You can jump out of the game and enjoy making your own real picture book! “Fishing Spirits Zukazukazukan! Daisakusen” Starts at “Nanja Town” from September 16th (Thursday)!


BANDAI NAMJA Amusement Co., Ltd. will hold "Fishing Spirits Zukazuka Zukan! Daisakusen" for the fishing experience game "Fishing Spirits" from September 16th, 2021 to January 11th, 2022. It will be held at "NAMJATOWN" (Ikebukuro, Tokyo) during Sunday (Tuesday).


"Fishing Spirits Zukazukazkan! Daisakusen" is a complex event in which the "Fishing Spirits" development team proposes new ways to enjoy "Fishing Spirits" from both the game and the real world that jumped out of the game.

During the period, three "Fishing Spirits" housings will be installed in the "Najamoja Market" of "Nanja Town". Enjoy four fishing spirits including the permanent attraction "Najav's Explosive Fishing Spirits" and challenge a special mission with the unfinished real picture book "Fishing Spirits Large Anatomy Picture Book" in one hand and enjoy making your own real picture book. I can. In addition, a powerful photo spot where you can take pictures with full-scale fish and a fishing spiga chapon selection zone where you can collect capsule toys related to fishing and fish will also appear at the venue. It is an event where you can fully enjoy "Fishing Spirits" throughout the venue. It will be held for a limited time until January 11, 2022 (Tuesday), so please take this opportunity to visit us.

"Fishing Spirits Zukazukazukan! Daisakusen"
Date: September 16th, 2021 (Thursday) -January 11th, 2022 (Tuesday)
◆ Special mission to challenge while wandering around with "Fishing Spirits Large Anatomical Encyclopedia" in one hand
◆ Sale of picture book page collection (66 kinds in total) filled with the secrets of fish
◆ Powerful photo spot by full-scale fish
◆ Fishing Spiga Chapon Selection Zone


"Fishing Spirits Zukazukazukan! Daisakusen" Special Site

◆ Challenge a special mission while wandering around with the "Fishing Spirits Large Anatomical Encyclopedia" in one hand!

You can participate in special missions by purchasing "Fishing Spirits Large Anatomical Encyclopedia" (with starter kit) at the reception.
The special mission card sandwiched in the picture book describes the fish of the mission to be caught, and there are 4 types of missions from level 1 to level MAX for each stage. If you catch all the fish of each level, you will get a "certificate" of pictorial design as a proof of mission clear.

"Fishing Spirits" will switch stages one after another in a certain period of time, so search for the desired stage and aim to clear all missions while wandering around 3 "Fishing Spirits" and "Najav's Explosive Fishing Spirits". prize!

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Fishing Spirits Encyclopedia (with special mission card)
Price: 1,000 yen

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<Special mission clear privilege>
Certificate example

* A separate Nanja Town admission fee (800 yen for adults / 500 yen for children) and a game / attraction play fee (30 medals for 100 yen for fishing spirits / 600 yen for 1 play of Najav's explosive fishing spirits) are required to participate.
* Approximately 50 large anatomical books can be stored.

◆ Sale of picture book page collection (66 kinds in total) filled with the secrets of fish

At the goods corner in the venue, we will sell a picture book page with lots of secret information on fish that can be sandwiched between the "Fishing Spirits Large Anatomy Picture Book".
The information posted is a serious picture book produced under the supervision of Mr. Koji Ishigaki, who is called a "sea arranger" and arranges sea creatures in 200 aquariums in 30 countries around the world!

It is full of secrets that even adults will be fascinated by, such as the origin of the name and the surprising ecology.
Collect various fish picture book cards and complete your own picture book!

▲ Mr. Koji Ishigaki, a sea arranger

▲ Mr. Koji Ishigaki, a sea arranger









Fishing Spirits Large Anatomical Encyclopedia Page Collection (1 set, 1 sheet, 66 types in total)
Price: 1 piece each: 120 yen, 3 pieces set: 330 yen, 5 pieces set: 500 yen * Random inclusion

◆ Powerful photo spot by full-scale fish
During the period, an oversized panel with the cover design of "Fishing Spirits Large Anatomical Encyclopedia" will appear at the venue. How big the fish are! You can feel its size alongside the real monsters. Of course, you can also take a group photo with the fish. Take powerful photos and leave them in your memory!


◆ Fishing Spiga Chapon Selection Zone
There is also a fishing spiga chapon selection zone that collects only capsule toys related to fishing and fish. Let's enjoy fishing and fish throughout the venue!



* A separate fee will be charged for purchase.

<What is the fishing experience medal game "Fishing Spirits">
"Fishing Spirits" is a popular fishing experience medal game at arcades nationwide. This is a hands-on game where you can use the "Sao-type controller" to catch fish swimming around on a large screen monitor. Small fish such as clownfish and boxfish, as well as anglerfish, great white sharks, and giant squids are swimming around, and you can use medals to select rods and win medals when you catch fish. You can expect to win as many medals as you can. With its simple and easy-to-understand gameplay and intuitive operation that anyone can play, it is a blockbuster game that continues to be popular even now, nine years after its operation.

・ Game Center "Fishing Spirits" Official Website:
・ Official YouTube channel "Fishing Spi Channel":

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