Haunted house linked to Hikari TV horror drama “There is an accident property” Open for a limited time in Mixalive TOKYO (Ikebukuro) from 3/11 (Friday)!


<Yamibe -REAL- Project 2nd> Drama-linked haunted house "There is an accident property" Open for a limited time!

The first haunted house that you can enjoy while interviewing and shooting with your smartphone as the main character of the drama "reporter"! ?? Hirofumi Gomi, who works on numerous haunted houses, is in charge of the horror production. Online events guided by horror experts are also held

NTT Plala Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NTT Plala) will release the haunted house "There is an accident property" on March 11, 2022 (Friday) as the second part of the horror project "Yamibe -REAL-" that links the drama and the haunted house. ) To April 10 (Sun), we have decided to open the entertainment facility "Mixalive TOKYO" (Ikebukuro, Tokyo). * 1


In the first installment of the horror project "Yamibe -REAL-", the original horror drama "Yamibe -REAL-" starring Mayu Yokota and Kentaro Ito will be produced on the video distribution service "Hikari TV" operated by our company. Exclusive distribution is scheduled for March 4th (Friday).

The haunted house "There is an accident property", which will be developed as the second drama after the drama is distributed, will be made several years after "A Certain Property" that appears in the first drama.

The drama is a story about Miya (acting: Mayu Yokota) and Otobe (acting: Kentaro Ito), reporters of the horror web media "Yamibe", covering the world of darkness and discovering the facts. Visitors to the haunted house will be the reporters of "Yamibe" and will be asked to enter with the intention of covering the accident property. Originally, in the haunted house, you will enjoy the world view of the drama while taking pictures with your smartphone, which is a taboo. * 2

The haunted house is produced by Hirofumi Gomi, who is a leading figure in horror production and has worked on numerous haunted houses. We will create content that will satisfy both those who have not watched the drama and those who want to enjoy the haunted house itself.

■ Yamibe Project Site: https://www.hikaritv.net/sp/yamibu-real/

In addition, on March 16th (Wednesday) and March 23rd (Wednesday) * 3 during the haunted house, a paid online talk event will be held by Yuuki Yoshida , Toshiyuki Tanaka, and City Boys , who are in charge of drama supervision. increase. In order to enjoy the world of "Yamibe -REAL-" more, we will talk about ghost stories and curse related to the drama.

Producer profile / comment


Hirofumi Gomi
Born in Nagano Prefecture in 1957. Haunted house producer. Representative of Office Burn Co., Ltd. In 1992, he produced the haunted house for the first time at "Akaji Maro's Panorama Mysterious Museum", and has produced many haunted houses to this day. He is also involved in many horror productions of real escape games such as "escape from the house of the demon" and "escape from an urban legend". "Why do people fear?" (Media Factory), "Why do people line up in a haunted house? A business planning idea that attracts customers with" fear "" (Kadokawa Shoten), horror novel "Owned Tooth-Seventh Issue" He has authored books such as "House of the House" (Gentosha Bunko) and "Horror Tunagar-Woman with Cursed Hair" (Gakken).

"There is an accident property" is a haunted house linked to the story and world view of the drama "Yamibe -REAL-". You can enjoy it enough without knowing the drama, but if you know the drama, you can experience the world as if it appeared in front of you.
This time, I took one challenge.
In the haunted house, we allowed photography in the hall, which is considered taboo, to a certain area. * 2
You will experience the haunted house as a reporter for the main character. If you are a reporter, of course, you will take a picture of the room where the mysterious phenomenon occurs. Therefore, I would like everyone who became a reporter to take more and more pictures. Then you are already a member of the "darkness".

* 1 The haunted house may be canceled or the schedule may be changed depending on the spread of the new coronavirus. In case of change, we will inform you on the official website, SNS, etc.
* 2 Please refrain from taking photos / videos outside the shooting area.
* 3 The event may be canceled or the schedule may be changed depending on the spread of the new coronavirus. In case of change, we will inform you on the official website, SNS, etc.

■ Haunted house "There is an accident property" Overview
◆ Date and time: March 11th (Friday) -April 10th (Sunday), 2022
Weekdays / 15: 00-20: 00 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays / 13: 00-20: 00
* Business hours are subject to change due to event implementation and media coverage.

◆ Location: Mixalive TOKYO 4F Studio Mixa (1-14-3 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo)

◆ Operation: Eyecast Co., Ltd. (100% subsidiary of NTT Plala)

◆ Admission ticket fee: 990 yen (tax included price 1,089 yen)

◆ Ticket sales start date: From 13:00 on March 11, 2022 (Friday)

◆ Ticket purchase site: LivePocket-Ticket- ( https://t.livepocket.jp/e/yamibu )
* Same-day tickets can be purchased locally

◆ Recommended age: 6 years old and over

■ Overview of online talk event

◆ Delivery date: March 16th (Wednesday) and March 23rd (Wednesday), 2022 (2 performances each day, 4 performances in total)
* The start time will be decided in the future

◆ Delivery: TwitCasting ( https://twitcasting.tv/)

◆ Ticket price: 1,600 yen (1,760 yen including tax)

◆ Ticket sales agency: iCast Co., Ltd. (100% subsidiary of NTT Plala)

◆ Ticket sales start: Will be decided in the future

◆ Ticket purchase site: TwitCasting official store ( https://twitcasting.tv/shop.php )

Details such as delivery time and ticket sales start date will be announced on the Yamibe project site as soon as they are decided.

About the first project horror drama "Yamibe -REAL-"
It will be exclusively distributed on the video distribution service "Hikari TV".


For the release related to the drama (sent from 2022/2/1), please see the following homepage.
Release: https://www.nttplala.com/service_info/2021/2/20220201.html

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Comprehensive life entertainment where you can enjoy popular movies, dramas, video works such as animations, specialty channels, cloud games, music distribution services, etc. on various devices such as home TVs, PCs, smartphones and tablet terminals via the Internet. It is a service. To realize NTT Plala's corporate mission of "Giving an exciting experience with communication technology," Hikari TV provides customers with exciting and satisfying images and experiences. For details, please see the Hikari TV homepage ( https://www.hikaritv.net/ ).

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