Many of the world’s famous paintings familiar in the museum are transformed into cute cats! “CAT ART Exhibition” -The World of Shu Yamamoto- “held at Ikebukuro Marui


Ikebukuro Marui will hold a special exhibition "" CAT ART Exhibition "-Shu Yamamoto's World-" by popular artist Shu Yamamoto, whose copyright (license) is managed by Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. We will hold it.


■ About "," CAT ART Exhibition "- the world – of the shoe Yamamoto"

DNP's high-definition printing technology reproduces masterpieces that are said to have been drawn by famous cat painters such as "John Ferneco" and "Leonardo Nya Vinci". The characters in the historical masterpieces are replaced with cats and drawn faithfully to the original drawings, so even those who are not familiar with masterpieces, adults and children can enjoy it with familiarity. The "CAT ART Exhibition" was held in Taipei City in 2019, and was attended by approximately 100,000 visitors. After that, in addition to Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, a traveling exhibition in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture will be held in Japan, and a masterpiece exhibition of cats, which has gained popularity mainly in East Asia, will finally be held in Ikebukuro this summer! More than 60 works are planned to be exhibited, and the latest works drawn for this exhibition are also on display, so there are plenty of highlights!
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  • Exhibition name: "CAT ART Exhibition" -The World of Shu Yamamoto- "
  • Venue: Ikebukuro Marui 7F Event Space
  • Date: July 22nd (Thursday / holiday) -August 29th (Sunday), 2021
  • Business hours: 11: 00-20: 00
    * Please check the Ikebukuro Marui website for business hours on the last day.
    * Admission is 15 minutes before closing
    * Business hours may change depending on the situation. Please note
  • Cooperation / supervision: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP)

[About tickets]

  • Selling price: 500 yen including tax for both advance tickets and same-day tickets
  • Sales location: Ikebukuro Marui 3F ru shop or 7F Epos Card Center next to the exhibition hall
    * Ticket purchase privilege: Postcard (1 random) included
    * Admission is free for junior high school students and younger (no benefits)
    * Free admission for those with a disability certificate (no benefits)
  • About advance tickets
    Sale period: On sale-Wednesday, July 21 20:00
    Advance ticket benefits: With original mask case (limited to the first 100 people)
  • About same-day tickets
    Please purchase before admission. Admission may be restricted during times of congestion.
    * Admission is 15 minutes before closing

■ Product information
Click here for details
Anyone can enter the product sales corner with or without an admission ticket.
Depending on the congestion situation, admission may be restricted to the product sales corner. Please note

■ "CAT ART Exhibition" Stamp Rally
Is there a masterpiece on each floor of Ikebukuro Marui? !! CAT ART will appear on each floor from B1F to 6F.

[How to play stamp rally]

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・ Stand-type posters for "CAT ART Exhibition" will be set up on each floor.
・ When you read the QR code with your smartphone, the painting of "CAT ART Exhibition" will appear.
・ If you find 7 pieces of art, please show the completed keyword screen to the staff at the entrance of "CAT ART Exhibition".
・ We will give you a "CAT ART original magnet".
* Please present the screen with the keywords completed to the staff at the 7th floor "CAT ART Exhibition" venue.
* Only once per person. Please refrain from presenting the screenshot screen
* The stamp rally is free to use, but the communication fee for using it will be borne by the customer.
* QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.

■ Tote bag gift!


During the "CAT ART Exhibition", Epos Card members who purchase over 5,000 yen including tax (including CAT ART products and admission fees) at Ikebukuro Marui will receive a "CAT ART Tote Bag" as a gift!
(One point per person, it will end as soon as it runs out)
* Admission ticket stubs for "CAT ART Exhibition" and receipts can be added up only on the day of the event.
* For receipts of all shop products from Ikebukuro Marui "Goodbye Great Thanksgiving"
* Epos Card is limited to the use and presentation of the person himself / herself.

■ Epos Card members purchase lottery!


During the period, you can purchase more than 3,000 yen including tax at the "CAT ART Exhibition" and use the Epos Card to participate in the lottery where all participants will win original goods once per transaction.

Prize A CAT ART Marui's newly drawn jigsaw puzzle (500 pieces) … 24 people
Prize B CAT ART Die-cut cushion You can choose one from all four types … 50 people
Prize C CAT ART stamp-like sticker (7 types in total) 1 random

* Epos Card can only be used by the person himself / herself.
* New enrollment is also available at the venue
* Participation in the lottery is limited to once per account. Please note that it is not every 3,000 yen including tax.
* In any case, the payment cannot be divided into two or more times.
* The lottery is valid only for the receipt on the day of purchase.
* Receipts cannot be added up
* The benefits will end as soon as they run out.
* The contents of the lottery are subject to change without notice.

[Epos Card new enrollment privilege]

During the period, if you newly enroll in the Epos Card at the event venue, you will receive a "CAT ART stamp-style sticker complete set of all 7 types".

* The contents are subject to change without notice. Please note
* The benefits are available to those who enrolled at this event shop during this event period.
* Please note that membership from the Web is not eligible for this benefit.
* Benefits are limited to new members
* Applications will be reviewed separately. Please note that you may not be able to apply in some cases.
* Application conditions are for those over 18 years old. (Excluding high school students)
* Minors need the consent of their parent or guardian when applying for the card.

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