The 25th anniversary of the TV program “Oha Suta”! Collaboration project started at Seibu Ikebukuro main store


From Wednesday, March 2nd, the Seibu Ikebukuro main store will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the broadcast in October 2021 on the morning TV program "Oha Suta" (TV Tokyo series, every Monday to Friday from 7:05 am). Various events will be held at the children's clothing section on the 6th floor in collaboration with (airing at 7:30).

At the "Oha Suta 25th Anniversary Store (tentative name)", which will open for a limited time, the 25th anniversary commemorative goods, the MCs and characters that have nurtured the program, "Oha Girl" and "Mighty Ko Z", etc. We will continue to announce and sell new products with the motif of popular characters currently appearing for a limited time.

The layout of the store will change according to the theme of the season, with the design of the studio that is the stage of the program as a motif, and we are planning an exhibition plan that looks back on the history of "Oha Suta" so far.

In addition, during the exhibition period, we will hold an event linked with "Oha Suta" in the Seibu Ikebukuro main store and on the rooftop "Food and Green Aerial Garden", and in addition to the popular project "Oha Suta Survey Team with Quest Raku" in the program. Along with "Xi ®", we are planning to hold a plan to let children, who are the main viewers, experience various jobs in department stores.


[Outline of development]
■ Store name: "Oha Suta 25th Anniversary Store" (tentative name)
■ Session: March 2nd (Wednesday) ~
■ Location: Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store 6th floor (North A2) = Children's clothing section special venue
■ Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store HP:

[Oha Suta Overview]
■ Title: Oha Suta
■ Broadcasting station: TV Tokyo affiliated 6 stations net
■ Broadcast date and time: Every Monday to Friday Asa 7:05 to 7:30 on air
■ Cast: Subaru (Subaru Kimura), Ike Nwala, etc.
[Production] TV Tokyo, TV Tokyo production
[Production cooperation] Shogakukan Shueisha Productions
[Official HP] * The images in this release are for illustrative purposes only.

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