[Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store] “Tokyo Curry Culture” 3rd edition: The infinite world of curry


Pre-sale of new morning pocket curry! September 22nd (Wednesday) -October 12th (Tuesday), 2021

Curry cell / Hiroaki Matsu, a curry curator who disseminates curry information in Japan and overseas through various media, supervises a curry culture event where you can experience the "now" of Tokyo from eat-in to miscellaneous goods.


Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store will hold "Tokyo Curry Culture" from September 22nd to October 12th.
This is the third popular project that curry lovers have visited Ikebukuro during the past two events.
In the event space, we will sell products that deepen the charm of curry that people who are full of "curry love" develop on the ground of "music", "fashion", "art" and "lifestyle", and also hold mini-events.
At the eat-in store "Oshokuji Chuu" in the basement of the department store, there are two stores that are attracting attention, the "Biryani" specialty store "India Gate" and the creative spice curry store "Wakka" from Osaka. Introducing, enjoy "curry culture" with all five senses.


The producer of the project is Mr. Hiroaki Matsu, who is known as "Curry Cell" who has traveled to more than 3000 curry shops and knows all about curry. Mr. Osomatsu also visits the venue irregularly, and there is also a chance to hear the latest curry information and enthusiasm for curry from Mr. Osomatsu.

・ [3rd floor POP UP SHOP] Tokyo Curry Culture

■ Date: September 22nd (Wednesday) -October 12th (Tuesday), 2021
■ Venue: 3rd floor (South B10) = Event space Split ring
Curry cell / Hiroaki Matsu will sell works by creators full of "curry love" and curry related products from the four perspectives of "curry x music", "curry x fashion", "curry x art", and "curry x lifestyle". ..

* Curry x lifestyle *
As people's lifestyles change dramatically, there are more opportunities to take out and enjoy curry at home. In addition to carefully selected retort curries nationwide, we sell spice sets that you can enjoy making curry at home and spice snacks that you can drink at home. We also have tableware, kitchen utensils, luncheon mats, and Indian lunch boxes that are convenient for takeout.
A new work will also appear in "Pocket Curry", which was produced by Mr. Matsu himself and was very popular last time.

Curry cell produce Pocket curry 2nd "Morning Poke Curry"

● Morning Poke Curry
A convenient curry that you can enjoy quickly without warming up on a busy morning. It does not need to be warmed and can be eaten quickly. It is compact and ideal for disaster stockpiling.
Price: 500 yen
* Pre-sale at this event


● Sunlaser / Ate Spice Spice Yoro Konbu
Spice Tsukudani kelp in collaboration with the popular curry shop "Sun Rasa" in Tokyo curry culture.
A new spice snack developed to match with sake and rice.
Price: 990 yen
* Pre-sale at this event


● Domestic Biryani pot + Biryani spice set 《Limited 10 pieces》
The "Biryani jar" created by Jiro Nojima, the owner of Nojima Shoten, who loves curry making (Kota Nishiyama) and develops recipes for spice dishes, and the "Biryani spice set" with basmati rice from Tokyo Spice House.
Price: 12,200 yen
* If the number exceeds the limited number, we will accept your order. (Delivery within the year)
* Please ask the sales floor staff for details.


● Indian pot size
It is an Indian pot made of aluminum, which is a hot topic on SNS. Make curry at home more seriously.
Price: 3,680 yen


* Curry x Music *
The relationship between curry and music is inseparable
This time, we will sell goods from Keiichi Sokabe's curry shop "Curry Shop August", music CDs of "Food and Beverage Support Idol" Tokyo Foodies, which debuted this year, Buddha Machine (automatic Nembutsu machine) and musical instruments of Thailand and Laos.

