[From Toshima City Public Relations Division] We will proactively disseminate information about the attractions of Toshima City! The Ikebukuro East Exit Tourist Information Center reopened on Monday, April 1st.


On Monday, April 1st, Toshima City reopened the Toshima Community Center Information desk on the first floor of the center as the Ikebukuro East Exit Tourist Information Center, with enhanced functions as a tourist information center.

On the day of the opening, Toshima Ward's PR character, Toshima Nanamaru, promoted the Tourist Information Center in front of the Toshima Community Center.

The Ikebukuro East Exit Tourist Information Center aims to effectively promote the attractions of the ward to visitors and to promote hospitality so that they can have a comfortable stay in this city bustling with diverse culture.
For the reopening, in addition to the existing multilingual tourist information, the official Instagram account of the "Ikebukuro East Exit Tourist Information Center" will be used to provide tourist information in both Japanese and English. In addition, the center plans to provide information in collaboration with universities, nearby facilities, and other areas in the ward, as well as hold experience events for visitors.

A ward official said, "We want to renovate the center into an 'aggressive tourist information center' that doesn't just wait behind the counter for customers, but proactively disseminates tourist information, and we want to make it a place where we can provide guidance to help all visitors enjoy Toshima Ward to the fullest."

"Nanamaru" promoting tourist information centers

"Nanamaru" promoting tourist information centers

■ Overview of Ikebukuro East Exit Tourist Information Center
Location: Toshima Community Center 1st floor (1-20-10 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku)
・Telephone: 03-5657-0878
・Business hours: 9:00am – 7:00pm

■ Contact Information
Tourism Planning Group, Culture and Tourism Division Tel: 03-3981-4623
After 5pm, please call the Culture and Tourism Division Chief's official mobile phone number: 080-9864-0611

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