“#WORKMAN Girls” and “WORKMAN Shoes”, the first foray into eastern Japan, will open in Ikebukuro / Sunshine City on Thursday, June 16th !!


Workman, who has the momentum to drop flying birds, will launch "#Workman Girls" and a new business format "WORKMAN Shoes" on Thursday, June 16 in the specialty store street Alpa in the large-scale complex "Sunshine City" (Ikebukuro, Tokyo). Open "WORKMAN Shoes" will be the first store in eastern Japan, and when the two stores are combined, it will be the largest "flagship store" in a commercial facility in eastern Japan.


The second store in Sunshine City, which handles functional shoes for general customers, which continues closely with "# Workman Girls", which is the mainstay of functional wear for women, which is the fastest growing product category of Workman. "WORKMAN Shoes" will be opened next to each other at the same time. We are waiting for you with popular products such as "Petit Placode" that can be worn in town use, ballet shoes and pumps that support working women, and limited products of "WORKMAN Shoes".

In addition, to commemorate the opening, we will carry out a campaign to present an original mug to those who purchase over 5,000 yen including tax for 4 days from June 16th (Thursday) to 19th (Sunday).

With the opening of this store, we will strive to increase the satisfaction of Alpa customers and further enhance Sunshine City.

・ Overview of "# WORKMAN Girls" and "WORKMAN Shoes"

Location: Sunshine City Specialty Store Alpa 2F
Outline: The concept is "Turn a cool 365 days into a wonderful one." Rain commuting to school, ultraviolet rays that are unexpectedly worrisome at home, hugs of children with both hands blocked, water work and mud stains in the garden・ ・ Women are busy 365 days a year and are full of all kinds of stress. I want to free women from the stress of everyday life and expand the possibilities of life. With the function of Workman, you can spend time without putting up with stress. Feelings are relaxed and every day becomes wonderful. With the functions that have supported the harsh environment of craftsmen, I would like to support women 365 days a year.
Opening date: Thursday, June 16th
Business hours: 10:00 to 20:00
Phone number: 03-3988-5588
Campaign: An original mug will be presented to those who purchase over 5,000 yen including tax for 4 days from June 16th (Thursday) to 19th (Sunday).





・ Sunshine City Specialty Store Street Alpa New Open & Renewal Store Information

In addition to Workman, many stores have been newly opened and reopened in the Sunshine City specialty store Alpa. Since April 2022, a total of 5 stores have been newly opened and reopened.

● New Open ●
■ AZUL BY MOUSSY Specialty store street Alpa 1F April 8 New Open
With the concept of knowing the old and creating a new standard, we propose AZUL BY MOUSSY's enriched values. We create and provide cool lifestyles as well as men's and women's apparel, denim and accessories.



■ handmade gardens (Handmade Gardens) Specialty store street Alpa 1F June 1 New Open
It is a shop that focuses on handmade accessories and botanical miscellaneous goods, with more than 50 popular handmade creators from all over the country participating. Find your own unique item like no other.


■ BRICK & SONS specialty store street Alpa 1F June 3 New Open
The first store of a new brand. A brand that proposes unisex with a focus on new smart third casual shirts that match the changing times. It features a universal item that can be used regardless of the scene and a relaxed and relaxed fit. All products are unisex for unisex.


■ JASMINE THAI (Jasmine Thailand) Specialty store street Alpa 3F April 27 New Open
Authentic Thai food JASMINE THAI approved by the Thai government. We offer authentic Thai food prepared by top Thai chefs. You can feel as if you were in Thailand.



● Renewal Open ●

■ SpRay / Libby & Rose Specialty store street Alpa B1 April 29, Renewal Open
NEW BASIC STYLE that incorporates the VINTAGE feeling of old clothes and LA casual in real time with the theme of "MY CLOSET" and "LIKE USED" where you can freely choose the clothes you want to wear. Mannish, rock, feminine … We aim to be a "big closet" where you can freely mix various tastes, create a style that suits T, P, and O, and enjoy and freely choose the clothes you want to wear every day.



Sunshine City Specialty Store Alpa "Summer Collection" now being held!

A summer collection is currently being held in the specialty store Alpa. From the desire to express the diversity of fashion that is typical of Alpa, where shops with various tastes gather, the main visual of the summer collection continues to work concurrently as a president and an entertainer, and is active in multiple fields such as starting a new band activity. Saya from the comedy combination "Laland" is appointed. Not only in the Sunshine City building, but also in the vicinity of Ikebukuro Station, all four types of visuals are being developed.

Period: Now being held-Thursday, June 23
Contents: Approximately 55 fashion-related stores in the specialty store Alpa introduce recommended products for the summer.
Visual development location: Various parts of Sunshine City, around Ikebukuro Station


* Contents and schedule may change depending on the situation. ※The image is an image.
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■ Overview of Sunshine City Specialty Store Alpa
Location: 3-1 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Sunshine City Specialty Store Alpa B1, 1F, 2F, 3F
Business hours: (shopping) 10: 00-20: 00, (meal) 11: 00-22: 00 * Excluding some stores
Inquiries: Sunshine City General Information 03-3989-3331 (Reception hours 9:00 to 20:00) https://sunshinecity.jp/
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