● Curry plate, cup
Chai cup, a curry plate of "Chie Chihiro" who handles the vessels of "Curry shop August", is now available. All one-of-a-kind items.
Curry plate Price: 9,900 yen
Chai cup price: 4,400 yen
* Curry plate and chai cup set is 14,300 yen


● Thai / Lao musical instrument "Kane (mini)"
Price: 2,178 yen



Buddha machine

Buddha machine

* Curry x Art *
The world of art with many curry lovers
In addition to art sales and live events by the popular painter Hiroyoshi Takeda, there will also be an original painting exhibition by Akane Hirano of "CURRY & PEN" at the venue.

Price 770 yen


● On-demand T-shirt Price 6,600 yen
Illustrations by Hiroyoshi Takeda and Akane Hirano on T-shirts.
You can choose your own size and color and order your own T-shirt.
Size: S ~ XXL
Color: White, Light Gray, Black, Yellow, Olive, Sax, Navy
* You can also order at e-department stores.
* It takes about 2 weeks to complete.

Akane Hirano

Akane Hirano

Hiroyoshi Takeda

Hiroyoshi Takeda

Hiroyoshi Takeda

Hiroyoshi Takeda

* Curry x Fashion *
Feel free to spice up your everyday life, whether it's cooking or fashion
Popular every time! Introducing a new color to the ANOMA Spice Axary packed with real spices.
We also have a wide variety of apparel such as T-shirts, masks, and tote bags related to curry.

● ANOMA / Spice Accessory
"ANOMA" is a spice accessory writer who continues his activities based on hand-selling.
I was fascinated by the natural shape of spices and locked them in as something to wear.
Price: From 1,100 yen



★ "Curry Festival x Tokyo Curry Culture"
Enliven the difficult food and beverage industry with curry.
Held two major curry festivals representing Tokyo, "Kanda Curry Grand Prix" and "Shimokitazawa Curry Festival", and three festival-linked projects of Tokyo curry culture.
Introducing goods such as "Kanda Curry Grand Prix" and "Shimokitazawa Curry Festival".

maruni-kasaneboshi sub15


★ "Tokyo Spice House Made-to-Order Spice"
■ Session: September 23, 2021 (Thursday / holiday), 30th (Thursday), October 7 (Thursday)
■ Time: 12:30 pm to 7:00 pm * There is a break on the way
■ Participation fee: From 540 yen
Miki Kawakubo visits the store from "Tokyo Spice House", the origin of Tokyo's spice culture.
We will blend your favorite spices to make custom-made spices.

★ "Hirozen Takeda Live Painting"
■ Date: September 24, 2021 (Friday)
■ Time: Scheduled to end from 10:30 to 19:30
■ Participation fee: Free
Live painting by painter Hiroyoshi Takeda. Spices are kneaded into the paint, and the painting is finished with ad lib.


  • [Seibu Food Museum B1F Meal Chubo]

■ Date: September 22nd (Wednesday) -October 5th (Tuesday), 2021
■ Venue: Seibu Food Museum B1F (South A10) = Side dish market eat-in corner

A store recommended by Mr. Hiroaki Matsu, also known as "curry cells," has appeared for two weeks. Introducing the deep world of spices produced by a variety of ingredients.

[Kyoto] INDIA GATE / Sea Bream Dashi Chicken Biryani [First appearance]
■ Session: September 22nd (Wednesday) -28th (Tuesday), 2021


[Chuo-ku] Japanese Spice Curry WACCA / Creative Curry [First appearance]
■ Date: September 29th (Wednesday) -October 5th (Tuesday), 2021

* Last order is 30 minutes before closing time. Only the last order on the last day will be up to 1 hour and 30 minutes before the closing time.
* For raw materials and food allergies, please ask the sales staff at the sales floor.
* Products may be changed or discontinued due to traffic conditions, weather, etc.
* Please ask the sales floor staff for details.

* Business hours are subject to change to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. In addition, various events and services may be canceled or postponed, product arrival delays or sales cancellations, and price changes may occur. Please note.
* Please cooperate with the staggered visit.

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