The second urban store in which Sushiro is accelerating its opening is “Tokyo/Ikebukuro”! “Sushiro Ikebukuro Station East Exit Store” opens on Thursday, July 30


We also offer affordable products limited to urban stores, such as "3 Tuna Tuna"!

Akindo Sushiro Co., Ltd. will open a second store, "Sushiro Ikebukuro Station East Exit Store" in Ikebukuro, Tokyo on July 30th (Thursday) as a new store of "urban stores" that is strengthening store openings. ..

Ikebukuro Station is one of the best terminal stations in Tokyo, and the urban store "Sushiro Ikebukuro Station East Exit" that will open this time will be the second store in the Ikebukuro area. "Auto Waiter", which automatically guides you to your seats when you check in with a dedicated system, and "Auto Waiter", which pursues the speed of product provision and allows you to directly reach the seats of the products ordered using the dedicated lane We have created a comfortable store environment that is specialized for convenience. In addition, we are planning to introduce an "automatic souvenir locker" that allows customers to smoothly receive takeaway products ordered in advance at the store.

In addition, we also offer affordable 3 sushi products limited to urban stores such as "3 tuna sashimi" that you can enjoy the most popular tuna in sushilo.

Not only those who usually use Ikebukuro, but also those who come for shopping etc., please take this opportunity to visit "Sushiro Ikebukuro Station East Exit" and enjoy the many products that Shiro is confidently delivering.

Automatic guidance

Auto Waiter

Automatic souvenir locker

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[Outline of "Sushirou Ikebukuro Station East Exit"]
■Location: 1-41-4 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Ikebukuro Tokyu Building 3F
■ TEL: 03-5957-0705
FAX: 03-5957-0706
■Number of seats: 186 seats
■Business Hours: Mon-Fri 11:00-23:00 (LO 22:30), Sat/Sun/Holidays 10:30-23:00 (LO 22:30)
*Business hours may change depending on the situation.

"Sushiro Ikebukuro East Store" map

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