repeatedly


Various stashers / 1,320 yen ~

・ Reduce plastics with my bottle


My Mizu Bottle / 5,500 yen
* To use "My Mizupot", you need to download the My Mizu app.

・ Portable folding my cup


Stojo / 2,310 yen

・ Sustainable sole born from scrap tires


Indo sole / 4,950 yen each

[Ethical convenience store virtual store open for a limited time]


During the exhibition period, a virtual store will open where you can enjoy ethical convenience store items in a virtual space. You can see the products without going to the store, and you can purchase the ones you like on the spot at Seibu / Sogo's official shopping site "e. Department Store". You can also enjoy the product commentary by ethical director Mao Sakaguchi by voice.

■ Session: July 20th (Tuesday) 10:00 am-August 3rd (Tuesday)
■ URL: https://www.sogo-seibu.jp/sustainability/ethicalconveni.html
■ e. Department store URL: https://edepart.omni7.jp/fair/f254900
* E. Department stores will start selling from 10:00 am on Tuesday, July 20th.
* The products handled by e. department stores are some of the products available in stores.

* The images in this release are images, all prices include tax.