[Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store] The 4th “TOKYO CURRY CULTURE” has expanded to the rooftop for the first time.


Session: February 16th (Wednesday) -March 8th (Tuesday)

From eat-in to miscellaneous goods, we will hold a curry event at Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store where you can experience the "now" of Tokyo.

■ Session: February 16th (Wednesday) -March 8th (Tuesday), 2022
■ Venue: Main Building 3rd Floor Event Space Split Ring, Seibu Food Building B1F (South A10) = Side Dish Market Eat-in Corner, 9th Floor = Rooftop Food and Green Aerial Garden Food Cart Area
■ URL: https://www.sogo-seibu.jp/ikebukuro/topics/page/1587619.html?cateid=1
* "Mania Ward", a community site where enthusiasts gather
Curry Ward: https://mania-ku.sogo-seibu.jp/topic/curry

Under the supervision of curry cell / Hiroaki Matsu, a curry curator who disseminates curry information in Japan and overseas through various media, Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store will hold "Tokyo Curry Culture" from February 16th.
At the event space Split Ring on the 3rd floor, under the theme of "Curry is culture", works by creators full of curry love that combine curry with the four perspectives of "music", "fashion", "art" and "lifestyle". Opened a pop-up shop for related products. At the "Meal Chubo" in the basement eat-in corner of the department store, a curry shop recommended by Hiroaki Matsu will appear for three weeks. In the rooftop "Food and Green Aerial Garden" food cart, the famous curry shop "Hokuto Curry in Curry Picnic" recommended by Hiroaki Matsu will open on February 1st. Limited menus related to the event will also appear during the session.


The planning curry is Mr. Hiroaki Matsu, who is known as "Curry Cell" who has traveled to more than 3,000 curry shops and knows all about curry. At the venue, Mr. Matsu also visits the store irregularly and heaps up the store with hot curry love for 3 weeks.



■ Session: February 16th (Wednesday) -March 8th (Tuesday), 2022
■ Venue: 3rd floor (South B10) = Event space Split ring "Curry is culture."

Curry cell / Hiroaki Matsu sells works by creators full of "curry love" and curry-related products from the four perspectives of "curry x music," "curry x fashion," "curry x art," and "curry x lifestyle." We will also hold a mini event.
This time, we are selling a new "frozen curry". We will sell rare curry of local years such as famous stores in Tokyo, Sendai, Hakata, etc. with high rare value only at the venue.

At the event full of "curry love", a custom-made spice sales event was held by Miki Kawakubo of "Tokyo Spice House", the origin of Tokyo's spice culture, which was also popular last time. Blend your favorite spices to make your own spices. At the venue, we will also sell "Mobile Spice" and "Chrispa", which are limited to Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store, inspired by fennel for mouse freshness.

■ Event: Tokyo Spice House Custom-made spice sales event
■ Session: February 16th (Wednesday), 23rd (Wednesday / holiday), March 2nd (Wednesday), 2022
■ Time: Noon to 7:00 pm each day * There is a break on the way.

・ [Seibu Food Museum B1F Meal Chubo]


■ Session: February 16th (Wednesday) -March 8th (Tuesday), 2022
■ Venue: Seibu Food Museum B1F (South A10) = Side dish market eat-in corner

A store recommended by Hiroaki Matsu, also known as "curry cells," has been available for three weeks. Introducing the deep world of spices created by a variety of ingredients.

● Session: February 16th (Wednesday) to 22nd (Tuesday), 2022
<< First appearance >> [Osaka] Spice curry 43 / Setouchi lemon pork dry curry & edamame pottage-with spice-boiled egg-

● Date: February 23, 2022 (Wednesday / holiday) to March 1, 2022 (Tuesday)
<< First appearance >> [Osaka] Popular Chinese restaurant Hakkai / Spice Chinese curry

● Session: March 2nd (Wednesday) -8th (Tuesday), 2022
<< First appearance >> [Osaka] Saboten Shokudo / Keema 3 types Aigake curry

* Last order is 30 minutes before closing time. Only the last order on the last day will be up to 1 hour and 30 minutes before the closing time.
* For raw materials and food allergies, please ask the sales staff at the sales floor.
* Products may be changed or discontinued due to traffic conditions, weather, etc.
* Please ask the sales floor staff for details.

・ [9th floor rooftop "food and green aerial garden" food cart] Hokuto Curry in Curry Picnic


■ Session: February 16th (Wednesday) -March 8th (Tuesday), 2022
■ Venue: 9th floor rooftop = food and green aerial garden Food cart area
"Hokuto Curry in Curry Picnic"

TOKYO CURRY CULTURE will advance to the rooftop for the first time!
Curry Cell / Hiroaki Matsu The famous curry shop "Hokuto Curry in Curry Picnic" opened on February 1st.
A curry specialty store with the concept of "a curry shop that pleases the body", the specialty is mackerel curry. Using a can of mackerel boiled in water, which is made by baking and loosening domestic mackerel, 9 kinds of spices, as well as sardines, onions and green onions that complement the mackerel are added to make a curry that feels the taste of mackerel. The spices are also effective, but the presence of mackerel is not perfect, yet it is a unique taste that can be eaten refreshingly. Limited menus will be available during the event.

* Business hours are subject to change to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. In addition, various events and services may be canceled or postponed, product arrival delays or sales cancellations, and price changes may occur. Please note.
* Please cooperate with the staggered visit.

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